Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolution.

My resolution in 2009 is to be a better daughter of Sulaiman bin Daud,a better sister of Shahril Iman,a better sister in law-elect of Citra Sasmi Hardina,a better best buddy of Sue,Mary Edwards Shane,Adryan and Nami,a better student of University of Calgary,a better Canadian,and a better homo-sapiens.

I also will upkeep my endurance for my Girl Power and Enpowerment Movement,uphold my struggle for women's emancipation,to be more moderate,to open my mind wider,and to be closer to society.

I also continue my criticism towards extremism,either race,religion,skin's color or sexual orientation.I believe all human are equals,and I believe everyone has rights to express their minds.I will always against people who loves to divide human being.

I believe ability is the best for measuring humans,not because it's religion,race or skin color,and I believe we're deserves to live and free.

I will continue my study,better and strive harder,to achieve my own destiny.I also will help Liberal Party,led by new leader Michael Ignatieff and although it's hard,I'll be stand for my beloved red party.

I will also determine to cut my carbon usage,by trying to use green technologies to keep this Earth clean.I also try my best to reduce electricity waste,and I will try to walk and using C-Train to arrive to my university.I will also try to reduce eating red meat,and prefers soy beans and vegetables.

I determined to declare war against global warming.

I will also will be the best Celtic fan,if not in the world,in Calgary Canada.I will be with Gordie Strachan and we will win the league.

"To be a better person takes courage and determination.To be an idiot,just let yourself to be Paris Hilton."

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Story of Two Loud Roosters/Kisah Dua Ekor Ayam Memekak.

Once upon a time,in a rural Alberta area of Wild Rose,in near small town called "Harperpoo-ville",there's two roosters,compete each other,which is the loudest.The winner of this competition will have the mating rights to all chicks in the farm.

So,the first rooster shouts it out loud,"Kook kook kook koooooooooookkk!",then another rooster counters the first,"Kook kook kook kooooooookkkk!",then the first still want to proof that he's the best,he shouts "Kook kook kook kooooooooooookk!",and so goes the second rooster.They're shouting outloud until both of them until a cockfight happens.

By the time they fight each other,it was so loud that the farmer wake up.Since that farmer was so pissed off with both rooster,he slaughters both and cook it for lunch at that day.

So,I think both PAS and UMNO please,shut the hell up!Both of you are lousy,self-centered,and just using your party members for your own.Before bigger power(America probably,who always observes Islamic party very closely) slaughters both of you like they did in Afghanistan,stop fighting and start uniting each other.



Kisah Dua Ekor Ayam Memekak.

Pada satu hari,di pinggir bandar Harperpoo-ville di Wild Rose,Alberta,terdapat dua ekor ayam jantan yang mahu bertanding siapa mempunyai suara yang paling kuat.Pemenang akan mempunyai hak untuk mengawan dengan semua ayam betina di dalam ladang tersebut.

Jadi tibalah giliran ayam jantan pertama berkokok,"Kook kook kook kooooookkk!",ayam kedua tidak berpuas hati lalu mencabar ayam pertama "Kook kook kook kooooooookkk!",ayam pertama panas hati lalu mencabar ayam kedua "kook kook kook koooooookkk!!",ayam kedua terus mahu menambah kemarahan ayam pertama dengan meninggikan suara mereka,sehingga tercetus pergaduhan antara kedua-dua ayam tersebut.

Bila mereka memekak terlalu kuat,peladang bangun dan bengang kerana ayam-ayam dia memekak,lalu menangkap kedua-dua ekor ayam tu dan disembelih,dan dibuat lauk pada makan tengah hari.

Jadi kesimpulannya,PAS dengan UMNO,dua-dua memekak je.Dua-dua mengarut,pentingkan diri sendiri,dan gunakan ahli parti untuk kepentingan diri.Sebelum kuasa besar(Amerika tengah sibuk perhati parti-parti Islam ni) sembelih kamu berdua,lebih baik kamu bersatu daripada sibuk memekak.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best and Worst 5 in Year 2008.

5 Best Moments.

1.Barack Obama wins US Presidential Election,and Democrat wins both House of Representatives and Senate,ousted Republican and Conservatives.
2.Muntadhar al Zaidi shoeing George W Bush.
3.Gas prices going down to US$35 after US$140 in June.
4.Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat defeats Barisan Nasional ego in Malaysian election 2008.
5.Boston Celtics wins NBA Championship after the last time in 1986.

5 Worst Moments.

1.Stephen Harper wins Canadian General Election.
2.Beijing 2008 Olympics is in hypocrasy--Olympic is for peace,but Chinese government keep killing Tibetans near Lhasa.
3.Anwar lied to Malaysians-no government changes after 16th September.
4.Celtic FC didn't qualify for next round of Champions League.
5.Travis Barker plane crash in California.

5 Best Songs.

1.Pork And Beans(Weezer)
2.Viva La Vida(Coldplay)
3.Lucky(Jason Mraz)
4.Next Plane Home(Daniel Powter)
5.Love Song(Sara Bareilles)

5 Greatest Sport Teams.

1.Manchester United FC-Win English Premier League,Champions League and FIFA World Club Cup.(unique treble)
2.Boston Celtics-win NBA Championship defeating LA Lakers.
3.Philadelphia Phillies-win 2008 World Series
4.Spain national team-win Euro 2008 after the last time-1968.
5.Detroit Red Wings-win Stanley Cup 2008.

5 Greatest Sport Person.

1.Cristiano Ronaldo-BPL Player of the Year,Balloon D'Or,World Player of the Year,Golden Boot,Golden Ball,Premier League,Champions League,FIFA World Club Cup.
2.Usain Bolt-bidding for world record 9.69 seconds for 100m.
3.Paul Pierce-Boston Celtics captain.
4.Michael Phelps-swimming champion.
5.Chris Hoy-British cyclist champion.

5 Best Politicians.

1.Barack Obama
2.Hillary Clinton
3.Michael Ignatieff
4.Desmond Tutu
5.Anwar Ibrahim

5 Worst Politicians.

1.Robert Mugabe
2.Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
3.George W Bush
4.Stephen Harper
5.Sarah Palin

5 Worst Situation.

1.Global Warming.
2.Economic crisis
3.Listeriosis disease in Ontario and Saskatchewan.
4.Russian attacks Georgia.
5.Mumbai attacks.

5 Best Movies

1.The Dark Knight
2.Star Wars:The Clone Wars
4.Forbidden Kingdom

Meanwhile,goodbye 2008!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mary Shane's Craziest Project.

Click for bigger picture.

She bought her new Jeep Patriot for Christmas,and now she plans to drive from Calgary,to West Coast of Vancouver,then going to Edmonton,head straight to London to meet Aril,and going to East to Halifax,then drive back to Calgary.

She will finish her tour in 3 weeks.(hopefully..)

Of course,typical Liverpool fan will never walk alone.She will drive that Liberty with another Liverpool freak,Adryan.

Citra and me laughs it out loud when both decided to do this.

First thing when she got this in her mind,and shout it out loud,my mind says,"you got to be kidding..."

Well,I'm prefer to sit home in this -11 degrees.

Bon Voyage Mary!


7,011 miles=11,283 kilometre.(shaking my head and I don't know how many times I did that).

p/s:If both of you can't survive on this project,I suggest both of you to drive to the closest cargo airport that you can,and pack your car home to Calgary.Haha!

Jeep Patriot II Liberty.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hudud:The Ego Has Landed.

I'm log on to internet today,first thing after no one reply my entry at FOB about moon hoax,I suggest people are not interested in conspiracy theory of US propaganda.Or maybe they're interest only in politics.Okay,politics it will be.

And after reading some news and article in Malaysia(where I was born),most of news and articles were mentioning about Khairy-Husam debate at Kelantan,and one of the issues that touched my mind is about Hudud law.According from Husam Musa,PAS will implement hudud law as soon as they will establish the government.

And now,they are trying to proof Pakatan supporters that they are the most powerful party in Pakatan,and all Pakatan members should accept Hudud law as "the law of Malaysia".

How about PKR and DAP supporters?Is that all of them don't have words or anything to decide?

And our polemic is just begin,right here,right now.

According from the last general election,Pakatan Rakyat seats is 82,which is PKR 31 seats,DAP 28 seats,and PAS 23 seats.If let's say 24 members of Sabah REALLY cross the floor to Pakatan,which not happening on September 16th,I don't think all of them will move to PAS(because most of them were Kadazanist,so I think they prefer PKR over PAS).And it goes PKR 55,DAP 28 and PAS 23.If Sarawak elections goes smoothly for Pakatan,DAP will received some MP from Chinese areas such as Miri and Bintulu,and Sibu.

And tell me,is that PAS--the superior party now?

And how can these "pak lebai" become so arrogant to determine what is right for all Malaysians-I MEAN ALL MALAYSIANS,NOT ONLY MALAYS!

And I've read one of PAS bloggers,which telling me about "issue of hudud making PAS even stronger for Kuala Terengganu"(article)

If we discussing about Kuala Terengganu by-election,uh well,yup,PAS can win that election.But if we talking the dimension of whole Malaysia,haha,it's a joke pak lebai.

According to all Muslim I heard this,we have to do hudud because it's Islamic law.What if Ah Keong or Rajeshwari will do?How about my friend Sherene Leong who loves Yoga,will she will be banned too?How about my friend Eric Chuah,he loves to bet about football,will he be banned too?

To all PAS supporter here,can all of you see that your leaders are freaking hypocrite?Your leader are not interested in Islam,your leader are interested to gain more power,more money,and people will listen to them.Those who against them will be declared as "kafir",and these people will be hunt and to the extreme,kill.I'm not saying that PAS will reach that extreme,but this is a dangerous mind for all of us to live together as one.In Canada,here at my place,Calgary,lies the biggest mosque in Canada,and in walking distance,we got Jewish synogue in Christian conservative city.We have no problem when we talking about religion.Yes I know there's a difference between us(Muslim) and them(non-Muslim),but here,Christians does not implement Christian laws to us.In Canada,there's no such thing Christian laws,Jewish laws,or Islamic laws,we got Canadian laws.

Secularism is the key of our sucsess here.Here,we don't discuss our difference much,we don't even hurt each other by telling which religion is better for humanity.

As quoted from this PAS blogger,"Yakinlah bahawa mereka yang cuba mempermainkan-mainkan perintah Allah akan menghadapi akibat yang buruk. PAS harus bersyukur dengan kemunculan isu ini menjelang pilihanraya di Terengganu kerana dengan perbicangan meluas akan jelaslah kepada pengundi siapa yang berusaha membela mereka dengan kebaikan dan siapa pula yang sebenarnya mempermain-mainkan agama untuk kepentingan politik sempit."(English:Be sure that those who fooled Allah's word will received bad omen.PAS should grateful for this issue when election in Terengganu because this discussion will broad up,and to the voters which party is really with them with goodness,and which party were actually fooling the religion for their own narrow politics.

Deux ex machina?People who against you will receive bad deeds?

See,they're only interested to gain power,but using religion as weapon to attack Barisan Nasional.Well,UMNO will always using Malay supremacy excuse to reign power,and PAS will always using their Islamic law as excuse for power.Like my friend Nami always enlighten me about situation in Kedah,"if they care about Islam,they won't approve pig farm in Kedah at the first place".

And now this pak lebai got their big head with big egoes inside.They don't care whether non-Muslim will accept it or not.They don't care,for as long they got power to rule,they just don't care.

Let me repeat once again,secularism is the key of unity and sucsess.Secularism,and meritocracy,where people has not judged based on their race,color or religion,or sexual orientation,not based on their gender or aristocracy,but judged by ability and knowledge.

And how about my friend like Shaiful,who enjoys to talk about fashion.Can he talk much about fashion when these pak lebai rule Malaysia?Can he discuss about which boutique is better,or he only can where which he should wear,either kopiah or songkok?

My friend Hafiz asking me,what is Ezreenology?Why I put my name on my own ideology?Because like Trotsky,Mao,Karl Marx,Stalin,or Lenin,they got their own ideology based on their own name.So,Ezreenology is basicly left-libertarian,a pinch of egalitarian with green politics combined.

And honestly,I'm concerning about global warming rather than lots of my friends told me about oppression towards Muslim worldwide.Hey,I survive at one of the most conservative Christian city in Northern America,but I don't feel being oppressed at all.

So,Kuala Terengganu,vote Maimun Yusuf!Either elite oppressor(BN) or faking religious (PAS),both of them will eat all of you alive!

p/s:proof that PAS member only thirst for power!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flower in My Hair.

Green-Eire(Ireland),Yellow-Kernow(Cromwall),Blue-Alba(Scotland),Gold-Ellan Vannin(Isles of Man),Red-Cymru(Wales),Black-Breizh(Brittany)

It's a great article from my friend Nami in FOB,about English and their hegemony to control the world with their languages.While Nami are focusing on Science and Maths in English,a polemic in his country Malaysia about the importance to learn both subjects in their own mother tongue.

But here I'm focus to my topics to revolt from English supremacy from it's own isle-British Isles.And most of times we've been told by English propaganda,that the whole British Isles is owned by Queen of England,and Scotland,Wales,Isles of Man,Cromwall, and Northern Ireland were part of Britain.

Let me correct this to all of you.Scotland,Wales,Isles of Man,Cromwall and Ireland are not states that forms United Kingdom,they are countries.

Since only Irish rebellions fought war with English,that's why only Irish got full independence from United Kingdom,partly,while the Northern part rather to surrender to English supremacy at London.

Celtic countries were Scotland(Alba),Ireland(Eire),Wales(Cymru),Isles of Man(Ellan Vannin),Cromwall(Kernow),and Brittany(Breizh).Except Brittany which in France,the rest of Celtic countries were at British Isles,and except 85% of Ireland,the rest of Celtic countries are under English supremacy,ruled by London administration,led by Queen of England.

Sandi Thom is a Scottish singer,which most of her songs demands for Scottish independence or unification of Celtic countries.And I noticed that song recently sang by Celtic Ghirls(Celtic women fans),and that song was famous in year 2006,which whole Celtic countries put that song #1 on the chart.An Aberdeen native,but grew as Celtic FC and Liverpool FC fan(due to her record singing You'll Never Walk Alone at both Celtic Park and Anfield),Sandi Thom are associates with Scottish National Party.

Sandi Thom

And just like Sandi Thom,let Celtic countries free!I declare myself to against and resist the existence of United Kingdom,and English supremacy in our land.Spirits of Michael Collins who fought for Ireland against England.

Michael Collins

With Scottish nowadays votes for SNP in election,it's clear that Scotland will free in near future.And then Celtic countries will free once again,from Anglo-Saxon and England.

If Nami demands English to be kick out from Science and Maths in his country,I demand English to be kick out from our land!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Top 10 George W Bush Stupidity.

30 days left for him to be President.After being threw by shoe,I guess all of you thirst for more.Hilarious Bush!

Well,love or hate him,we will going to miss him.Haha!

p/s:the only president who choked when eating pretzel.dumbo!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kuala Terengganu Election:If I'm a voter of Kuala Terengganu,I will vote...

Maimun Yusof,89 years old,was an independent candidate of Kuala Terengganu election last March.The by-election in Kuala Terengganu will held in January 2009,after KT MP,Razali Ismail died in heart attack last November.

So,both sides,Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat has now start to open new battlefield political wars,and Barisan Nasional are seeking revenge after shameful performance in General Election 2008,and severe lost at Permatang Pauh.

Kuala Terengganu is an open battlefield for both sides.Permatang Pauh was one-sided,and Pakatan Rakyat candidate on that election,is indeed,the general of Pakatan Rakyat,a field marshall.

Now,Barisan Nasional got open chance to proof that "the empire strikes back".

But I always hate dictatorship.If BN wins Kuala Terengganu election,it will be a moral boost for them,after BN's general Abdullah Ahmad Badawi seems weak to handle the situation.Najib tun Razak will be a dictator,but unlike Mahathir,he is not smart as Malaysian 4th Prime Minister.

Well,I personally will glad to see Pakatan Rakyat reign in power.But seems the candidate of Kuala Terengganu by election will be represented by PAS,plus,the candidate will be Muhammad Sabu,I withdraw my support to them.

I will support any pragmatic and genius leader to lead.Anwar Ibrahim is one genetic breed of genius leadership,so does Mahathir.That's why Malaysia enjoyed 8-10 percent of economic growth from 1992-1997.That's why Malaysian are confident to achieve Vision 2020,which already Mahathir "pessimisticly" view it-will fail.

If Pakatan Rakyat candidate for Kuala Terengganu is from PKR,I will support Pakatan Rakyat at the first place.But since it's from PAS,well,I can consider if it's Husam Musa or Dr Lo Lo,but Muhammad Sabu?

I rather see 89 years old grandmom,around the town with her bicycle,rather than this typical "pakcik pakai kopiah suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah".

She might be lost in this election.At least she is honest with what she promised to Kuala Terengganu,although she won't be able to do all of her task as MP.

I will vote DAP,I will vote PKR,but I won't vote PAS.I don't like the idea of religion being used in politics.Religion is sacred,and politics is dirty,too dirty for religion to be dragged.

I love my religion.I just don't want it to be used by those hypocrite people.

Girl Power Maimun Yusof!

Monday, December 8, 2008

And hail to the thief..but I'm not..!

Before I wrote this entry even further,let's watch a video from Radiohead,2+2=5.And I'll put the lyrics so all of you can sing along.


are you such a dreamer
to put the world to rights
i'll stay home forever
where two and two always makes a five

i'll lay down the tracks
sandbag and hide
january has april showers
and two and two always makes a five

it's the devil's way now
there is no way out
you can scream and you can shout
it is too late now

because you're not there
payin' attention (4x)
yeah i feel it, i needed attention
payin' attention(3x)
yeah i need it, i needed attention
i needed attention (3x)
yeah i love it, the attention
payin' attention(3x)
soon oh

i try to sing along
but the music's all wrong
cos i'm not(2x)
i'll swallow up flies ?
back and hide
but i'm not(2x)
oh hail to the thief(2x)
but i'm not(4x)

don't question my authority or put me in the box
cos i'm not(2x)
oh go up to the king, and the sky is falling in
but its not(2x)
maybe not

maybe not.

OK,now I start to write.Maybe my voice sounds so pain in the neck,pain in the butt,whatever,but I trying to draw one conclusion after serial of debates with my Mujahidin friends.

Friends,Muslim and Jew,Christian or Buddhist,Hindu and atheist.
We humanity are facing the biggest destruction on Earth yet still we can't figure out our differences.

Global warming is real.

And some of my Mujahidin friends rather to argue about me about their Khilafah rather than what we suppose to fight for,climate change.

Yesterday a chill bone wind has strucked my house,-14 Celcius degrees,the coldest since I moved to Calgary.As a matter of fact,I already told all of you about my concern of Greenland ice would dissapear completely by 2045.And you know what it means?

1/10 of fresh waters of the world came from Greenland.If it's melts,North America will be colder,perhaps can reach -40 Celcius degrees,which is inhabitable for whole Canada and North America.Sea rises and cities like New York,Boston,London,Lisbon and Lagos will completely dissapear.Warmer in Equator,and almost 2.5 billion people are at stake.

And my Mujahidin friends are concerning about their Muslim ruling the world,more than our Mother Nature raging now?

Japan will completely dissapear in 2045,so does California and Peru.Are we concern about all of this.And hail to the thief,people who sold weapons and destruct the earth.

Why?Almost everyday Hamas launches rockets to Israeli territory,and Zionist blow up Gaza.Everyday US forces blow up caves at Helmund and Kandahar provinces in Afghanistan.And each and everyday,terrorist led by Taliban and Al-Qaeda blow up villages at Afghanistan.

What's a problem with all of you?

Is that power that we concern more,rather than our own planet Earth?

Or perhaps all of us,reacted like a cows,against the pigs at 2+2=5 video?

Watch,learn,and think.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girl Power!

Women,represents by half of mankind population,is always been ignored and snubbed by egoistic men.In our history,we became sex-slave,prostitute,been murdered,and most of relationship,been fooled by crooked men.I do not tell everyone that I hate men,but most of the time,that we,daughters of Eve,is always be the victims by ego and crooked men.

There's a speech about men and their "nature born to lead",which definitely I deny these speech.They was saying,"only men can lead,and women only breed",and thinking us as a baby machine,and we shall not accept that only men deserves to lead.

I called these men:ego-centric,selfish and ignorant,about the true power of women.Women gave birth to all people on this Earth,and mothers gave birth to all of us.And I knew,without men there's no such thing as babies,because they provides chromosome and we provide eggs,to gave birth.I'm going biological words today,but these ignorant men,always forget that women also has a right to think,and to say.

Today,we celebrate our marvelous women,from Rosa Parks,to Hillary Rodham Clinton.From Queen Elizabeth to Joan of Arc,from Margrethe Thatcher to Angela Merkel,and from Queen Isabella of Spain to Condoleeza Rice,we are not weak.We are stronger than men.Because we gave birth to them,and we demand them to respect us!

Perhaps those muftis and ulamak that proclaims that women can't lead,perhaps they should think this.What if women say no to them to drink our milk?What if women say no to gave birth to them?

In Canada,women only can vote since 1916 when Manitoba allows us to vote.1916?Canada independence is 1867.

I believe in my ability,not because I'm women,or whatever race or religion.I work hard for my ability,and no one,not even mufti or those mullahs can stop me.And today I shout out loud,GIRL POWER!BECAUSE WE ARE STRONGER THAN MEN.

And all of you men,instead of ego,they should improves themselves,to be a better men.

"There's no such thing as best man wins anymore nowadays,it's best person,wins!"-Hillary Clinton on her speech against Obama.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat,put these NDP-Liberal-Bloc Quebecois as good example!

Today,a history were made for Canadians.NDP leader Jack Layton,Liberals Stephane Dion and Bloc Quebecois Gilles Duceppe today sign a treaty that create a pact to form government,against Conservatives Party.The Tories are already weakening,and this non-confidence vote will be successful in December 8th,all we have to do is to wait Governor General Michelle Jean to arrive from Prague.

Despite our ideological differences,NDP with socialism,Liberals with liberal and green politics,and Bloc Quebecois as Quebec nationalism separatist,we still can form great team here.

And Pakatan Rakyat should take us as a good example too.

16 September already a failure,and now,we Canadian oppositions did it in just 2 months,whilst Pakatan Rakyat still do nothing after 9 months of election.

Action speaks louder than words.And I know,maybe after all these time,my harsh words toward PAS,in for ensure that they're committed to against BN,not for their own agenda.

I know there will be by-election in Kuala Terengganu,and this is the time for Pakatan Rakyat,especially PAS to change my mind.I want to hear a sound of moderation,sound of sharing and not shouting in the name of Islam,and dismiss multilateral.

Multilateralism is the only way now,for success.If ignores other voices,you may fail,like Bush and Harper does.

Islam is a good religion,so does others.Instead sounds unilateral,fighting only for Islam,why don't you PAS people fight for others too?Because so far,I've been thinking,it's only PKR who's committed in this battle,against corrupted conservative government of Barisan Nasional.

Monday, December 1, 2008

One More Step for Liberals--it's either Dion or Ignatieff.

Canada's three opposition parties have reached a tentative deal to defeat the minority Conservative government and then put together a coalition to rule for 2-1/2 years, television networks said on Monday.

They said the deal was struck very late on Sunday at the end of three days of talks between the opposition Liberals and New Democrats, who insist the government must go because it has failed to tackle the effects of the global financial crisis.

A spokesman for the New Democrats said the reports "seemed to be accurate, more or less" but declined to give details.

Parliament is due to hold a confidence vote on Dec 8 and if the government loses, the opposition parties are likely to get their chance to run the country.

The 2-1/2 year lifetime of the proposed coalition is highly ambitious since the Liberals and New Democrats would have to rely on the separatist Bloc Quebecois for support.

The Conservatives, who won a strengthened minority in the October 14 election, say the Liberals and New Democrats are trying to subvert democracy.

"What this is all about is the opposition wanting to take power without an election. They don't want to earn the right to govern, they just want to take it," federal Transport Minister John Baird told CTV television on Monday.

The Liberals and New Democrats have a total of 114 seats in the 308-seat Parliament. The Conservatives have 143.

The opposition is also furious that Ottawa said last week it would scrap public financing for political parties.

Such a move would cripple the opposition parties, which rely much more on public financing than the Conservatives. The government withdrew the proposal on Saturday but the opposition say they can no longer trust Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The outline deal must be approved by the New Democrats and Liberals before it can come into effect. New Democrat legislators are set to meet in Ottawa at 9 a.m. (1400 GMT) on Monday to discuss the draft agreement.

The media reports said the new government would have 24 ministers, of whom 18 would be Liberals and six New Democrats. The Liberals have governed Canada longer than any other party while the New Democrats have never been in power federally.


One potential sticking point is who would lead a coalition government. The Liberals have more Parliamentary seats, so leader Stephane Dion would in theory be the leading candidate.

Dion, though, led the Liberals to such a bad defeat in the October 14 election that he will step down after the party chooses a new chief next May. A move to make him prime minister so soon after such a crushing loss is bound to be controversial.

Most Liberal legislators support ex-Harvard academic Michael Ignatieff, the front-runner in the leadership race, raising the prospect that they might try to force Dion to step down early. Under party rules Dion is not obliged to quit until the leadership convention.

Bob Rae, the other main leadership contender, said he had held talks with Dion and Ignatieff on Sunday on the need to maintain party unity and discipline.

"It's very important for Canadians to know that the notion that somehow any internal issues in the party would be allowed to interfere with a successful transition to a new government, that notion is false," he told CTV.

He denied a newspaper report which said he had agreed to step aside in favor of Ignatieff.


I don't think Stephane Dion will be PM by now,maybe it's Michael Ignatieff.Maybe Dion will be Acting Prime Minister waiting for Ignatieff to be Liberal Party leader.

December 8th,2008.The day Stephen Harper will go down(hopefully).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

LATEST NEWS:Stephen Harper is under threat of no confidence vote.

News from The Canadian Press.

The battle for public opinion is on as opposition parties try to cobble together a government-in-waiting and Tory MPs denounce the effort as an illegitimate power grab.

Reprieved for a week from a potential defeat in the Commons, Tory MPs hit the airwaves on Saturday and fanned out in their ridings, armed with talking points issued by the prime minister's office.

They are getting out the double message that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is dedicated to rescuing the economy while the opposition is bent on backroom machinations to seize power.

Pierre Poilievre, Harper's parliamentary secretary, told CBC Newsworld the opposition parties are focused on power while Harper is looking at the economy.

"We have a prime minister fixated on the economy and a group of Liberals, separatists and socialists fixated on taking control." he said.

Liberal and NDP officials continued dickering Saturday about a possible coalition that would be prepared to form a government if Harper is defeated a week from Monday.

The NDP caucus arranged a mid-morning teleconference on Saturday to discuss the situation.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and NDP Leader Jack Layton spoke by phone Friday night.

They and the Bloc Quebecois say they will vote Harper out because of his lacklustre economic package brought down earlier this week by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

They would then offer their coalition government - and a promise of Bloc support if not actual participation - to Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean.

Jean would then have to decide whether to give the coalition a chance to govern or dissolve Parliament and send the country into a new election just two months after the last.

Constitutional experts say precedents suggest that Jean won't grant a dissolution.

Harper has delayed the critical vote for a week, but is refusing to back down from his economic plans or from his proposal to end public subsidies for political parties, a move which would virtually bankrupt his opponents.

Poilievre said the opposition is thinking only of its own money.

"Isn't it interesting that the opposition parties say they can't manage their own finances and that's why they need to take over the government and run the nation's finances?"

However, both Liberal and NDP officials claimed their parties have been deluged with supportive calls and e-mails from people outraged that the government is indulging in partisan gamesmanship while the economy burns.

Moreover, they attacked Harper for decrying their efforts to form a coalition when he himself participated in a similar venture in 2004 to replace the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin.

"He has proven to be the patron saint of hypocrisy," Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said in an interview.

"Canadians can't trust a word their prime minister says. He's proven he will say anything and do anything to hold on to power."

Brison said Harper should have used the global economic crisis to try to unite Canadians and get parliamentarians working together on solutions. Instead, he said Harper has so poisoned the atmosphere in Parliament that it's hard to see how a crisis can be averted.

"I see virtually no possibility of Stephen Harper being able to earn back the trust of this Parliament."

Both Brison and NDP House Leader Libby Davies denied that the coalition talks were more about saving their parties' share of public financing. They insisted the real issue is the failure to stimulate the economy or offer aid to the struggling auto, manufacturing and forestry sectors.

"The government failed Canadians," Davies said. "They did not bring forth the kind of significant economic stimulus that we've seen in all other G7 countries."

She said the country is at a critical point:

"We're at this incredibly important moment in the country. Mr. Harper had a chance last week, Mr. Flaherty had a chance on Thursday to really show that they could rise above their pettiness and put the public interest first.

"They really blew that."


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!The Conservatives is going down!HAHAHAHAHAHA!2 months old of government HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Yeah,after I return back to Calgary from Mexico,I'll throw eggs to those Conservative nuts who threw to my car on Election Day!I swear I will do this.Yes.

Stephen Harper are you listening,
Keep our seats shine and glistering,
Coz when you're idiot as people's say,
And we will take it away,
Walking in Rideau Hall wonderland!

Friday, November 28, 2008

BOMBay Mumbai..Day 2

Day 2 of terrorist attack at Mumbai(known as Bombay before,now it's BOMBay),so far National Security Guard(NSG) are successfully releasing hostages from Oberoi and Trident Hotel,while Taj Hotel still under battle.The Jewish temple in Mumbai are also been attacked by terrorist,Mujahideen Deccan.

150 people is killed so far on this attack so far,mostly innocent people.

So,all of you,are you still want to argue me that fanaticism sucks?Can all of you gurranty these terrorist is doing jihad,and promised heaven for them?I don't think so.

Hamas,Mujahidin Deccan,Al-Qaeda and Taliban,is responsible bringing these war against terrorism to surface of Islam.

While in this bloggosphere,there's one guy who want to be "internet terrorist" by attacking my blog,with sarcastic remarks.

Fanaticism is an ideology that will destruct all of us.Believe me,people like these terrorist,are just as equal as PAS people in Malaysia.

150 innocent people died for 2 days.Are you ready for backlash?Oh yeah,there will be blood for Islamic innocent people soon.Believe me it will.While Kashmir mountains with never ending war,who's going to be blame?I call these mullahs are responsible on this terrific event.

These orthodox are even worst than conservatives.Time changes,so do mindset and thoughts.But these people are refused to do so.These people,like PAS people,are refused to change their attitude.And for those who believed by voting PAS can gurranty you heaven,open back your Quran and read,understands it.

Even yoga can be banned.Killing people is jihad.What the hell?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai bombed by mullahs.

I told you,fanaticism is ruining everything.These people,terrorist,not only using religion for their own agenda,and they're put Islam name,bad.

How many I have told you guys,stop this nonsense.Now Mumbai,next?

Mumbai is one of example why extremist like PAS should stop use the name of religion for politics.You'll become an extremist.

Now,stop this circle of violence,and start to live as one-mankind.

Nonsense approach.

p/s:hahaha,idiot people like you,misuse internet so badly.Did you know Internet are invented to connecting each other?Internet don't recognize you're Muslim or Judaism or Christian or atheist.

Your moronic attitude only annoying mosquito sounds bugging on my ear,only idiot people will wrote comments like that.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagged from Sue

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
-Phineas and Ferb
2. What were you doing at 0800?
- in the classroom.
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- online.
4. What happened to you in 2006?
- I met Alkaline Trio live.
5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
- Fuck Aalborg!
6. How many beverages did you have today?
- I drink OJ,once.
7. What color is your hairbrush?
- red
8.What was the last thing you paid for?
- coke
9. Where were you last night?
- on my bed :)
10. What color is your front door?
- stupid ugly orange.
11. Where do you keep your change?
- In my small purse.
12. What's the weather like today?
- -8 degrees snowy windy day.
13. What's the best ice-cream flavor?
- Chocolate+mint.
14. What excites you?
- Ice hockey?
15. Do you want to cut your hair?
- Did that.
16. Are you over the age of 25?
- 3 years from now.
17. Do you talk a lot?
- They said I'm sound like freaking robot that talks.
18. Do you watch the O.C.?
- Nope.
19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
- Steven Gates,my lecturer.
20. Do you make up your own words?
- Ezreenology,Ezreenistic,Ezreenism,Ezreenistas.
21. Are you a jealous person?
- nope
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
- Ashley McArthur
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
- Datuk K?Hmm..and my best friend is Sue.
24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
- Ashley McArthur.
25. What does the last text message you received say?
-"Celtic lost,haha!Wish Liverpool good luck.You'll never walk alone"-Torresimo Adryan.
26. Do you chew on your straw?
- I did that,sometimes.
27. Do you have curly hair?
- nope.
28. Where's the next place you're going to?
- puchong
29. Who's the rudest person in your life?
- shahril iman sulaiman.
30. What was the last thing you ate?
- tuna sandwich.
31. Will you get married in the future?
- InsyaALLAH
32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
-big fish.
33. Is there anyone you like right now?
-His name is Thomas Edward Yorke.
34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
- 2 hours ago.
35. Are you currently depressed?
- Yup.
36. Did you cry today?
- Yup,Celtic lost. :(
37. Why did you answer and post this?
- Tag tag tag!
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
- nami-o-fish,nyzm cendol,razor,matarakyat,asrulita

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yoga Banned,Give Me A Break!

My dearest friend in Malaysia,

Your country now has been observed as the biggest joke,people of the world,far and wide are now giggles when discuss about Malaysia,and now,ladies and gentleman,Yoga has been banned!

You see guys,those mufti-mufti who creates fatwa,is not really,"religious".WHY?

They want people to listen to them,so they can control people's mind like psychic beacon,with their fatwa and statement.

I tell you frank,I do yoga.But I never do such a Hindu things.I don't even naked while doing yoga.

You see,when Europeans in Dark Ages,they've been controlled by these medieval churches,and if people didn't follow the churches,Bishops or Arch-Bishops have a power to give eternal condemnation to them.You can buy forgiveness for your sin,and definitely,Pope is a God on Earth.Whatever against Pope,you against God.

Until Martin Luther,a German theologist starts Protestan Reformation,then progress in Europe began.And French Revolution shows that people don't need king to establish the country,so does Martin Luther did,people don't need nonsense in religion.

Perhaps all of you people digest those words without even think it's real or not.Most people afraid to be condemned.Ah,so what,if you afraid to sin,are you holy enough as a human?

I support secularism.And in Turkey,I support secularism movement.Secular means politic should not be mixed with religion.You see,in this world of corruptness and dirty,you can't mix it with divine gift from God-religion.

And we need to split religion and politics to ensure that religion won't be abused.Secularism protect religion to being used by these mullah,or fatwa makers,or mufti,whatever.

Why Islam right now facing the Dark Ages?Because these mufti are acting like Bishops and Arch Bishops during European Dark Ages.Ahh,stop dreaming about Islamic glory that end ages ago.To start the new one,all of Muslim must stop dreaming of our previous glory ago.We must do like what Martin Luther do,to liberate our mind from these hideous and power hunger of these people,and using religion as their weapon.

Oh ya,all of these freaking mufti,why don't you ban Malay wedding "bersanding"?It's a Hindu thing too,freak!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged by Nizam

1.The last movie you've watched:

2.The last food you eat:
-Potato bread.

3.The first words you've said when you wake up today.

4.The last song you've heard at your I-Pod/MP3/PC/MTV.
-Let the People Sing-Celtic FC

5.The first website you've logged on:

6.The last place you've spent your money:
-Walmart,for groceries.

7.The last drink for today,so far?

8.The last words you've said,just now?
-When Candace will bring Phineas and Ferb busted?

9.The first thing you've done after wake up?
-Betulkan bantal.

10.The first blog I've comment today?

Vladimir Palputin?

Russian Parliament Duma today has approved presidential terms in Russia from 2 terms(1 term-4 years) into 3 terms.Before this,the Presidential Limitation Act has protect Russia from fall into dictatorism based on Stalin leadership.After Cold War ended,Russia supposed to be democratic country,instead Vladimir Putin,ex-President,now Prime Minister has rules Russian with his iron fist.

He seems like Palpatine in Star Wars character,did I told you that earlier?

With Barack Obama will be the next US President this January,Putin has been seen by some Russian as a leader that bring Russian glory back when it was Soviet Union.

Can Obama deal with this Palputin?Would it Russia finally underlines United States under passive Barack Obama?

We shall see this.Another Cold War in making.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Freedom of Speech,Guys!

After surgery operation for my ankle injury,there was Internet wars and circle of friends,has turned--circle of violence.Well,in the terms of cyber violation law-cyber bullying.

My friend Nami has been attacked by his own peers at Manchester United Myspace group,after he called Dimitar Berbatov as Dimitar Beratbontotov (literally:Dimitar Heavy Ass-tov).

His disappointment towards Berbatov as Man United fan,which the club that he loves since kid,was unbearable.Especially after his favorite Man United player,Carlos Tevez,has not become the first team since arrival of Dimitar Berbatov.He often describes Dimitar Berbatov as the culprit of Man United under performance on striker section.Despite his 4 goals in Champions League--2 of the goals were totally offside(game against Celtic),he is still,for Nami,is not Manchester United material.

The peak goes high after Manchester United lost against Arsenal last week.Yes,as childhood favorite team,this result was disappoint him.Without Tevez on the pitch,his angst towards Berbatov even higher,and in the end,he wrote a blog that hurts entire Manchester United fan.In the end,after been attacked by Man United's fan,he decided to delete his old Myspace,and change his favorite team-Liverpool FC.

Well known rivalry of both teams,I know one thing-he is upset with reactions toward him.Not because hatred toward his blog,but toward himself.

I think,both sides were childish at this situation.Fight against friends because of football club,eeww..that's not matured,at all.

I am a Celtic fan,and I got reason of that.And let me remind myself--sometimes people are taking seriously about the game that they love--in this case,football.

Opinion hurts.A lot.Sometimes I can't accept what people say or think of me,it's freaks me out,but at the end of the day,I sit back,and thinking what did I done that make other hurts.The angst outburst at Myspacespere nowadays,and if I were Nami,I think I won't delete my account.

Freedom of speech oftenly being remark as hurting other feelings.Sometimes freedom of speech makes others uses freedom of speech to generate hatred and anger.

Look,I believe in capitalism,small government and Reaganomics,although I'm often politically liberal.I believe freedom was meant to be inside mankind,and law--either from the government or religion(authority) restricting it.If Islam don't have any law,Arabs will end up killing babies and they will drink alcohol like water.

I always be liberal,but in economics,I believe in supply-side economy and cutting taxes for middle income,I believe business running the whole world,and I won't certainly believe socialism works.Socialism sucks.That's why I prefer Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama,but I can't stand neo-cons keep controlling the world,I prefer Obama over McCain.

Now if I said I've talk a lot about liberalism in my town in Calgary,it's ended up people threw eggs at my car.Simple,this city is the most conservative city in the whole of Canada.It's a home of Conservative Party.And some people hates "freedom of speech".

Like Nami,I also was a hatred symbol in Canadian Election.But it's politics,and that's a serious thing.But being hate because of football,give me a break.All of you got serious thing to think,rather just a football thing.Malcolm Glazer won't pay you guys if all of you spitting Nami on his face.

Therefore,I endorsed Nami to join Liverpool FC fan club.Beside,Liverpool FC won more trophies,won more Champions League,and historically rich.Something that fits you.

Nami,as your friend,You'll Never Walk Alone.

Something in common between Liverpool and Celtic fans shares together-friendship.Believe me,it's a deep meaning at that phrase.Either you're Scousers or Bhoys,they won't leave you.

But please,all of you,grow up.I MEAN,ALL OF YOU.Next time,you'll end up fighting for something idiot-ice cream cakes or chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember Eleventh of November..Armistice Day.

Thanks for my beloved friends and my blog followers for praying my health during my ankle surgery,last Sunday.I'm recovering and hopefully,my ankle will be alright.

Today,11 November,is 90th Anniversary of Armistice Day,or in US,it's called Veteran Day.Armistice Day is the day that peace has win over the cruel first world war that killed almost 25 million Europeans.

To celebrate today 90th anniversary,countries that involved on this war--direct or indirect,declares today as public holiday.Canada also helped the Allied against German,Turks and Austria-Hungary for this epic war to be ended.

Today,on 11th hour,of 11th day of 11th month,the war ended,the peace installed--at least for a while.Then Hitler came and declare war,for once again.

For what we declare war?Is that for our pride,for our religion,our race,or simply for supremacy and awe for those who not on our side?Some of my friend declares "the khilafah need to be installed for Muslim supremacy in the world".

Guys,we belong together.Black,white,Asian,Caucasian,African,Muslim,Buddhist,Jew,Christian,Orthodox,

We all belong together.

Last Saturday morning I've watched Arsenal vs Manchester United,and I saw poppy flower at Arsenal's jersey,so does Celtic when the Bhoys against Motherwell.

This is tribute to all army that fought to win liberty and freedom.Freedom that we share,freedom that we all belong.As one single human race.

I don't agree when Zionist blows up Arabian head,so does when Hamas blows some Jews head.It will be never ending story.

Extremist should realized that this is not the way to preach your religion.Evangelist,mullah,and Zionist--all of them must stop this war,because we can't simply move to Mars if this Earth full of nuclear chemicals,and people dying because of poverty and war.Instead buying guns and bullets,we should spend that money to agriculture to grow more food,to art for make people happy,and for medicine,to heal people that suffers.

Just like what my late sister Sherina said,"We don't need guns and weapons to protect us,we can protect each other with love."

Now,with poppy flower,I carry this message around the world,for peace and humanity,regardless race,religion or gender.

People of the world,unite!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Ankle Injuries.

I'm taking break for my current ankle injuries on my fibula,tibia and talus.

Thoughts of Mass Destruction will continue later.

Thank you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

US Election:What the future will be after Obama reign?

We all know that Barack Obama already won the election.We all know George W Bush will leaving White House mid January next year,and we all know American will have the first black president.But,after there's so much hype and hearsay about Obama,I think it's the right time we should discuss what the future that might be after January 20th,2009.

Either you from Calgary,Canada,to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,or even in Alego,Kenya,or in Grant Park,Chicago,we all anticipate to see what "the change" that Obama promises to us,can be fulfilled in the next 4 years.

His economy programs and taxation seems--want to punish the rich.Too many far left act.Is he a socialist?

Obama Socialism?

Some accusing Obama as a socialist-which he approves some of far-left act,like education reform,progressive tax and he mentioned a lot about greedy capitalism in his speech,but he's not the only one who runs American government next 4 years.Most of his speech however,does create awe to those who involved in capitalism in America.Dow Jones declined last Thursday,because investor are afraid with his "close door" policy.

I'm pretty sure in his speech,there's not much of saying about his foreign policy.What we have been heard from him is,"to talk with Chavez,Castro brothers,Evo Morales and Rafael Correa of Ecuador".Those leaders were socialist leaders in Latin America.And unlike McCain,he is even willingly to talk with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,Iranian stern president.

We already saw Iceland,which almost bankrupt of it's banking policy,loans Russia bulk of money for solving Iceland economic crisis.Dmitry Medvedev,the apprentice of Vladimir Putin,is already asking Duma(Russian parliament) for adding 2 more years for his term,that means 6 years in 1 term,and I viewed it as "the extension of new Soviet after Yeltsin died".

With emerging of Latin America socialist country,and Russia,I'm afraid "the evil empire strikes back"--according from Ronald Reagan remarks of communism "evil empire",and I afraid Big Government will all over the Earth after Obama reigns.

Returning to that theme on May 18, 2008, Obama told a crowd in Pendleton, Oregon that "strong countries and strong presidents talk to their adversaries. That’s what Reagan did with Gorbachev." He continued, "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela — these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don’t pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us. And yet we were willing to talk to the Soviet Union at the time when they were saying, 'We’re going to wipe you off the planet.'

Another Oslo Peace Plan?Another Camp David plan?

Israel and Palestinian conflict.

I'm pretty sure there's no change about policy of new administration of Barack Obama about Israel and Palestinian conflict.Besides,Obama already stressed out his point that Jerusalem or Baitulmuqadis will not being split into two-Jew and Arab sector,according with Hamas ideas to end the conflict.Israel will remain as a part of American allies,but what we really hope from Obama administration,is a peace talk,like Bill Clinton does in Camp David,gather both Israel and Palestine leaders and talk.Unlike neo conservative who always DOMINATING rather than TALKING,neo liberal represents more talks and less action.So,let's hope Tzipi Livni of Israeli Kadima Party will slow down the aggression towards Palestine,although it's hard to imagine it.Hamas should stop the attack so Israel will less aggressive with Palestinians.

Wind is the new wealth?So does sunshine?

Energy policy

In his speech,he mentioned about cutting more of carbon emission in 80 percent from now when reaching 2050,and and trying to reduce 35 percent of oil consumptions in 2030 from now,and encourage for more alternative energy resources,while opposing nuclear power.Opposing Arctic Wildlife Refuge in Alaska,it means-less oil,more windmills and solar energy.

Health care

He mentioned a lot about universal health care,in his views,universal health care will represents public will receive health care,regardless race or status--it's socialism.It's obvious that Obama is a socialist.So by doing this,the strata status in America will reduced,and it will creating--classless society in health care system.Nami the Red Star Socialist will love this.

Economy crisis solving method.

During Franklin Delano Roosevelt era,he proposed "New Deal" social welfare,the goal to relief,and giving jobs for jobless,we will see Obama will only focus America inner economy rather than outside.Close door policy-and government more control in money supply and investment,it's as close as socialism.While Obama will hefty taxing those who earns $250,000 annually,from flat tax proposed by George W Bush,to the hefty tax,and will of course,creating Robin Hood effect by "distribution of wealth" in Obama administration.Targeted at the middle class in America,Obama has proposed a tax plan which includes tax credits to lower the amount of taxes paid. It is argued that the typical middle class family would receive over $1,000 in tax relief, with tax payments that are 20% lower than they faced under President Reagan. According to the Tax Policy Center, the Obama plan provides three times as much tax relief for middle class families as the McCain plan.

Gun control.

As a state legislator in Illinois, Obama supported banning the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic firearms, increasing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms and requiring manufacturers to provide child-safety locks with firearms.

As state senator, he voted against a 2004 measure that allowed self-defense as an affirmative defense for those charged with violating local laws making it otherwise unlawful for such persons to possess firearms.He also voted against allowing persons who had obtained domestic violence protective orders to carry handguns for their protection.

Obama initially voiced support of Washington DC's handgun ban. Following the Supreme Court decision that the ban was unconstitutional, he revised his position in support of the decision overturning the law, saying, "Today's decision reinforces that if we act responsibly, we can both protect the constitutional right to bear arms and keep our communities and our children safe."He also said, in response to the ruling, "I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms.The Supreme Court has now endorsed that view."


We will seeing less American action outside it's boundary,we will see troops go out in Iraq in 2010,the oil consumption goes down,and of course-Exxon Mobil and Shell will restrict it's businesses.We also will see the emergence of new power of Asia-China and India,slowly surpasses America day by day.American capitalism will decline,guys,love it or hate it,say hello to new superpower--Chindia(China+India).

Also say hello to Latin American socialism--the Bolivar countries.And say goodbye to neo-conservative Bush doctrine era.

European Union will be much powerful than previous 8 years ago,Stephen Harper of Canada will definitely lost in the next election,and Malaysia will remains under Barisan Nasional--if it's people will remain chatting at coffee shops talking rots,and bunch of "white kopiah" mullah of green and white moon still controls the opposition.

Get ready for new point of view in politics.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Congratulation.Hope you will be my good neighbor.

US Election:Donkey or Elephant?

Tonight,the world waits for the fate of two men.

One,promises changing the world,while another,promises to bring capitalism back to power.

Whoever wins,the destiny of the world is on his hand.

The Economist Journal shows McCain only got 203 electoral votes if the vote goes global,while Obama will win 9,115.If the whole world votes,McCain will be crying like a baby.

But only eligable American will vote.270 is the number to win this election.

Donkey Obama,or Elephant McCain?

The rest of the world waiting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Although I lived in Milan when I was kid,I never be Ferrari fan.I was McLaren since Ayarton Senna,and after he moved to Williams and crushed,it dissapointed me.

Until 1998 I watch my favorite Mika won the title,and excited til next year(1999).

But since then,it was rigged FIA-back Ferrari-the dooms of F1 goes on.The excitment I was expected turns sour.Many McLaren drivers tried to did like our legends does,Fittipaldi did it,Alain Prost,Ayarton Senna,and Mika Hakkinen.

David Coulthard,Juan Pablo Montoya,Kimi Raikkonen,even the great Fernando Alonso-they all failed.

Until this whiz kid came-Lewis Hamilton.The first rookie become the contender of championship title.Last year it was conspirational-they actually never found the concrete proof about McLaren-Ferrari engineer scandal,but make it big so that Kimi can won that race.

FIA always bias towards Ferrari,whoever follows F1 passionately will notice that.When Eddie Irvine in 1999 actually used disregulate rear wing,FIA simply approves it.When Michael Schumacher drove dangerously towards Kimi Raikkonen in 2003,FIA ignores it.

But even the smallest fault like Hamilton did in Spa,they punish it heavily.

Now the table turns!

Hamilton won fair and square.Hamilton won it after 9 years the Great Mika won it.And his promise-will not leave "this great car" until his F1 careers end,will always remark as-the youngest F1 legend ever had.

Congratulation Lewis Hamilton,my brand new hero!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama-McCain,The Last Battle.

Well,I'm so sorry because I'm busy with my exams,and thesis,but I'll try to keep updating this blog whenever I free.

So the battle goes to the end this Tuesday,as early as 0000(EST) they will cast the vote in New Hampshire.And the race goes on.

So far,McCain try his best to chase Obama by accusing him a socialist.Well,a big proof shows that Obama was a Socialist Illinois New Party member,but then join Democrat for politic steps.

Obama has its strong foundation at Chicago,Illinois,and of course,blue-states like New York,California,District of Columbia,Maryland,Massachusetts--the stronghold of liberal politics.Well,Obama also goes south,and to priaries--where New Mexico and Colorado is on his side.

McCain,are struggling to defend even in red-states,of course he got great support from Texas,Oklahoma,and his homestate Arizona,but electoral votes not on his side.

And the vote goes on November 4th,me,anxiously waiting,who is the next my neighbor President?

Donkey or Elephant?it's your own choice.

Poll so far:Donkey 52%,Elephant 43%.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mahathir:Sith Lord of Malaysia.

Mahathir:The force is strong with you,Najib.

Finally the dark side has come back.Like Darth Sidious,he has waiting for a long time to reign his Sith empire.His apperentice,already follow what he had done some 11 years ago,and together,they will set the Empire.

Mahathir,The Dark Lord of Sith,has return back to politics.At 85,he is strong as ever,after a long hiatus,hiding his agenda to rule,once again.Power doesn't recognize age.His counterpart in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe,still want to rules Zimbabwe for at least another 10 years,although he is 83 years old.

Of course he will not be a figurehead like he used to be.He will use his proxy,his famous words against Jew in year 2003.His proxy,already done something that he used to do-bailout companies,to support them,to reign their power.

Like Sidious and Vader,they must end up all of their enemies in the party first.In March,all Pak Lah's team will be head off,and after strengthen the party with their own army,they will enforce the law by deny all voices of Opposition.Pakatan Rakyat states will suffer after this.Believe me it will.People finally detested with Pakatan,and finally come back to Barisan.

Besides,people in Pakatan states,like Selangor,Perak or Penang,are not put their alliegence toward Opposition before.They just vote Pakatan because they hate Pak Lah sleeping in his office.But now,if this Sith Lords once again rule Putrajaya,Selangor,Perak or Penang,or even Kedah will no problem vote for Barisan.

You don't know the power of the dark side.

Once again,Mahathir will rule Malaysia.He already set up his think tank,and together with Najib and his son,Mahathir will be powerful,again.

Stephane Dion stepped down as Liberal Leader.

October 24, 2008

OTTAWA —The Honourable St├ęphane Dion announced today that he will step down as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada once a new leader is elected at the Liberal Party of Canada’s Leadership and Biennial Convention, to be held in 2009.

Bye bye Dion,welcome Ignatieff!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Muslim recently hate Jew?

I know this is sensitive topic to talk-but,I think I need to clear all the nonsense in our head,as Muslim,and we should understand,that this hatred should be stopped.

I know,some lunatic Jews who called themselves "Zionist",has killing Palestinians,declaring war with Muslim,but why on earth we generalize as "all Jew should be damned"?

Adolf Hitler killed 5 million of Jews in Holocaust,and many more suffered,losing their home and properties,and Jews has been mocked as "scums that want to conquer the world".

When I was in Malaysia,I observed Malay like to "curse people and compared it with Jew",for example "Perangai kau jahat macam Yahudi!",or "Kau ni perangai macam Yahudi".

What's wrong with Yahudi/Jew?

I also read some of the blogs,urged people to hate Jew.Jew is the one who create this catastrophe.

Jew got their propaganda and agenda to control the world.Jew want us to be their slave.

Hey,knock it off!

Not all Jews supporting State of Israel.Not all Jew supporting Zionism.Not all Jew like Israeli army killing Palestinian people at the street of Rafah,or Gaza Strip.


And please stop this sort of thought,"Oh,Yahudi ni nak control duit kita.."


If you guys hate Jew so much,then you also hate Prophet Ishak,Yaakob,Yusuf,Ayub,Musa,Harun,Zulkifli,Daud,Sulaiman,Ilyas,Ilyasa,Yunus,Zakaria,Yahya,and Isa a.s.They all Jew!

Hate Zionist,not Jew.

We definitely don't want another Hitler roaming the Earth,don't we?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ohh Najib,my kampung MP...

I wonder why my Parlimentary Area is been represented by Prime Minister,or Incoming Prime Minister.

When I was in Milan,my MP is Silvio Berlusconi,current Italian Prime Minister.

Luckily when I was in Subang,I'm not been represented by Malaysian Prime Minister,however,my kampung,which in Pekan,Pahang,is represented by Najib,incoming Prime Minister.

When I was in Calgary,my MP is Stephen Harper,Canadian Prime Minister.

All of them are not the politicians are sucks.Berlusconi with his bribery scandal,Najib,we all well known,and Stephen Harper is neo-con freaks.

I wonder why..

Anyway,good luck Najib.You'll need it,really need it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Liberal lost in Canadian Election.

There's already a week since Canadian election,and now,as a Liberal supporters,I really want to discuss it,and it is important if we want to defeat Stephen Harper,or stop Jack Layton to move as Opposition Leader next election.

1.People simply don't trust Stephane Dion.

Since "it's not fair" incident,Canadian as thought that Stephane Dion is a wanker,and not capable to lead.

2.Bullying campaign of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper uses his massive influence as Prime Minister to bullying Liberal leaders,especially Dion.

3.Stephane Dion is not fluently in English.

Stephen Harper may not good in French,but most of Francophone in Canada is Quebecois.Most of Quebecois votes Gilles Duceppe,Bloc Quebecois leader.So,Liberal need Anglophone leader,Dion fails to deliver.

4.Green Shift Plan misunderstood by Canadians.

While I'm think it's good for our enviroment,people like my brother or my friends simply don't agrees it.They believe if Green Shift Plan be applied when Dion become Canadian Prime Minister,the oil price will be soaring high,and they don't afford to do that.Hybrid cars,not for speed junkies like my brother.

5.Not capable to challenge Conservatives.

Even Stephen Harper at the lowest of popularity in his career as Prime Minister.Especially when economy crisis soars,listeriosis outbreak and his dictatorship,but still Liberal didn't work out to beat Conservatives.I don't trust polls,but even I was in Toronto,some Torontonians said Conservatives will win.Don't mention Calgary,it's stronghold of Stephen Harper.

6.Opposition parties simply don't unite.

This is the main reason why we lost.While NDP with their socialist movement,there should be an agreement between Green Party and Liberal Party,at least.While Bloc Quebecois,Quebec won't be a country,for God's sake!So,while Green Party will never ever got prospect to win this election,the idioticity of their leader Miss Elizabeth May arrogance and greed believes they can win Canadian election.If only they unite like Pakatan Rakyat did.

I will bald my hair off if Green Party win the election and Miss Elizabeth May is Canadian PM.
Only treehuggers will vote them.

So,what we got from here now?We already lost election,the lowest since 1984,and we need to recover ourselves.We don't have much time for fooling around.

So,with my open heart,I endorsed Michael Ignatieff as Leader of Liberal Party,and thus become Opposition Leader of House of Commons.

You have failed us Dion.Step down and give Ignatieff to proof himself.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barisan Nasional vs Pakatan Rakyat,UMNO vs MCA,Pak Lah vs Najib(managed by Mahathir),Royal Rumble of Politics!

Well,after a request for Razor,I'm going back to write about Malaysian politics again.

The power struggle in Malaysian politic nowadays not just between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat,but also UMNO vs MCA,Pak Lah vs Najib,Mahathir was on the side of Najib's ring,Khairy vs Mukhriz...

I remember my younger days when I enjoyed watching WWE.It's called Royal Rumble,where all 30 wrestlers will fight in one ring,to determine who's going to be contender against WWE Champion.Well,unlike in Canada,or United States,when you already cast the vote,poll closed and the winner has been announced,and it's end of politic talks,in Malaysia,it's never ending story.It's like in WWE.When pay-per-view is over,it will be Raw or Smackdown.And waiting for the next pay-per-view.

Like my brother Shahril said,he sick to see this kind of politic.He really want to puke when hears Anwar promised to the world that he will be Malaysian PM.He also want to puke when hears Najis not guilty in Altantuya bombings.He also puked when hear that Mahathir running for PM post,again.

While Nami already removed Anwar Ibrahim blog's link,he's perhaps looking for another alternative-socialism.I still believe in Anwar,although my faith towards him are going lower day by day.PAS also acted arrogantly like they're the reason why they won election(which they don't),DAP also annoyed with PAS arrogance too.So,it's not just turbulence in Barisan Nasional(UMNO vs MCA in Khairy's statement,MCA leaders ask for No.2 BN chairman post),not only turbulence in UMNO(Najib-Mahathir-Muhyiddin vs Pak Lah,Mukhriz vs Khairy),but also Pakatan Rakyat turbulance(Kedah Premier 50% quota of Bumiputra's housing,Pas vs DAP).

Malaysia already has been viewed as "circus of politics".Vision 2020.It's funny to hear that word again.

All you need is a leader with no-nonsense leader approach,perhaps like Vladimir Putin,Lee Kuan Yew,or maybe you'll need Adolf Hitler to unite all Malaysian.

Circus of politics.Haha,even Zimbabwe already finish to talk politics.

So,this is Royal Rumble 2008 live in Malaysia!

Anwar Ibrahim vs Najib Tun Razak(PM Heavyweight Title)
Pak Lah vs Najib(managed by Mahathir)
Najib vs Tengku Razaleigh(UMNO Title)
Khairy vs Mukhriz(Youth Wing Title)
UMNO vs MCA(BN's 2nd Chairman Match)
Gerakan and SAPP vs entire BN(Royal Rumble)
Teresa Kok vs Hamid Albar(ISA match)
DAP vs Pas(Bumiputra house match)

hey,got Hell in the Cell match?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Invitation to Create Federation of Bloggers.

I understand that most of us,already write our own blog,and express opinions toward our own blog.

I have a vision,to create a blog,which all of us share,as a one.

But still we remain to write our blog.

Is like Diskopi, and Malaysia-Today,where is multiple of bloggers write in the same blog.

The name of the blog is "Federation of Bloggers",will be at shared,together among us.You can still write your own blog,but share it at this blog as well.

If you interested on this idea,with my pleasure please send your:

Nickname(which what you'll be called in this blog):
Birthdate and Birthplace:
Alma Mater(school and universities):
E-mail of your blog(so I can invite you):
Political View:
Music Genre that You Love:
Most Favorite Artist(1 only):
Most Favorite Movie(1 only):
Most Favorite Song(1 only):
Most Favorite Politician(1 only):
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Sport's Team:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Your Blog's URL:


Name:Ezreen Emira Sulaiman.
Nickname(which what you'll be called in this blog):E the Prototype Robot.
Birthdate and Birthplace:March 9th,1986 at Kuantan,Pahang.
Hometown:Glenmore South,Calgary,Alberta,Canada.
Alma Mater(school and universities):Tadika Nur Murni,Scuolo Internazionale Di Milano,SRK Subang Jaya,SMK Damansara Jaya,University of Calgary.
Hobby:Writing blogs and watching Celtic FC game.
Political View:Small government,Classic Liberalism.
Music Genre that You Love:Alternative and Indie.
Most Favorite Artist(1 only):Radiohead
Most Favorite Movie(1 only):Star Wars
Most Favorite Song(1 only):Radiohead-No Surprises
Most Favorite Politician(1 only):Hillary Rodham Clinton
Favorite Sport:Football,Formula One,Basketball.
Favorite Sport's Team:Celtic FC,McLaren Mercedes,Boston Celtics.
Favorite Color:Green,Red,White.
Favorite Food:Colcannon,Chicken Soup,Chocolate.
Your Blog's

and post it at this comment box(which I prefer),or simply email me at:

You can put any entry that you really want to share.And I as the moderator will check everything is cool.Any provocation among members are prohibited.If you want to critic,critic it with respect and friendship.

From politic,sport,art,fashion,medical,religion--you name it,you write it.

With friendship towards all bloggers,
Ezreen Emira.

Bloggers of the world unite!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

US Presidential Election Debate:The Last Debate.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. - John McCain assailed Barack Obama's character and his campaign positions on taxes, abortion and more Wednesday night, hoping to turn their final presidential debate into a launching pad for a political comeback. "You didn't tell the American people the truth," he said.

Unruffled, and ahead in the polls, Obama parried each charge, and leveled a few of his own.

"One hundred percent, John, of your ads, 100 percent of them have been negative," Obama shot back in an uncommonly personal debate less than three weeks from Election Day.

"That's not true," McCain retorted.

"It is true," said Obama, seeking the last word.

McCain is currently running all negative ads, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But he has run a number of positive ads during the campaign.

The 90-minute encounter, at a round table at Hofstra University, was their third debate, and marked the beginning of a 20-day sprint to Election Day. Obama leads in the national polls and in surveys in many battleground states, an advantage built in the weeks since the nation stumbled into the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

With few exceptions, the campaign is being waged in states that voted Republican in 2004 — Virginia, Colorado, Iowa — and in many of them, Obama holds a lead in the polls.

McCain played the aggressor from the opening moments of the debate, accusing Obama of waging class warfare by seeking tax increases that would "spread the wealth around."

The Arizona senator also demanded to know the full extent of Obama's relationship with William Ayers, a 1960s-era terrorist and the Democrat's ties with ACORN, a liberal group accused of violating federal law as it seeks to register voters. And he insisted Obama disavow last week's remarks by Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat, who accused the Republican ticket of playing racial politics along the same lines as segregationists of the past.

Struggling to escape the political drag of an unpopular Republican incumbent, McCain also said, "Sen. Obama, I am not President Bush. ... You wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago."

Obama returned each volley, and brushed aside McCain's claim to full political independence.

"If I've occasionally mistaken your policies for George Bush's policies, it's because on the core economic issues that matter to the American people — on tax policy, on energy policy, on spending priorities — you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush," he said.

McCain's allegation that Obama had not leveled with the public involved the Illinois senator's decision to forgo public financing for his campaign in favor of raising his own funds. As a result, he has far outraised McCain, although the difference has been somewhat neutralized by an advantage the Republican National Committee holds over the Democratic Party.

"He signed a piece of paper" earlier in the campaign pledging to accept federal financing, McCain said. He added that Obama's campaign has spent more money than any since Watergate, a reference to President Nixon's re-election, a campaign that later became synonymous with scandal.

Obama made no immediate response to McCain's assertion about having signed a pledge to accept federal campaign funds.

Obama:focuses on jobs,eliminate tax break for big companies.Providing middle class tax cuts.

McCain:focuses on small businesses,tax break for small businesses.

Obama:US$200 billion for tax cut if McCain as President,mostly goes to Exxon Mobil,Shell,big companies.Distribution of wealth equally if Obama wins.

McCain:"Why want to increase small business taxes in this tough time?"

Obama:Increase taxes for people who earns US$250k.

McCain:Against distribution of wealth,supports enterpreneurship instead.

**both of them is lefthanded.It's rock when the next powerful person on Earth is a southpaw,Southpaws of the world,unite!**

McCain:US$700 billion is a key for saving American economy.Oppose subsidized economy for economy sustainbility.

Obama:Target to lower deficit budgets,from US$10 trillion in Bush administration to US$0.5 trillion in 2016.

McCain:"I have the record to reform situation in America."

McCain:"Building 45 nuclear plants for against foreign dependencies of oil."

Obama:Target in 10 years to eliminate foreign dependencies of oil,by developing renewable resources,and ethanol as alternative to oil.

Obama:Dialogs with Iran,Venezuela,Cuba for free trades,regardless of international political agenda.

Obama:Lower costs for healthcare,provide options for those who don't have healthcare insurance,and manage to handle cronic diseases such as diabetis etc for medical healthcare for lower cost.

McCain:US$5k tax credit for buying insurance.

McCain:Against abortion of all cost,except rape.

Our True North Strong And Free.

Well,I'm proud to be here.I'm stand and proud to my Great Maple Flag as it raises on.

Today,I offer my alligience to my new government,lead by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

We already been splited up as Conservatives,Liberal,New Democratic,Green,or even Marijuana Party.Now I urge all of us,Canadian,to stand unite support our new government.

Like our motto "Our True North Strong And Free",as Liberal supporter,now as a Canadian.

Congratulation,My Prime Minister,Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper is Canadian Prime Minister,re-elected.

Result in House of Commons:

Bloc Quebecois:50

in my parlimentary area:

Calgary Southwest

Stephen Harper(Con) 38,545
Marlene Lamontagne(Lib) 4918
Kelly Christie(Green) 4732
Dennis Young(LTN) 304
Larry Heather(Christian Heritage) 256

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


106 seats and hate Stephen Harper har har har!

active reader from canada, Canada writes: TEACH CANADA AND THE POLLSTERS A LESSON! Flaherty and Harpo both HATE ontario...with every fibre of their beings....we WILL NOT allow them power...we will STOP their assault of our province....VOTE STRATEGICALLY the pollsters are saying: "Conservative fortunes in the province are going to depend in large measure on how the opposition vote splits — especially since the three closest races in the province in the last vote were all ones in which Conservatives squeaked through. If the New Democrats and Greens siphon off enough votes from the Liberals, the Tories could win some seats with as little as one-third of the popular vote, something they couldn't do in the last election."

Posted 14/10/08 at 2:11 PM EDT

active reader from canada, Canada writes: Ontario does not like being lied to. We do not like being treated arrogantly and decietfully. We love the planet and know we are borrowing it from our children. We are a moral and ethical province. we have all kinds of different cultures, religions and ethnicities and we KNOW how to get along with each other. we are going to stun th pundits....almost everyone i know is voting liberal or is checking to VOTE STRATEGICALLY.....WE HAVE THE POWER TO BANISH HARPER....HE SAID HE WILL RESIGN IF HE LOSES. And WE are NOT going to relinquish this wonderful opportunity. I hope the rest of the nation does the same....and that BC voters will be the icing on the cake at the end of the evening! GO CANADA GO! GOODBYE HARPER!
Posted 14/10/08 at 2:22 PM EDT

1 2 from Canada writes: For the sake of your children's future, vote strategically.

Harper never gave a damn about Ontario before the election and why would that change now?
Dion will not be stupid about his carbon tax -- unlike Harper, he cares about ordinary Canadians and do what is best for all of us.

Vote strategically.
Posted 14/10/08 at 6:54 PM EDT

1 2 from Canada writes: May clearly demonstrated during the debates that she is unable to shut up when it is someone else's time to speak. That is the epitome of arrogance, and Canada does not need someone like this in the House of Commons.

And buddy Harper had NOTHING useful to say. He just sat there in a daze trying desperately to keep his temper under control. Now that's a real leader.

Vote strategically tonight. ABC
Posted 14/10/08 at 6:56 PM EDT


Stephen Harper vote at Calgary-Southwest

Stephane Dion vote at Saint Laurent-Cartier

Polls closed.

Counting votes begin!


Stephen Harper visited Glenmore Lake residents at 4.30pm.YUCK!

Bay Street Index in Toronto booms 891 points,while Loonies(Canadian dollars) are stronger than US.

Nickel Belt,Ontario:Wind cut power forcing voters cast their votes at lantern light.