Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak Speech.

Kami sekeluarga di Glenmore,Calgary,AB,Canada ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua saudara-mara,sahabat handai,rakan taulan dan sesiapa yang mengenali kami di Malaysia.Semoga Aidilfitri kali ini bermakna bagi kita semua.
Maaf zahir dan batin.


The whole family in Glenmore,Calgary,AB,Canada wishes you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Eid Mubarak to all friends and family,far and wide.May this Eid Mubarak is meaningful for all of us.

We're sorry,body and soul.


Le famille entier dans Glenmore, Calgary, AB, Canada te souhaite Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Eid Mubarak a tous les amis et famille, loin et au loin. Mai cet Eid Mubarak est signicatif pour tous les nous.

Nous sommes desoles, corps et ame.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Celtic urges Rangers fan to shut their racist slur mouth off!

CELTIC chairman John Reid has written to supporters who contacted the club following the recent home game against Rangers to express their concerns about sectarian behaviour - and in particular the singing of the so-called ‘Famine Song’ by large sections of the Rangers support - and to ask for Celtic to make the club's position clear. John Reid wrote:
'Along with many others, I know you have written to the Club about the behaviour of visiting supporters who gave vent to a song which I have no hesitation in condemning as racist and deeply offensive. As both Rangers Football Club and Strathclyde Police have stated, the content of the song - which is directed against the community of Irish descent in Scotland - is in breach of Race Relations legislation and exposes its perpetrators to the risk of prosecution.
The Irish Famine was a human tragedy of immense proportions. It is one of the few such events for which the British Government has expressed specific regret for its share of responsibility. Few of those who sing this song will have stopped to think that Famine is non-sectarian and the millions of people who died or were forced into mass emigration - some of them to Scotland - were from all faiths and traditions within Ireland.
We should condemn racism and sectarianism without fear or favour wherever they arise. That is an essential part of Celtic Football Club's ethos. The club has always been open to all people. We draw our Board of Directors, shareholders, management, players, footballing heroes and supporters from all races and religions. We draw our very name, Celtic, from the bonds that unite the Scottish and Irish peoples irrespective of political or religious traditions, bonds and a heritage that remain a source of pride to us today.
In condemning the actions of others, Celtic must always be vigilant with regard to our own conduct and reputation. Celtic supporters have received well-earned international plaudits in recent years for the way in which they conduct themselves at home and abroad. But we are not complacent. I would again condemn, without equivocation, the use of any chants or songs which can be interpreted as support for religious or ethnic hatred, or for acts of violence. The assistance of true Celtic supporters in weeding out the minority who persist in that behaviour, usually at away games, is greatly appreciated and results in stringent action.
Thank you again for drawing this matter to my attention. Our supporters can rest assured that Celtic will continue to work with all interested parties to remove the twin cancers of racism and sectarianism from Scottish football and our wider society.
Yours Faithfully
John Reid
Celtic FC

Anything But Conservatives!

THIS ELECTION could not be more important. Our choice will shape Canada's future.
In this campaign, you will hear many promises.
But promises are not on the ballot. People are on the ballot.
And the promises are only as good as the integrity of the people who make them.

In this election, it is our responsibility as voters to serve as judges of character.
Let's first of all remember that Stephen Harper's Conservative Party was built on a broken promise. Peter MacKay promised David Orchard he would not merge the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with the Canadian Alliance. That promise was swiftly broken.
And the broken promises have not stopped since.
Stephen Harper, in the last two election campaigns, traveled to Newfoundland and Labrador bearing a promise.
Newfoundlanders and Labradorians fully expected Stephen Harper to live up to his words and repeated written promise.
He did not.
He broke his promise after he got his votes. His own MPs and candidates confirm his promise was broken.
Stephen Harper's actions raise important questions of trust. Of integrity. Of character.
In this election, Canadians have the opportunity - and the obligation - to judge Stephen Harper and his Conservatives by their record.
They have also broken other promises to Canadians.
They have imposed deep cuts on some of the most vulnerable people in our country.
They have mocked provincial premiers.
They have discouraged businesses from investing in Ontario.
These Conservatives are certainly not "Progressive" Conservatives. Their agenda is regressive.
And now the Conservatives are seeking a mandate and a majority government to continue to implement an agenda that is not fully revealed.
Canada deserves better than this.
This election truly is about making Canada strong. Strong and progressive. A country in which values like integrity and trust actually mean something.
The power to shape our future is in our hands.

And the first step is as easy as A-B-C.
Anything But Conservative.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stephen Harper,Canada is not the State of America!

"[Y]our country [the USA], and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world."

"If you've read any of the official propagandas, you've come over the border and entered a bilingual country. In this particular city, Montreal, you may well get that impression. But this city is extremely atypical of this country... So it's basically an English-speaking country, just as English-speaking as, I would guess, the northern part of the United States."

Two idiotic statement from Canadian PM Stephen Harper shows that he is "Not A Leader",according by Conservative attack ads agaisnt Stephane Dion.

Hello Mr Prime Minister,you are PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA,not Governor of Canada.

The epitome of idioticity.

Obama vs McCain:The Debate.

After watching the US Presidential Debate this night,it was obvious--both candidates are lack of focus to saving the world.As the only superpower on Earth,United States has it's responsible to recover their economy,to save the world.

While Obama has stated that in ten years,America will not depend on Middle East oil,is Stephane Dion of Canada will help Obama to achieve this.Green Shift plan so far widen across Canada,but I didn't see Obama has such a plan for greener energy resources.All he ever did is talk,talk and talk.Where is the proof Barack Obama?Stephane Dion are more convincing than you.

I agreed with Barack Obama about removal of US army in Iraq,thus to cut down operational cost that creating deficit in America.In McCain side,cutting tax for middle class of America not only widen rich and poor,but creating situation richer will be more richer,poorer will be more poorer.

At this time,where economy unstabled,America need a leader,a firm leader.But so far,neither Obama or McCain could ever reach my standard yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shahril Hospitalized.

Kepada kawan-kawan yang mengenali Aril(Shahril Iman),dia sekarang kat hospital,baru tadi dapat news yang dia kena appandicitis.
guys,wish him get well soon.

I'm going flight back to Calgary as soon as possible.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim,Friend of USA?

Well,I've opened up my email today,and I've received tonnes of mails(mostly spams,duh!),and suddenly,I'm attracted to open one email from anonymous,entitled "Anwar Ibrahim Agen Zionis di Amerika"(english:Anwar Ibrahim is Zionist agent in America).

So,after reading all the message from that email,I make a conclusion.I laughed.I laughed like hell.
According to the message,it's written "Anwar is linked with some Zionist figureheads,like Richard Perle,Paul Wolfowitz etc."

Hey,if I say,Wayne Rooney shaking his hand with Steven Gerrard,is that a sign Rooney are joining Liverpool?Or shaking hands with Frank Lampard,he's joining Chelsea?

Well,maybe it's not nice to say like that.How about Mahathir shaking hands with Jack Abramoff the Zionist lobbyist in Washington?How about this picture,an Israeli Star of David flag at UMNO-Putra World Trade Centre building.

After all,this doublespeak people needs to educate themselves,if you have a reason to hate Anwar,just because he is a friend of American figureheads,then you have to stop eating McD,KFC,Burger King,stop drinking Coke or Pepsi,stop buying Nike,Georgio Armani,stop watching Hollywood movies,or even to the extreme,don't even use Shell petrols.

Oh yeah,did I told you,that Najis Tun Razak when he was Defence Minister ordered Iranian company to shut down their exhibition of Military Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur after US complained about it?Or how about this pic?

What flag behind Najis Tun Razak?I believe it's not Japan,China,Vietnam,Iran,or Uzbekistan.It's UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Well,if Najis can be friend of America,why Anwar can't?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Views from Toronto(my picture).

Toronto Irish Famine Memorial(my heritage).

Eatons Centre,the biggest shopping mall in Toronto,Canada.

Interior of Eaton Centre.

Eat yogurt for your health.


CN Tower,the highest tower in the world.

Inside CN Tower.

Wish for Travis Barker(Blink 182) a pink of health.

Watching Celtic-Kilmarnock game from Toronto.

25 percent of Irish,but 100 percent CELTIC!

Bar has been packed with fans of Red Devils and Blue Lions today,but an hour later Green and White Bhoys and Ghirls will takeover!

I won't shout much because I want to save my energy,because tonight I'll stay my night to do my job.


watching from:Colbourne Street,Toronto.Meanwhile Man Utd 1-0 Chelsea at this moment.

Liberal Campaign:Day 7 and Listeriosis Outbreak.

The Real Harper

Day 7 so far has an advantage for Liberal Party when Leader Stephane Dion questions Harper's policy towards prevention of Listeriosis outbreak in North York,Ontario.
Harper,with his "divide and conquer" policy,has ignores this outbreak issues,because Ontario is stronghold of Liberals.
Liberal with NDP both side has criticizes Harper mismanagement and on this election,Stephane Dion hope that people,not only Ontarioan but all Canadian to against Harper mismanagement.
On the federal political level, there is a developing debate on the privatization of food inspection.A cabinet document leaked earlier in the year outlines a plan to save money at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) by shifting federal meat inspectors into an oversight role and leaving companies to implement their own methods. Liberal leader Stéphane Dion was harshly critical and drew comparisons to the 2000 Walkerton tainted water tragedy and the privatization of propane inspection, which he blamed for the 2008 Toronto explosions. Gerry Ritz responded that the CFIA has added 200 inspectors since the Conservatives came to power, adding, "As opposed to having our inspectors standing line by line, they'll have a more oversight role within the plant itself . We're trying to build a better mousetrap here."

Liberals announce investments to revitalize Canada’s arts community

MONTREAL – A new Liberal government will double the budget of the Canada Council for the Arts to $360 million annually, while simultaneously reversing the cuts recently announced by the Conservative government to arts and culture, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion today.
“Canada’s diverse arts and cultural community plays an important role in our national identity,” said Mr. Dion. “We are committed to helping revitalize a vital sector of the Canadian economy that is under threat by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ideologically driven mismanagement.”
“We need to make it easier to make movies in Canada, not more difficult. That is why a Liberal government will increase the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit to 30 per cent. This measure will help create more high-quality jobs in an industry that already employs over 125,000 people,” said Mr. Dion.

Mr. Dion also committed to reverse the $45 million in program cuts the Harper Conservative government has imposed on Canada’s arts community since taking office.“Government needs to do a better job of supporting and promoting Canadian books, music and other forms of creativity,” he said.
“Unfortunately, we have a Conservative government that fails to see the value of artists and culture in fostering the richness of our country. We understand, and that is why we will restore the $45 million this government has cut.”Mr. Dion further committed that a future Liberal government will increase international arts promotion programming, vital programs that increase Canada’s exposure on the world stage by $26 million over four years, while increasing the Museum Assistance Program by $16 million, also over four years.
“Cultural activity fosters vibrant, livable cities and communities, and it also supports innovation, helps us understand our past and imagine our future, and stimulates our economy,” he said.But Mr. Dion noted that a Liberal commitment to our arts community will not stop with a simple injection of necessary funding.Mr. Dion also vowed to protect artistic freedom in Canada and promised that a new Liberal government will also stop Conservative attempts to grant the Minister of Heritage sweeping powers to censor films produced in Canada.
“A Liberal government will support our cultural industries, increasing Canada’s competitiveness and quality of life, inviting our leading cultural figures to showcase Canada to the world, and celebrating and encouraging our wonderful diversity,” said Mr. Dion.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pakatan wants to vote of no confidence-23rd September

His Loyal Majesty of Opposition Leader of Malaysia,Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim today has announced to force Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,to open Parliament on September 23rd.Parliament closed on September due to Ramadhan fasting month.However,pressure mounts towards Pak Lah from politic(both outside and inside UMNO),his deputy problematique,economy and I wonder if he still sleeping.Somebody wake him up!

AIG bailout:Is Corporate America Near to Bankruptcy?

American Insurance Group,or simply known as AIG,today has asking for US$85 billion from Federal Reserve Bank,after the biggest drop at Wall Street since 1930s depression period happens yesterday.

I always heard a quote "when America sneeze,the rest of the world catch cold",(Malaysia will facing pneumonia anyway),and believe me,this is serious thing.Stock markets across the world are facing bear signs since couple months ago,and big companies such as AIG,Yahoo,Merrill Lynch,Exxon Mobil,and lot's more,are facing serious loss,and some of them are facing bankruptcy.

And electing Stephen Harper,will kill Canada economy.I tell you,seriously.His tendency to lean with US economy which he thoughts "the biggest economy on earth" will not only kill Canada economy,but it will took several years to recover.Stephen Harper meanwhile keep optimistic that US economy will recover soon.Oh bullshit,the biggest drop since 1930s?You must be kidding me Mr Harper.

While Abdullah Badawi,because of his ignorant attitude,were became a chicken when he 'switch' job with Najib.Najib will face "the hell of economy" and he don't have any ideas of it.Abdullah Badawi is definitely "chicken" to face severe economic crisis.

Two stupidest character in politics I ever know.Abdullah Badawi and Stephen Harper-both Prime Minister,both ignorant about economy.
Meanwhile,did Man United's fan realize that their favorite team corporate sponsor are nearly bankrupt?Switch to Celtic then..hik hik!

Liberals unveil unprecedented infrastructure plan

TORONTO – A new Liberal government will commit more than $70 billion over the next 10 years to improve the critical infrastructure that supports Canada’s competitiveness and quality of life and will divert unanticipated annual budget surpluses to infrastructure projects, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion announced today.

“Canada faces an infrastructure deficit in the hundreds of billions of dollars,” said Mr. Dion.

“A Liberal government will invest aggressively to reduce that deficit, working in partnership with the provinces and territories and our cities and communities.”In these times of economic difficulty, we Liberals understand that the government must make investments into those areas that will increase our competitiveness and at the same time, create good, well-paying jobs for Canadians. While honouring all existing framework agreements that have been signed with the provinces and territories, our $70-billion investment will support Liberal priorities, including building and upgrading strategic infrastructure, creating a National Transit Strategy, developing a Small Communities Fund, strengthening gateway, corridor, and border infrastructure, and renewing and expanding sports and recreational facilities. A Liberal government created the gas tax transfer to municipalities to help them invest in important infrastructure needs, and we will now index it to economic growth so our cities and communities can develop as our economy grows. Over the course of our 10-year plan, municipalities will see almost $25 billion transferred to them through the improved gas tax transfer.This announcement builds on a Liberal commitment made in February 2008 that all unanticipated surplus funds beyond a $3-billion contingency reserve will be spent on infrastructure, particularly green infrastructure.A new Liberal government will also create an Infrastructure Bank to make available to all levels of government low-cost financing for infrastructure projects such as regional energy grids or high-speed rail.“Canada’s cities and towns are the engines of our economy,” said Mr. Dion.

“Without significant long-term investments in infrastructure, our economy and environment will suffer. This plan will provide Canada’s economic engines with the support they need, and is an important part of our efforts to reduce Canada’s environmental footprint.”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Abdullah-Najib Funniest Act.

The funniest story I ever heard in my entire experience learning politics.

Yesterday,he laughed until wet pants for September 16th,the day that Pakatan had promised to Malaysian to take over the government.

Today,he suffles job of Minister of Finance to Najib,while became Minister of Defence.

Why o why Pak Lah?

I told you,September 16th is just a cracker start,the beginning of the end,arrogance of power,of Barisan Nasional.

You told people that Anwar is blatant lie,that no BN members leave the party,but SAPP just did that just now.

Who's the liar now?

If Anwar lied at the first place,why you're so afraid then?

Put him on ISA?Then accept label "Zimbabwe of Asia" then.

And you really,really want people to step up?

I suggest the best way you to end this conflict is to step down.

Reminds me of Incubus-Megalomaniac.

Criticism Towards Harpernomics.

Turning a page

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16th:Sometimes Dreams Are Not Achieved,But Later..

Nami still skeptical with his own party.Yes,I realized right now in Malaysia it's already September 17th(here still 16th).

Talking about economy sizes dreams of hope.

Still talking about hopelessness in life.

Even in his latest blog,he mentioning about his life that is so peachy.

Nami,why losing hope,the entire Pakatan are endlessly fight for winning,and you're the one who lay back,and doubting with your own party.

Stephane Dion is not as influencial as Anwar Ibrahim.Stephane is number bla bla bla,why Anwar is #9.Even some pundits in Canada said that Harper has slight majority win.

But do I care?

No,no at all.When you fight something that worth it,no matter how long you taking it,you'll never want to give up easily.We talk about a nation.Kim Dae Jung almost killed by South Korean intellegence because his thoughts,yet,in the end he became South Korean President.Nelson Mandela fought against apartheid with his entire life.Prison was his second home.What happen to him now?Happiness and freedom.Worth it?Nami,it's priceless.

That's why I still fight for Stephane Dion.That's why you should fight for Anwar Ibrahim.But yet again,giving up is not a choice of someone who declare himself as a freedom fighter.

Unless your bum are too comfort enough to wake up and fight.

Stéphane Dion announces new drug plan

HALIFAX – A new Liberal government will invest $900 million to create a new plan for catastrophic drug coverage that would ensure Canadians living with serious illnesses - such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis - can focus on their health instead of worrying about their finances, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion announced today.

“We believe that no Canadian should have to choose between taking a drug they need, and paying for their other basic needs,” said Mr. Dion. “Unfortunately this is too often the case today, especially in the Atlantic provinces.”“Some Canadians with debilitating, chronic illnesses face very high prescription drug costs, which can lead to a catastrophic financial burden for individuals and families,” he said. “The new drug plan will ensure all Canadians access to much-needed drugs no matter where they live.”

“Canadians should not be faced with catastrophic costs that force you to choose between financial solvency and your health,” said Mr. Dion.A new Liberal government will work with the provincial and territorial governments to determine the level of catastrophic drug coverage that should be provided as a national minimum. As well, we will directly compensate those provinces that are already providing that level of coverage.Spending on prescription drugs is growing faster than any other category of health expenditures.

With these increasing costs, provincial health spending is even further stretched and other health programs may suffer. A new Liberal government will assist the provinces to ensure Canadians across the country have access to drug therapies for serious illnesses. “It was a Liberal government that introduced universally-accessible health care more than 40 years ago and introduced the Canada Health Act 25 years ago. It will be a Liberal government that will ensure the system is healthy and accessible to all Canadians now and into the future,” said Mr. Dion.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 16th:Still Skeptical Nami?

Darn,is kinda funny when you're observing Malaysian politics lately.Well,it's so,look a like,Star Wars.

Well,the rebel forces[Pakatan] has won several planets[states] on battle of Yavin[election 2008].Yet,some arrestment of members of rebel forces(Leia,Solo and the gang been arrested at Cloud City)[detainment of blogger and "rebel state" representative"],and the battle keep on going although elections are already over.

The Empire[Barisan Nasional] has used it's powerful Death Star [ISA],and it probably blown Alderaan up[May 13th incident].

It's so...scary.

Well,i'm impressed with what happened in Malaysia nowadays.The resistance of The Chosen One Luke Skywalker[Anwar Ibrahim],battle up with Sidious[Pak Lah,err..he deserved it or not?],and the rest of mechanism of Empire[Barisan Nasional] are tiredless and brave.

Shockingly,there's some skeptical groups vocals up,like Hans Solo[probably people like Nami],who is somehow skeptical with The Force.

I would like to write this blog--Star Wars way,because Nami is a big fan of Star Wars,and I hope with this method,I can make him to understand.

His blog recently voices up his skepticalism about September 16th,2008 government coupe which somehow sounds like losing hope rather than fighting back.

Nami,submit to the Empire is the most stupid thing ever for a rebel like you(in Star Wars case).In your case,submit to BN is the most stupid thing.

Why you cast your vote at the first place?To against BN.What you're did last March 8 is like in Star Wars,where Luke left his home at Tattoine.

Still skeptical about the Force(voice of people),did you know Nami,that Zaid Ibrahim(one of BN's MP) has resigned from Pak Lah's cabinet?

More and more discontent voices from Sabah and Sarawak MP?

Still skeptical?

I believe your friend Hafiz has more midi-chlorian than you because he still believes that Empire will entirely down,not now,but someday.

September 16th 2008 is just blowing the Death Star.The entire Empire still not collapse yet.

September 16th will be the starter of the end of Empire.We will fight for that.

So now Nami,Anwar already light up his lightsaber,are you with rebel,or still skeptical to the Force[voice of people],and submit your head to the Empire[Barisan Nasional].

You'll don't know what happen tomorrow.Coupe d'etat can happen in just one day.It's not a joke.

Nami,join us against Empire.The rebel will win.Believe me.

Rob Baker endorses Dion

Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip Endorses Dion

Quote of the day:

"To create jobs,not to take jobs away,improve our enviroment,rather than just do nothing policy that exist now".

Liberals will restore fairness,streamline immigration system

RICHMOND, British Columbia – A new Liberal government will reverse the irresponsible immigration measures introduced by the Conservatives last spring and invest a total of $800 million in new federal funding to deal with the immigration backlog, welcome more new Canadians, and ensure that they succeed, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said today.

“Last spring the Conservative government gave the Immigration Minister sweeping discretionary powers to reject whole categories of immigration applications,” said Mr. Dion. “When I am elected Prime Minister I will immediately reverse these unfair and dangerous immigration changes.”

Mr. Dion went on to discuss the Liberal vision for Canada, which includes ensuring new Canadians receive the support they need to fully participate in Canadian society.

“Immigration will account for all of Canada’s net labour and population growth during the next five years and is a key element of the Liberal plan for Canada’s future success,” said Mr. Dion. “A Liberal government will make the necessary investments to increase the number of permanent residents to Canada every year and ensure they have the necessary tools to succeed.”

In full partnership with provinces, fully respecting agreements such as the one with Quebec, over four years, a new Liberal government will invest:

-$400 million to modernize the immigration system, process applications more efficiently and support the admission of significantly more permanent residents to Canada.

-$200 million in New Beginnings Canada – an enhanced language training initiative designed to help newcomers master the language necessary to get jobs that match their qualifications; and

-an additional $200 million for Bridge to Work – a new initiative that will better prepare newcomers for the workplace through the use of internships, mentorship and work placement opportunities. And we will help get foreign credentials recognized, by providing direct financial support to assist foreign-trained doctors and other professionals in obtaining their Canadian qualifications.

“A successful immigration plan is built on the sound principles of fairness, accountability and opportunity,” said Mr. Dion. “We will welcome new Canadians everywhere in Canada to help us enrich our country, and we will provide and expand their opportunities to succeed.”

ISA:Minister spokes up.

Out from Canada.

Minister of Prime Minister Office Department,Zaid Ibrahim officially resigned from his position as Minister,today.His resignation remarks his discontent towards Internal Security Act--ISA which has been misused by leading coalition government--Barisan Nasional.

Zaid,which is law practitioner,spokes up of his discontent in front of media,that he will resign if ISA still part of law in Malaysia.

ISA,a draconian law which derived from British Emergency Law,for Insurgency against Malayan Communist Party,has been misused by BN-led government to detain opposition leader.The most famous detainment incident was 1988 Operasi Lalang,which hold several opposition leaders including DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

So far,as much as 40 person has been detained as ISA detainees,and they had never face the trial,at all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day-2 Stephane Dion Campaign

Stéphane Dion's Campaign Tour – Day Two

Quote of the day:-

"Stephen Harper only govern for the next day,the next poll,the next election,never for the next generation".

Green Party and Liberals,allied?

Both Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May,the leader of Green Party today has mutual agreement that both parties would not against each other in at least Stephane Dion or Elizabeth May each other riding contest area.

Seems like both parties already do "Pakatan Rakyat" for Canadian people.While whining Conservatives saying "uuh,it's so unfair..",ha ha,you guys Conservatives eat your own words.

Thanks Green Party,we'll ensure we will educate those Conservatives that enviroment can also working together with economy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISA:Anwar to meet Pak Lah.

Leader of His Loyal Majesty of Opposition,Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim,represents Pakatan Rakyat will meet Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss matters of detainment of Member of Parliament of Seputeh,Teresa Kok Suh Sim and blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin.

According to Anwar,this detainment shows that government-led BN are trying to oppress MPs to crossing the floor to Pakatan Rakyat and form the government.

Meanwhile,the culprit Ahmad Ismail,which obviously playing a major role of racial distress,are just been sacked as UMNO member,not ISA.

Teresa Kok Suh Sim has been arrested due to allegation against her about her referandum to UMNO Puchong Chief Division Satim Diman due to "azan speaker" issue.However,it's not what Teresa mean by it.It's not because of azan--but "the ceramah"(lecture),which using that speaker for speech.

Teresa said "there's nothing wrong with azan,the only problem is with the ceramah",and saying,"you still can ceramah your audience with simple microphone and not so loud speaker,do you?"

Green Shift Economy Program.

The Liberal Greenshift

The Green Shift Economy Program,which has been proposed by Stephane Dion of Liberal Party,has recognized solutions in order to control carbon emission that has been produced by Canada,for green,and safe next generation of Canadian.

By following this program,Canada will becoming major powerhouse for renewable energy sources,funded by "ecotax",a policy to sustain ecology activities,which the more polluted that company produced,the more "ecotax" that the company should pay for cleaning and renewable energy resources.

Thus this earth is not for big companies greed,but for people that need.

The mission of Green Shift program is:-

-Creating more green jobs for Canadian,especially for renewable resources energy.
-To develope green manufacturing jobs.
-To supply clean water for the next generations.
-For healthy communities in Canada.
-And make rule that "the more you pollute,the more you have to pay".
-Through that,tax cuts can be done for eco-friendly businesses and jobs.

Canadian Press:PM Harper is a liar!

OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Stephane Dion turned up the rhetoric against his chief rival Monday, calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper a liar in blunt language seldom used even in political campaigning.

The Liberal leader repeated the charge several times at a Montreal-area campaign stop in response to Conservative accusations that his party would raise the GST and cut the government's child-care allowance.

"They are piling their lies upon lies," he said. "They are unable to stop to lie. Canadians will not accept that."

Dion also said the Conservatives have misrepresented his environmental plan to combat global warming, adding that he wants a serious debate with Harper on the issue.

He called on the prime minister not to "try to win an election by lying."

The strong words on the second day of the election campaign came hours after the Tories launched a series of new attack ads, depicting Dion as a risky choice who "would make everything more expensive" for Canadians.

Teresa Kok,MP DAP has been arrested.

I'm out from Canadian Federal Election 2008 news.News from Malaysia.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin and MP of DAP Teresa Kok Suh Sim has been arrested with Internal Security Act yesterday.

They had been detained,both at 1.00 pm(11.00pm Calgary time),and 11.00pm(9.00 am Calgary time),12th of September 2008(Malaysian date).

No further news has been received so far.

Dion vs Harper

Malaysian GE vs Canadian GE.

There's no different between situation in Malaysia and in Canada nowadays.Politics,politics,politics--it's all everything that news on both countries.After dissolution of Parliament,both sides Conservatives and Liberal now attacks each other,bombardment of words,and blaming each other.
While Stephane Dion with his "green shift" economy, a bold plan that will cut income taxes, put a price on pollution, fight poverty and position Canada to be a leader in the 21st century global economy.
Carbon tax,that's the idea of Stephane Dion,in order to prevent enviromental disaster created from the greed.
Stephen Harper's policy on Conservatives side meanwhile,trying to rubbish this "carbon tax" idea,and only thinking of wealth of big companies.

It reminds me with a concept between BN and PKR in Malaysia.Whilst PKR mentioning about fair and equal between region in distribution of wealth,BN are more concerning with GLCs(especially Petronas).

Look,we have the same problem here.Companies greed vs people's need.

The ecotax of Green Shift,are to ensure that factories and these big companies are more responsible to increase carbon monoxide,and in return,this money,will be contribute to enviromental program,Liberal called it--"the greener economy".

But at least Stephen Harper didn't arrests some Liberal's blogger,like me.It's too bad that you noticed that you're at Prime Minister parliamentarian seat area,while you're supporting opposition.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Liberals promise homeowners $575M in incentives to 'green' homes

With sun-soaked greenery as his backdrop, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion promised homeowners $575 million worth of incentives to make their dwellings more energy efficient if his party is elected in the Oct. 14 federal election.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion announces that if elected, his party would expand federal subsidies for making homes more energy efficient during a campaign stop in Burnaby, B.C. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)"The average Canadian homeowner can reduce the amount of energy their home uses by 20 to 40 per cent," Dion said outside a housing co-operative in Burnaby, B.C., during a campaign visit Friday.

Under the four-year proposal, the Liberals would offer homeowners $10,000 in financial support for investing in energy-saving measures such as insulation, weatherproofing and more efficient heating systems.

Up to $10,000 would also be available to homeowners as an interest-free "green mortgage loan" to help with up-front costs and major retrofits.

A $140-million fund would be created to help upgrade low-income housing.

"We have a plan to help people to adapt, to help especially middle- and low-income Canadians," Dion said.

Aims to retrofit all homes by 2030

Dion warned that energy costs seem likely to remain high and Canada needs to think of long-term solutions.

"This is the world in which we are," he said. "It is why the countries that have decided to do a green shift in the '90s are more energy efficient and are resisting better to these kinds of difficulties."

With the investments, the Liberals hope to retrofit 50 per cent of all Canadian homes by 2020 and all homes by 2030.

Also, Dion vowed to beef up Canada's building code standards for energy efficiency and set tough new standards for home appliances.

The Liberals said the proposal would help Canadians combat rising energy bills and create jobs in a faltering economy.

Dion made his pitch in Burnaby, one of the areas in B.C. where Liberals hope to pilfer seats from the New Democrats. Liberals hold seven of the 36 seats in B.C.
The NDP has denounced the Liberal's Green Shift plan to tax carbon emissions while cutting income taxes.

Green Shift an 'unfair double hit' for B.C.?

Dion plan faces a tough sell to voters in B.C. who are already contending with a provincial carbon tax that kicked in on July 1 and added 2.3 cents to the price of a litre of gasoline.
At an overcrowded town hall meeting later Friday, the so-called Green Shift program took centre stage.

"Aren't we going to take an unfair double hit?" asked one concerned resident.

Dion responded that he would seek to find a solution, noting that he served as intergovernmental affairs minister for eight years and knows how to negotiate with provinces.

British Columbia is seen as one of the key battlegrounds for determining Liberal fortunes in the election.

The Liberals won nine of B.C.'s 36 seats in the 2006 election, but now hold seven of the ridings
David Emerson crossed the floor to join the Conservatives shortly after he was elected in the Vancouver Kingsway riding. He is not running in the 2008 race.

Blair Wilson was also elected as a Liberal but then quit to become an Independent last year and shortly before the election call, chose to sit as Canada's first federal Green MP.

The Conservatives hold 18 seats in B.C. and the NDP have 10.

Damn IT!

It's seems like Conservatives are on the way,come on Liberals!Come on!

A Liberal Party supporter,in Calgary Southwest Parliament seat..

....is like when you're in Malaysia,you're PKR supporter in Kepala Batas,Pak Lah Parliament seat.As a supporter of Liberal Party,and Stephane Dion,which literally didn't get much support in Sasketchewan and Alberta province,well,Calgary is headquarters of Conservative Party.

As Parliament dissolved today,Conservatives campaign army come and march at my particular area.Stephen Harper is a prominent figure here.I don't think Stephen Harper can lose here.

My major focus is at Ontario and British Columbia area,and damn it the chart goes to Stephen Harper now.

On dissolution day:


Fighting inside the toughest place that Liberal could fight,will not entirely demoralized me.But I will ensure that at least Liberalians like me won't be shame this October 19th.

"Bring down the government,they don't speak for us!"