Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Offside Flag Has Been Raised.

The ego has landed.The topic right now is already out of topic.

To be honest I'm not a little bit feel guttered with comments of a person so called "Dr.Ahmad" in Federation of Bloggers.And I don't even care,whoever,which ever,or what ever he is,I don't care.

Well I'm not feel offended by the latest entry of Deniel about men@women ego,but I'm slightly bittered because I've been rubber-stamped a person who denies the rule of God.I'm clearly believe that it's not his intention to say this,but about my opinion to be free and independent,for me it's not against rule of God.

According from Sigmund Freud,everyone in this world has 3 different type of emotion.Id,ego and super-ego.

Id is the feeling to be pleasure.Sex,hunger and sleep is one of those feelings.We cannot control this feelings,because this is what human should be(fitrah).

The Ego comprises that organized part of the personality structure which includes defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive, and executive functions. Conscious awareness resides in the ego, although not all of the operations of the ego are conscious. The ego separates what is real. It helps us to organize our thoughts and make sense of them and the world around us.

Now,if I defend my perception,my opinion,is that I already disobey my God?

Super-ego is a control agent for both id and ego,such as government,religion or anything authorizes us in life,are actually surpressed our own id(especially to commit murder,to rape,or to rob bank) and ego (to think,express,to feel,to say your opinion).We need super-ego to control ourselves to be behave,but overusing it,it's like ISA of your own.

We need law but we don't need law to surpress us.

Sin or virtue,is not in our hands.We cannot simply judge people according with his opinion or his attitude.This is the problem for "holier-than-thou" people.Always love to judge people with self judgement.

Sin and virtue is in God's hand.You cannot decide which one go to heaven,which one go to hell by your own mentality,your own judgement.You're not a God.Only God can decide that.

In a meantime as we lives in this world,we carry on our lives,and keep on expressing your opinion because it's what you should be.

There's an Irish princip that I always hold,

Amhain Dia litriu breith me.Only God can judge me.

Friday, January 30, 2009

UMNO will eventually dead,sooner or later.

I remember about a novel written by George Orwell,Animal Farm.The story how these farmland animals,such as cows,chickens,pigs,horses and donkeys revolting against human hegemony.Thus,the revolution starts from Old Major the Pig,then eventually dies and the animal kingdom is led by the new leader,Napoleon the Pig.

I won't write the entire story,but believe me,it's a great novel and all of you should read this book,one of the greatest political satire literature I ever knew.

The book tells us the story how animals,including us humans eventually obsessed with power and wealth,and tortures among our peers,and against your own people for yourself.

What happened in Soviet Union in 1991 reminds me that eventually UMNO will repeating the same mistakes as Soviet does.As Nazi does.And even the big conquerer like Alexander the Great,Julius Caesar or Gengkhis Khan,eventually they will fall--and their own people will bring them down.

For the record UMNO dominated Malaysian politics since 1955,when they won General Election by cheating.51 out of 52 is a cheating elections.Since then,the resistance from KMM,API,AWAS,PAS,and right now Pakatan Rakyat(PAS+PKR+DAP) are already develope to demolish UMNO hegemonies.In secondary history book UMNO lies to all students,except me who hardly being fooled,and students seems don't care--that they're been blatantly lied by their own government.

I personally don't trust the credibility my secondary history textbook.I even formed the club--I Don't Trust Buku Sejarah KBSM Club--so far I received around 5 people to join,including Nami.Anyone want to join?

And the way UMNO rules Malaysia is the same way like the Communist ruled Soviet.And Napoleon the Pig rules Animal Farm.They have secret police,propaganda to make their people stupid and loves to make their own people to be poor.

Like I always said,dictators loves to do 3 things for it's people:-

1.To make their own people fear to them.
2.To make their own people poorer.
3.To make their own people stupid.

Fear,Poor,Stupid.These three element are already happened in Soviet around Communism era.And Malaysians?

Fear,Malaysians got ISA,and prohibits open critics in public about government,whoever questions the authority will be punished.

Poor,the price hikes so high.The price will always go up and never go down.

Stupid,how can you develope the "great brain" if you teaches your students to be corrupted?Universities are the brain of the nation!

So,UMNO administration got these three elements,and eventually,corrupted dictator will fall down.

But don't get excited,oppositions!You're still surrounded by these idiots trying to harm your resistance.All you need to do is educate people that surround you,teach them,be more creative,and uphold the princip of liberalism.Remember liberalism bring corrupted Dark Ages Europe down.We should be beacon towards others.We must liberate ourselves from this ruthless dictator.We must revolt!

And I can see far from Malaysia,people are already wake up from propaganda dreams(Wawasan 2020,developed country,industry etc.)

People already realized that they don't want anything except for be free.

And we got a lot more work to do.We must educate people surround us,to bring this corrupt government down!

Just like Thom Yorke of Radiohead sings a song "No Surprises"-"bring down the government,they don't,they don't speak for us."

To dare is to do.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ATEMM(A Typical Egoistic Malay Man)

When I was living in Malaysia,almost everyday I spent my evening at skate park.There,me and my friends usually chatting and gossiping,like women loves to do,talking about cupidity--how attractive guys,and of course,we girls love to talk about boys.

One day,me and my boyfriend at that time(now ex,but still a best friend) hanging around while watching others rolling with piece of wood and 4 small roller--the skate.And finally I've noticed--that I'm the only one girl taking a Malay man as boyfriend.

Myra with her boyfriend,an Indian(not from rubber estate) Roger,Suhana with her boyfriend Jay,a Chinese,Sasha with her Eurasian(woo!) Derek,and Fida with her boyfriend,Ming,also a Chinese.

I'm joked,"technically he is not Malay.He is Javanese.He told me the word "Melayu" means refugees",I told everyone on that day.

Now guys,especially Malay,have you wonder,how many Malay girls nowadays like to be captivated with non-Malay boys?What makes non-Malay far more better than Malay?

Now,what is ATEMM.ATEMM is an acronym stands for A-Typical-Egoistic-Malay-Man.ATEMM main character is:-

1.Uncontrolable ego.
2.Love to brag,but fail to proof.
3.Never be romantic.
4.Stupid,but hate his girl to be clever than him.
5.Self-centered,never think his girl feelings.
6.Love to decide for his girl.
7.Power monger,but don't know how to use it,the right way.
8.Love to control everything,but eventually fails to control.
9.Pretend to be "macho",but actually annoying.
10.Never say sorry if mistakes occured.

Now,if I gather all Malay men today,and I throw 10 stones from above,9 out of 10 men being hitted by stone were ATEMM.

Yesterday on FOB there are a serious debate about Holier than Thou,today,this Holier than Thou person bragged about his achievement,which actually never impressed me,at all.

Guys,aren't you aware right now,Chinese and Indian guys are captivated Malay girls now?Are your "stupid ego" being challenged now,yet?

So,perhaps this is things that I should tell you guys,before all of you Malay men will never be Malay girls choice.Before Banglas or Indons reaping up Malay girls.

1.Be considerable.Be more wiser and understand that women loves to be cared and loved.
2.Don't brag.Let what that you good at been noticed by girls.
3.Be more romantic.How many of Malay men will push himself to write a poem for his girlfriend.My friend Sue is very lucky to meet Nami the Poet.
4.Be clever,if you don't like your girl to be clever than you.
5.If your girl are clever than you,then you have to accept the fact that you're not.
6.Stop deciding everything for your girl.Your girl is not a cleaning vacuum for you to control.
7.Even totalitarian dictator like Adolf Hitler love and care about his Eva Braun.Treat us as a lover,not an Indon maid.
8.Be "Argentinian macho",ego with care,not ego with stupid pride.
9.Always say sorry if mistakes occured.
10.We girls are not your slaves.We are your lovers.

It's nothing wrong to be ego.Ego is macho,but these nonsense ego,it's make we,Malay girls sick upon you all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Holier Than Thou(English Version).

What is holier than thou?

Is a French quote for those people who believe that he/she is better than anyone else,literally or not.

I've been writing my blogs around 6 months,uh well,there are so many people like this visiting my blog,and comment my entries,telling me that "you should not say this","we should follow everything that be decided before" bla bla bla.


I'm fine with some people who criticizes my ideas,especially my Ezreenology and Girl Power,and some of critics,with fine and nice point,like Deniel who always brief his words before writing,to be honest,I enjoys to read a very brief critic.

This is the way we evolve.Like William Jefferson Clinton quoted "Arguements always create ideas",and I agree with some brand new ideas,and I respected other opinion,and I hope they will be more critics to improve my entry and my thoughts,not just for myself,but for rest of the world.

However,holier-than-thou people aren't helping me.They love to critic--but they don't even know what they actually criticizes for.They don't even have a clue,have a point,to point out--which part of my ideas that should be critic?

Holier-than-thou people always thought that he/she is genius,even greater than rocket science,copy paste some article that I've already read million times before.Copy paste some quotes from somebody that I already know ages ago.

Holier-than-thou people believe that they have a right to tell off to other,which is true and which is not.They don't like to discuss,to debate,or to evolve the ideas.

Holier-than-thou people will always showing off his/her achievement,and to be honest my statement is always be "I-don't-give-a-damn!"

I don't care--whether you from religious schools,whether you're a lecturer,you're a teacher,you're a rocket scientist,or even you're Ronald Reagan--I don't give a damn.If you think you're right,show your point that you're right.

Talk is cheap.Lie is expansive.People loves the idea to feel great.However,it will generate an annoying feeling surround you if you can't prove yourself that your ideas are great to share,but just an open critic and whiny emotions,shame on you.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Year of the Ox-Gong Xi Fa Chai!

I wish to all Chinese a very prosperous(I don't think in this economy crisis right now) Chinese New Year!

People who was born on Year of the Ox:-

Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer
Caroline Corr(The Corrs)
Matthew Ferguson
Roberto Carlos
Adrian Brody
Heidi Klum
Carson Daly
Kate Beckinsale
Monica Lewinsky
Fillipo Inzaghi
Ryan Giggs
Eddie Murphy
Barack Obama
Ric Flair
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Bruce Springsteen
Leona Lewis
Jelena Jankovic
Keira Knightley
Michael Phelps
Ashley Tisdale
Wayne Rooney
Deniel Ahmad
Lewis Hamilton

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Enough With Boycotting.

After reading the depressed tone of Hafiz in FOB,it's a same feeling I had when I read a Venezuelan Hugo Perez about my entry about Hugo Chavez.For Venezuela I will discuss later,and gather some information about it,meanwhile...

I can feel the discontent of Hafiz about Barry Obama's administration.And perhaps his scope about Muslim world especially Palestine has been oppressed by Israeli,but is that Israel is the only country who--oppressing Palestine?Egypt is the one who closing it's border gate for humanitarian,while Jordan authority will always presuming that Palestinian refugees were illegal immigrants.Whole Arab countries are also Zionist.You'll know how many billions these Zionist companies invested in oil refining,and building oil and gas pipe in Middle East.How many billions these Zionist companies invest in real estate and finances?These Arabs were also Zionist.

Now,to answer your question,one fact that my friend Nami answered in FOB is that,Barack Obama is US President.Zionist companies are the backbone of US economy.So,don't expect Barack Obama will remove his support towards Zionist because it's a backbone of economy.

I also like his answer about how Muslim actually loves to play the blame game,and boycotting "so-called" Zionist products are "small jihad"--well,the question that I want to ask you--are you really boycotting?

Intel Incorporated is a Zionist supporter,but how many from you guys want to remove that processor from your computer?Shell is Zionist supporter,but how many from you willingly to use solar-panel cars?And how many from you really boycotting Nestle products?I bet all of you guys still can't leave your life with Milo,Nescafe,Neslac,Coco Crunch etc.

I also believe that "so-called" Zionist products is not the only products that we should be boycotted,as a humanitarian effort to against Israeli aggression against Gaza,but how about Chinese military in Tibet and Uighur?I'm glad Nami mentioned about it too.I personally forbid myself to watch or buy any items from China,and I'm actually loves to collecting merchandise from big sports event--such as Olympics,FIFA World Cup,or Commonwealth Games--but I didn't buy anything from Beijing 2008.I don't even watch the whole games.And I don't use anything "Made Of China" products.

But if I'm saying I boycotting these Zionist products,perhaps I won't use my computers again.I won't watching tv and I don't even bath with my Camomile Johnson and Johnson bathcare.

Let me tell you frank,those people who asking Muslim to boycott these so called Zionist products are the Muslim businessman who failed to penetrate businesses from society.They are failed to compete with these "so called" Zionist products.I knew some of Muslims toothpaste products trying to beat Colgate by saying "our toothpaste is halal".It's just a toothpaste,who cares?If these toothpaste is unhalal,so,what it is?Pork?Pork in toothpaste?Give me a break.These Muslim entrepreneurs need to be "a little bit more creative" rather than just asking people to boycotting these products.

All of you seems despise with Jew,despite all of you didn't noticed that from Ishak a.s to Isa a.s were Jews.Albert Einstein is Jew,but we still use his relativity theory.

And if you think that only United States the only country in the world supporting Zionist,no,because Great Britain also supports them,the whole European Union,Japan,South Korea,Russia,all of them supports Zionist.

So start boycotting your supermarket,if you really serious.Start to boycott your own PC and stop watching TV guys!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tag from Nami


Go Google,and find the pictures that related with questions.

age of next birthday:-

Rafael Nadal,1986

place i want to travel:-

Ireland,Land of Beauty.

favorite place:-

Skate Park,and i got my steel leg because i love it!

favorite food:-

Colcannon,Irish Pride

favorite thing:-

TV's Remote Control

nickname i had:-

psychotic prototype robot

favorite color:-'s's white..and it's's Celtic Colors!

currently studying in:-

did i told you guys that political science is sexy?

name of your lover:-

rachel..can i borrow your thom yorke?i'm radiohead's geek!

bad habits:-

i love to yack yack yack!


video games,such an addiction!more addicted than cocaine.

wish i want to be:-

be as influential woman like hillary clinton

celtic fc win again champions league.

now i'm tagging:-

4.deniel ahmad
5.christina rivera
6.camelia richardson
7.i just don't know which i want to list

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brand New Name,Same Old Me.

Yesterday I've scrabbled my name,playing with letters with my name.In my history I was called Reen,Mira,Ezreen,E For Emo,Bosnia(my brother call me that),E,Double E,Ezmira, and Psychotic Prototype Robot.

This time,call me Ez!

I don't know,it's just a cool name,I guess.

Brand new name,same old thoughts of mass destruction.Muahahahahahaha!!

New Rules In Obama Administration/Peraturan Baru Dalam Pentadbiran Obama.

Today is his 2nd day of his administration.From now until January 20th,2013,I'm keen to see "change" in Washington administration,and the policy not only to the world(which everyone expect for),but to it's neighbor(which I expect even more),and the policy inside United States(which American expect even more).

President Obama yesterday has speak out that "America should not be blame for everything".Here's his quote :-

To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

And to the rest third world countries,he added :-

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to

unclench your fist.

For those people who always love to blame America as "evil in everything",Obama is telling you that "it's not a right time for create tension between Muslim world and America.I know some people will ask "how about Israel-Palestine" and Afghanistan,or Iraq.Well we don't know what is his stand about Israel-Palestine problems,but looking for sucsess in Oslo Agreement between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat peace deal,and Clinton's effort in Camp David Agreement,I think peace maybe far from the corner,but at least Democratic Party took more diplomatic action than Republican.

About Afghanistan and Iraq,it's already planned that American soldiers will gradually withdraws from both country until 2011.So,as citizen of the world,we should observe whether this plan were according to the plan--or not.In the economy crisis like this,I guess Barack Obama wants to tight up military spend--just what Clinton did during 1993.Military spending dropped,and mostly spend on creating Internet--it's what Clinton did in 1993.Obama will be more cautious in military,because he got tight budget to control.

Today he already discussed about closing Gitmo Bay Camp,and he is commited to closing it down,according to the plan.

Today he also announced the new rule of lobbying in White House.He puts the limit--which most lobbyist can't give more--because economic crisis.He determine to do this because he didn't want influences from these lobbyist--which actually control White House.By limiting lobbying,government has sufficient power to control the whole nation,not by these lobbyist.

All we have to do is watch is this the better America that we want?All we have to do is wait and see.

Hari ini ialah hari kedua pentadbiran Barack Obama sebagai Presiden AS.Mulai sekarang sehingga 20 Januari,2013,saya berharap mahu melihat "perubahan" yang dijanjikan oleh beliau,polisi yang dijanjikan beliau kepada dunia(seperti kebanyakan kawan-kawan saya harapkan),polisi kepada jirannya(seperti yang saya harapkan) dan polisi kepada Amerika sendiri(seperti yang rakyat Amerika harapkan).

Presiden Obama hari ini menegaskan bahawa "Amerika tidak boleh dipersalahkan sepenuhnya tentang segala masalah dalam dunia".Beliau menegaskan:-

"Kepada dunia Muslim, kami mencari jalan baru untuk ke hadapan, berasaskan kepentingan bersama dan hormati menghormati. Kepada setengah pemimpin di dunia yang ingin menanamkan benih persengketaan, atau menuduh Barat sebagai punca segala kebejatan dalam masyarakat mereka – sedarlah rakyat kamu akan mengadili kamu diatas apa yang kamu bangunkan dan bukan apa yang kamu rosakkan."

Dan kepada dunia ketiga beliau berkata:

"Kepada mereka yang ingin terus berkuasa melalui rasuah dan penipuan dan menutup ruang demokrasi untuk rakyat bersuara, sedarlah bahawa kamu bukan bersama sejarah, tetapi kami akan menghulurkan tangan jika kamu bersedia membuka gengaman kuku besi kamu."

Kepada mereka yang suka menyalahkan Amerika tentang "segala kejahatan yang berlaku dalam dunia",Obama memberitahu anda bahawa "ini bukan masanya untuk mencari ketegangan antara dunia Islam dan Amerika.Saya tahu ada dikalangan kita yang pessimist terhadap kemampuan Obama tentang Israel-Palestin,dan juga Afghanistan dan Iraq.Kita mungkin tidak tahu apa pendiriannya terhadap isu Israel-Palestin,tetapi harus diingat Parti Demokrat yang berusaha dalam perjanjian Oslo antara Yasser Arafat dan Yitzhak Rabin,dan Perjanjian Camp David,mungkin kedamaian terlalu jauh untuk dilihat,tetapi sekurang-kurangnya Parti Demokrat lebih berjaya daripada Republikan.

Tentang Afghanistan dan Iraq,Presiden Obama jelas sekali mahu mengundurkan tenteranya dari kedua-dua negara menjelang 2011,jadi penduduk dunia sekalian,kita harus melihat perjalanan tentang pengunduran tentera ini,berjaya atau tidak.Dalam kegawatan ekonomi,Presiden Obama mahu pengecilan terhadap belanjawan ketenteraan yang melampau tinggi--seperti yang dilakukan oleh Clinton pada tahun 1993.Perbelanjaan ketenteraan disusutkan,dan dialihkan kepada pembinaan Internet.Obama mungkin akan berhati-hati dalam perbelanjaan ketenteraan ini.

Hari ini beliau telah membincangkan secara serius tentang penutupan kem Gitmo Bay,dan beliau komited untuk menutupnya terus.

Hari ini juga beliau telah mengehadkan golongan pelobi dari terus melobi dalam White House,dimana golongan pelobi ini tidak boleh memberi secara berlebihan,kerana kegawatan ekonomi.Beliau kelihatan bersungguh-sungguh kerana beliau tidak mahu golongan pelobi ini menguasai White House.

Apapun,apa yang perlu kita buat ialah tunggu dan lihat pentadbiran seterusnya dalam pentadbiran Presiden Barack Obama ini.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Islam Liberal.

First for all,I would like to congratulate my neighbor--United States of America--for receiving their new President,Barack Obama.Hopefully the relationship between Ottawa and Washington be more friendlier--hopefully.

Anyway,among the bloggers came here and telling me about hudud etc,one phrase makes me curious--it's Islam Liberal.I never heard this phrase before,perhaps since 2005 I left Malaysia and to be honest--I never heard of this phrase before.

Correct me if I'm wrong--Islam Liberal is something like--you're Muslim,but you're free thinker,or Muslim In Name Only.Whatever it is,this phrase is for me,distorting.

Let me copy from dictionary what is meaning of liberal.

 /ˈlɪbərəl, ˈlɪbrəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [lib-er-uhl, lib-ruhl] Show IPA Pronunciation
favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
(often initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.
of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism.
favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.
of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant: a liberal attitude toward foreigners.
open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.
characterized by generosity and willingness to give in large amounts: a liberal donor.
given freely or abundantly; generous: a liberal donation.
not strict or rigorous; free; not literal: a liberal interpretation of a rule.
of, pertaining to, or based on the liberal arts.
of, pertaining to, or befitting a freeman.–noun
a person of liberal principles or views, esp. in politics or religion.
(often initial capital letter) a member of a liberal party in politics, esp. of the Liberal party in Great Britain.

Origin: 1325–75; ME freedom, befitting the free, equiv. to līber free + -ālis

So,what is wrong to befitting the free,and fight for freedom?What is wrong to be open minded and tolerant?What is wrong to be free from prejudice and bigotry?

The person describes me Islam Liberal is like horrible,condemned words,and we should avoid it from your mind.Are you telling me that if you want to be a good Muslim,you have to be CONSERVATIVE?

Now,don't tell me liberal and conservatives are not teachings in Islam.It's a basic point of view,regardless what religion you are,or race.My brother is quite conservative,I'm quite liberal,my dad is open minded,considers as liberal--it's just a point of view.

OK,put it this way--let's say about emancipation.Women emancipation is a major role in Islam.In Quran there's a lot mentioning about women emancipation.There's a verse called An-Nisa means women.Now that's liberalism.In Quran it's mentioned about liberation from slavery,now that's liberalism.And from this point--I don't see there's nothing wrong with "liberal" word.

Now,to discuss about this word,you have to think like a knife.If we think knife is a tool,then it's helpful.If you think knife as a weapon,that's a dangerous part.

If all of my friends here thinking that "Islam Liberal" is a phrase for Muslim In Name Only,then I don't want to be like that.We must hold our religion deep inside our heart.But Islam is a religion of peace,religion of freedom and religion that against prejudice and bigotry.Then Islam is already--a liberal religion.It should be like that.We mentioned about women emancipation,against slavery,and so on.

You must remember in liberal there's also a law.It's no such thing as no law--it's not liberalism,it's anarchism.I don't believe in anarchy,where is no God,no law,and you're free as free as you want.Religion is a guidance,a path for us to improve ourselves--to be a better person.

I'm not an anarchist.I am a liberalist.

In Islam we uphold human rights,we take care of our prisoners of war carefully--that's liberal.

Unless you've been surrounded by CONSERVATIVES,then I can't help you to describe what is meaning to be a liberal person.

George W. Bush is a conservative person.Stephen Harper is a conservative person.Ehud Olmert is also a conservative person.Are you part of them?


We should showing to others that our religion is the one that bring human rights and justice in the right path.We should be the example--to be better religion for a better person.

Instead we always like to punish rather than TEACHING."If you do this then you will be condemned,don't go that way,don't leave this way.."

You can't plant a tree just like that.You need to water your tree,treat it well,a bit of fertilizer,then you will get a fruitful tree.

"Life is all about discovery.You cannot discover something if you stay the same way,from baby until you die--it's a learning process."-My dad.

Reform means change.In Islam we also talk about change--hijrah.That's why our Prophet went to Madinah--to reform.

Islam Liberal is a definitely different than Muslim In Name Only.This MINO people are poseurs in Islam.And I believe Islam is religion of peace,freedom and liberty--something that liberal people adores the ideas to be free.

Barry Obama.

In less than 5 hours from now,my neighbor--United States of America--will received a new president.

My friend Christina Rivera told me--this is you call so called "a brand new hope"?

Most of my friends--whether in Calgary or in Kuala Lumpur,became so pessimistic about Barry Obama.

Whether socialist Rivera or my PAS supporter friend Hafiz--they all pessimistic about him.

Well,he is just ordinary human.A man.And suddenly all around the world hoping that he can do the change--just like he always told us--Yes We Can.

We already knew that Zionist won't be negotiatiable.And I knew,we won't able to eliminate them--just like that.

Revolution won't go anywhere.It tooks someone to evolve--evolution is a better way.

Let's hope Obama administration will be better than Bush.Just hope.Okay?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paprik Pizza-Invented By Aril,Improved By Me.


Along coming home today.It's been a month ago since he left for his new job in London,Ontario,and I can't believe that I missing him so much.

Anyway,me and Adryan to plan to celebrate Aril's arrival with his invention--Paprik Pizza.Of course his famous dishes,i bold it,famous dishes when he worked as a cook near town,has now become legend.Unfortunately,people in that restaurant were dissapointed--when Aril resigns and continue his study in mechanical engineering.

1 package active dry yeast (about 2 teaspoons)
1 cup warm water
1 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
pinch salt


1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 to 2 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese
300grams of chicken meat/squid/prawn
4 slices of garlic
3 lemon grasses,sliced
5 kaffir lime leaves(it's limau purut in Malay)
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
4 teaspoons of soy sauce
Long beans
Cooking oil
Eyebird Chilli(cili padi)


Heat cooking oil and fry garlic and eyebird chillies.
Then,put chicken meat,soy sauce,oyster sauce and a little bit of tomato sauce.
After mixing them together,put kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass.
Mix it with vegetables,and salt.

Meanwhile,Add yeast to the water and stir until dissolved. Add sugar, oil, flour, and salt. Set mixing bowl filled with dough in warm water for 5 minutes to rise. Pat dough out on a well-greased pizza pan or cookie sheet.
And pour paprik at the top of pizza before put some grated mozarella cheese on top.
Layer toppings on dough in order listed. Bake at 400° for 15 to 20 minutes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hugo Chavez Is More Islamic than Saudi King?

A friendly non-Muslim to Hamas.

Keep on resistance,guys!Such a brave soul!

Well last night I've met my friend Robbien.A staunch Calgary Flames,we discussed about last night game against old rivalry Edmonton Oilers.Ice hockey is an interesting thing to discuss right now,since Canada become World Champion last week.

Then Christina Rivera came and bring her Arab boyfriend--George from Bel-Air,Calgary.So close to my house and I wonder why I never meet him.So the topic change--to disturbance of Middle East,especially Gaza.

George is a Christian Arab,and he is from Palestine.When we talk about Palestine,his voice changed.Everything has turned sour.The pain that he can't swallow.

Then along come his girlfriend Miss Rivera speaking.He is a staunch New Democratic Party supporter-NDP is a socialist party in Canada.As Liberal Party member,I'm fine when she criticizes conservative figures like Stephen Harper or George W Bush,but I kinda dislike the way she criticizes Liberal Party figures such as Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff.And she also dislike Barry Obama.She told me that "Barry is just nothing but a black clown came to the town".

If I can compare a magnitude of radicality between Nami and her,or Hishamuddin Rais,I can't compare all of them.They all seems--I don't know,people who enthusiasts about red star and black flag--anarcho-socialism.Of course Subcommandante Marcos and Che Guevara is one of their idealist.People who loves to put A letter surround with circle,those punks and skinheads,they're for me too radical to take.

However,she mentioning about Bolivar Socialism,things that Aril always mention to me.Things that Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine always mention in his lyric.Things like Nami and Christina enjoy to talk for.They enjoy to abolish class society,they show middle fucky finger toward their King or President,and always hate the rich.People like this always create fear among people like us,but this time--I listen--not like when Nami discussed about this with me.

I told Christina "American already chose Obama for change,they simply don't want war,they want to stop global warming,and Obama is commited with his voice".She dislike the tune that I used,so she turn her voice slow but sharp,"What's a different between Shell and Exxon Mobil?McDonalds and Burger King?Pepsi and Coke?"

Now she fucks globalization.Fucky fucky globalization.She fucks free trade,and she even fucks people with necktie.

And then she reveal her new bag patches,Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez.She wants the whole South America--from Mexico to Argentina--as one country.It's already happen in Rio Conference--and how she despise Spanish King Juan Carlos in por no te callas issue.She said in Spanish "usted rey espanol para cerrar su boca!su familia real conquista su tierra hasta pobres, e incluso independencia, usted todavía quiere actuar como una!Cogida!"--translate:Spanish:you spanish king to shut your mouth! your royal family conquer their land until poor,and even independence,you still want to act like you're the king!Fuck!

And how she passionate about Hugo Chavez until George opens his mouth "Hugo Chavez are more Islamic than Saudi King,no offense Ezreen.As a Muslim you must know that.I have a lot Muslim friends and they love to help each other,but this bastard(Saudi King) are self-centered,allowed American at their soil,and using it for Israel for attacking Palestinian people."

"Saudi King don't know how many Palestinian people had died last week aggression of Israel,and he don't fucking care".He then turns his voice down,and deep inside him he knows that it's unbearable pain.He told us that one of his uncle died while walking across the street to buy candy for him when he was a kid.

And my mouth opens up and say,"Obama will bring us together,believe,we can".Christina replied "Fuck him,it's just another fucking rhetoric from capitalist leader.Capitalist should be burn until dead.They steal our money and treat us like slaves.He is another mindless puppet from Knesset(Israel Parliament).

And after all these time,perhaps tonight I've reflect a lot about my words that I've said and the party that I supported.Unlike NDP,Liberal seems silent in Gaza issue.Don't mention Harper,he is Canadian Bush.

It's seems Hugo Chavez are more serious with Palestine than Muslim leaders itself.Now I realize I was on the wrong side.Perhaps what Nami told me in FOB--Hugo Chavez is like Nagasyi of Ethiopia who saved Muslim people from annihilation of Quraisy--changes my thoughts about socialism.

And right now just like my blogger friends said,perhaps we at the wrong side but we didn't realize it,until you finally realized that everything you believe is not really the truth.

My prayers to women and children in Gaza.

Keep Wave Palestinian Flag In Your Blog For Support!

Just step down,Mahmoud Abbas.You're not helping us to help your people.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

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I am politically centrist.Not so liberal,not so conservative,not so capitalist,not so socialist.

First of all,answer all question from this page:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Champions of the world!

Well,I never be so excited like this before.

Next time I will keep on dreaming Celtic win 2nd Champions League title.Yeah,so any Irish billionaire tycoon,takeover the club please!

Hik hik!Then our own rich history will fade away,like Manchester United.

Wondering what would it like when Messi,Ronaldo and Kaka plays for green and white hoops?Haha!Hey Fernando Torres,we sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" too!

Anyway good luck for all of my friends for mid-term exams.Be like a champ!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kuala Terengganu,The Windy City.

First for all,I want to congratulate to Canadian ice-hockey team for qualify to final Ice Hockey World Junior Championship after defeating Russia.I even miss Celtic-Dundee United match for Canada.And I hope Canada will defeat Sweden tomorrow.

Well,I still remember when I was 14 years old,it's year 2000--the last time I went to Kuala Terengganu.The wind breeze,and I still remember my arwah sister Elly walk with me at Pasar Payang(isn't it?),looking for something,an unique attraction.

I still remember our family trip to Kuala Terengganu.Aril was there,my dad,me and both my arwah sister and mom was there.

Everything is so sweet to remember.

And there will be an election in Kuala Terengganu.

I guess I don't observe it much like I did when Permatang Pauh election last August.

And I change my subject for my thesis,at first I want to wrote about Anwar Ibrahim and opposition parties in Malaysia,but I finds out that there's nothing much to write about Anwar or Pakatan Rakyat.

I decide to write about Russian politics after Soviet Union,especially Vladimir Putin.He is the most sexiest politician in the world.

And right now he is bullying ex-Soviet like Georgia and Ukraine,and bullying Europe as well--raising up gas price to Europe.

But anyone in Malaysia I will like to listen anything from Kuala Terengganu.

I heard Maimun Yusof won't register herself at elections.Well,she is 89 years old.Mahathir retires when he was 78.

And I will remember Kuala Terengganu-just like I remember Elly walk with ice-cream and share with me,at Pasar Payang.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hudud:Dua Undang-Undang dalam Satu Negara?

Ada rakan bloggers saya memberitahu saya tentang hukum hudud yang jelas sekali dipeningkan oleh PAS.Saya bertanya kepada penyokong PAS tentang "how sure undang-undang hudud itu boleh dilaksanakan di dalam negara berbilang kaum seperti Malaysia?"

Lalu ada yang menjawab.Justice Note berkata,undang-undang hudud yang akan dilaksanakan di Malaysia,mengikut kata-katanya yang saya fahami,akan terbahagi kepada dua.Undang-undang hudud akan dilaksanakan kepada orang Islam,sementara yang bukan Islam akan dipanggil takzir.

Sekarang,jawapan dia menjurus kepada satu lagi soalan dari saya.

"Kenapa warganegara yang berlainan agama dikenakan hukuman yang berbeza?"

Mengikut kefahaman saya,negara yang mengamalkan dua undang-undang terhadap dua kaum/kelas/agama/kumpulan yang berbeza,dipanggil sebagai Apatheid,seperti yang dilaksanakan di Afrika Selatan satu masa dahulu.

Pada zaman Apatheid,undang-undang yang dikenakan terhadap kaum kulit putih adalah berbeza dengan undang-undang kulit hitam.Begitu juga dengan pembahagian kawasan,Soweto untuk kulit hitam,Bloemfountein untuk kulit putih.

Sekarang,kenapa yang bukan Islam tidak dipotong tangannya sekiranya dia mencuri?Kenapa yang Islam sahaja?Disini saya tidak faham dengan anda semua.

Ini dipanggil racial segregation.

Racial segregtation dalam istilah politik bermaksud:-pemisahan antara kaum/kelas/agama sama ada dari segi tempat awam,undang-undang dan kawasan perumahan,serta hak-hak sesuatu kaum diasing-asingkan mengikut ras/kaum/kelas/agama.

Sekarang,sekiranya masyarakat Islam dikenakan hudud,tetapi yang bukan Islam dipanggil takzir,dimana keadilan yang dikatakan itu.Satu negara perlukan satu undang-undang,jika tidak,satu puak akan tidak bersetuju dengan puak lagi satu.Itu adalah lumrah manusia.

Sekiranya mencuri itu hukumnya dipotong tangan,what if sekiranya orang itu disalah sabit hukuman?Orang menuduh dia mencuri tetapi sebenarnya tidak,apa hukumnya kepada saksi palsu?Bagaimana orang ini mahu mempertahankan haknya sebagai orang yang tidak bersalah?

Mengikut hukum hudud,apa yang saya faham,sekiranya zina wajib disebat 100 kali bagi belum berkahwin,tetapi what if orang mereka-reka cerita,kerana dikatakan wajib ada 3 orang saksi.

Siapa yang nak jadi saksi untuk penzinaan?

Dan bagaimana hukuman takzir itu?Apakah kalau orang bukan Islam mencuri,hukumannya membayar 200 ringgit kepada hakim?Atau bagaimana?

Penjelasan anda tidak terang malah tidak menyakinkan saya yang parti PAS tidak benar-benar berminat untuk memperjuangkan agamanya bagai dikata.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Soalan Kepada Rakan PAS Saya.

Menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Kawan saya Deniel Ahmad telah menjawab saya tentang PAS dalam artikel di Federation of Bloggers,dengan mengatakan kenapa saya selalu mengkritik PAS,dan seolah-olah saya tidak memahami apa itu PAS.

Ini jawapan dia.

apa khbr shbt..
lama tak menjenguk..
hentaman kpd PAS lagi..

ur statement:
"Saya belajar sains politik,hari-hari saya observe politik seluruh dunia."

"Mustahil saya terlepas pandang keadaan di Malaysia."

Maaf, anda terlalu beremosi..anda masih blm memahami PAS itu secara all out..lihatlah sejarahnya dari akar umbi.mempelajari sains politik di dalam pengajian anda belum pasti membolehkan anda memahami semua isu ini seumpama tuhan memahami mahkulknya.

Bukan saya ingin merendahkan anda, ttp bak kata pepatah, sekiranya tidak mengetahui lbh elok kita menyiasat,mempelajari,agar apa yg diucpkan tidak nmpk silapnya..

Dlm menganalisis soal PAS, bukan hanya ilmu sains poltik semata-mata anda perlukan..soal Agama,akidah,harakiah perjuangan,dan sbgainya perlu diambil kira..


Sebagai seorang student sains politik,tahun satu,maafkan saya jika saya salah berkata-kata.Tetapi,berdasarkan pengalaman saya selama 10 tahun saya tinggal di Malaysia,saya rasa pemimpin PAS "lebih retorik dari pelaksanaan".

Soal agama,akidah,harakiah perjuangan?

Konsep saya dalam politik adalah mudah.Penubuhan parti politik adalah kerana ekonomi dan kuasa,kerana tanpa dua perkara itu seolah-olah penubuhan parti adalah sia-sia.Untuk apa menubuhkan parti?Kerana mahu menubuhkan kerajaan,dan dapat mengawal ekonomi.Menubuhkan kerajaan bermakna mengawal ekonomi,dan pengawal ekonomi adalah kekayaan.

Apa sekali konsep fahaman politik,baik liberal,konservatif,Islam atau komunis,matlamat adalah satu--mengawal ekonomi.

Apa yang PAS lakukan di Kelantan selama 18 tahun ialah berceramah setiap tahun,menjadi alternatif kepada mereka yang tidak suka kepada UMNO,dan memain retorik agama.

Parti politik,I mean,semua parti politik,adalah sama dengan doh pizza.Tidak kira apa yang diletak di atasnya--pepperoni,ikan bilis,daging,ayam,sardin,atau semata-mata keju,tetapi asasnya sama--tepung dan air.

Jadi parti politik ini,tidak kira apa intinya--matlamat asalnya adalah satu--mengawal ekonomi.

Jadi jika UMNO gunakan retorik "Ketuanan Melayu",DAP gunakan "Malaysian Malaysia",maka PAS pun gunakan Islam.

Jadi saya nak tanya satu soalan kepada semua penyokong PAS,apakah PAS tidak ada matlamat untuk mengawal ekonomi sepertimana mana-mana parti politik?Even Hamas dengan Fatah pun tubuhkan parti politik kerana hendak mengawal ekonomi dan kuasa di Palestin.Hezbollah dan puak Druze berebut kuasa di Lebanon untuk mengawal ekonomi selatan Lebanon.Republican dan Democrat berebut kuasa di Amerika untuk mengawal ekonomi dunia.

Jadi,jika ditakdirkan PAS mampu mentadbir Malaysia,apakah cara PAS mengawal ekonomi?Kerana ekonomi di Canada kerajaan Stephen Harper goyah.Kami ada undi tidak percaya yang berkesan berbanding di Malaysia.

Now,sekarang kita ada dengar tentang alternatif yang dibuat oleh kerajaan Kelantan-Dinar Emas.Perkara yang menarik,malangnya kenapa PAS tidak mampu mengeluarkan dinar emas yang secukupnya untuk menjana ekonomi negeri?Pengeluarannya macam melepaskan batuk di tangga--hanya laku untuk mas kahwin,dan pertukaran hadiah.Apa ni?Sepatutnya dinar emas menjadi foundation ekonomi negeri Kelantan!

Tentang hukum hudud,saya tidak menentang sekiranya hukum itu dilaksanakan di sebuah negara yang hampir 95% penduduknya beragama Islam.Seperti Kelantan.Ya,ia harus dilakukan demi kesejahteraan penduduk.Pencuri harus dipotong tangannya.Saya pun menyokong undang-undang ini kerana baru kehilangan Blackberry.

Tetapi,apabila saya dengar yang hukum hudud hanya untuk orang Islam sahaja,saya rasa itu tidak seragam.Jadi sekiranya orang Islam sahaja yang dipotong tangannya,yang bukan Islam makin bermaharajalela mencuri.

Apabila DAP membantah,itu kerana mereka tidak faham.Saya faham dengan hukum hudud,tetapi saya tidak faham konsep PAS yang double standard dengan hukuman tersebut.Seharusnya yang bukan Islam sekali pun dihukum hudud,supaya tidak ada lagi pencuri di dalam negeri.

Kalau DAP membantah,kita tengok suara paling ramai.Simple as that,right?

Saya tidak membantah hukum hudud yang diperintah Allah,tetapi saya membantah hukum hudud ala-PAS.Dan saya rasa,kata-kata PAS hanyalah retorik semata-mata kerana undang-undang agama dan adat terletak di dalam kerajaan negeri,bukannya pusat.Kenapa Kelantan yang 95 peratusnya Islam tidak lakukan hukum ini?

Ada dua-tiga hiccups dalam PAS yang saya tidak faham.Maaf kerana saya orang yang memerhati dari jauh.Tetapi,kalau foundation parti itu sendiri dibina dalam keadaan yang tergopoh-gapah,makanya jadilah hiccups macam yang saya katakan ini.

Akhir kata,saya bukannya "keyboard warrior" seperti yang dikatakan oleh Deniel tentang isu Palestin.Tetapi saya masih tidak faham,apa motif penubuhan parti PAS ni?Untuk agama,bukan?Tetapi agama memerlukan ekonomi juga untuk terus survive.Kerana itu Islam mewajibkan kita bayar zakat.

Kurangkan retorik,lebihkan berfikir.