Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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1. Rasheed calls me "Bee Bee".
2. Sue calls me "Bestie".
3. Aril and my dad calls me "Angah".
4. The rest calls me "Ez".

1. March 9-my birthday
2. April 19-Elly's birthday
3. July 8-Elly's death
4. Oct 31-mom's death

1.MTVing my life. :)
4.Drinking coffee.

1. feed the cats.
2. bake the cake.
3. call "bee-bee".
4. be happy,as easy as that.

1. Elly
2. Mom
3. Arul
4. Grandmom at Kuantan.All of you RIP.

1. Shunsuke Nakamura :P
2. A good book to read.
3. Celtic FC jersey.
4. Shayna Zaid CD!

1. Online
2. Nagging
3. Writing
4. DVD-ing.

1. Dublin,Ireland.
2. Celtic Park,Glasgow,Scotland.
3. South Africa
4. Kuta,Bali,Indonesia

1. I'm addicted to coffee.
2. OJ that's for sure.
3. Green tea for a better 'chi'.
4. A simply plain H20.

1. Canadian dollars.
2. Canadian ID.
3. Elly's bracelet.
4. Coins.

1. Green
2. White
3. Pink
4. Red

1. Stephen Avenue
2. Rasheed corn-in-the-cup stall.
3. Food not Bombs Calgary Center.
4. Home sweet home.

1. Allah and rasul
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Lewis Hamilton :)

1. Elly's charmbracelet.
2. Art of War book.
3. Paper teddy bear.
4. Remote control.

Sis Maria,Nami,KO_E and Nizam.

1. I love to answer tag.
2. I'm bored.
3. I'm lonely.
4. I'm horny hahaha!

p/s:dismiss the last point!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Favorite Books.

I love books.The older book the better.I love the smell of old books.By the way this is books that I love to read.

The Art Of War-Sun Tzu

This book is actually about strategy to win the war.As human it's our nature to war.To win the war we need strategies.This book is about strategies and philosophy to win the war.Not just war,but to compete and challenge.To be superior.To earn respect.

The People's History of United States-Howard Zinn

The naked truth about United States.Statue of Liberty is a symbol of liberty which actually a lie.To build that statue needs thousands of African slaves,some of them died because of malnutrition.Liberty is fake in America.How Native Indians been ravished?How Anglo-Saxonian and white gains control in America.

How To Overthrow The Government-Arianna Huffington

Coup d'etat or overthrowing the government needs strategy.To cut down government's nerves and pulse,especially information to the masses.Gaining control to get acsess the vital parts of government's strength,especially important generals,key-man politician and financial wise.How to divert the attention of the enemy(the government) and how to distort information to confuse the enemy(the government).

Oliver Twist-Charles Dicken

The painful story of children.Children slavery,to beg and to steal.How Artful Dodger uses Oliver Twist weaknesses for his good,and how Fagan the gangster control children's life into deepest misery.A very melancholic story to be read.

Animal Farm-George Orwell

When the animals take over the farm,they think it is the start of a better life. Their dreams is of a world where all animals are equal and all property is shared. But soon the pigs take control and one of them, Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. One by one the principles of the revolution are abandoned, until the animals have even less freedom than before.A mirror of Soviet Union in Stalin era.

Nineteen-Eighty Four-George Orwell

The story about patriotism has been abused by leadership to dictates people in the name of Oceania.War is peace,freedom is slavery,ignorance is strength.To kill is a will,in the name of Oceania.Think is a crime,and will be punished to death.A very dark dystopian book.

Homage to Catalonia-George Orwell

His experience about Spanish Civil War to defend civil liberty and dignity against facism.And how his views about the ugly of war itself.Spanish people especially in Barcelona and Catalonia will definitely emotional when read this book.

This is way few books that I want to share with you guys.Remember,


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Idiots Are Taking Over.

Malaysian's April's Fool is on April 2nd.

I've heard from most of my friends in Malaysia,they will receive new Prime Minister on April 2nd.The candidate unopposed,UMNO President/Fuhrer Najis Tun Razak.

Well,April 2nd is brand new April Fool for Malaysians.Why?2,500 UMNO delegates represents 30 million Malaysians?1 vote of UMNO delegates represents 12,000 Malaysians?Are you dumbass or something?Why this stupidity became so hideous so utterly that I can't even tolerate,if people accept this Najis to be PM just because 2,500 money-hungered people vote for him,I guess those people are far dumber than my reptile platipus.My platipus is far,far smarter than those people who agrees.

Ha ha you're dumber than my platypus.ha ha!

I don't give a fuck about Malay supremacy.It's already fucked.It's already a bullshit for me.I don't support any facist regime or any conservatives movement.

I don't give a fuck about Altantuya.I don't give a fuck about everything that Pakatan Rakyat told me about his wrongdoing.What I laughed is,the way he's elected as a Prime Minister.Unopposed,or you can't opposed?

What's a point of voting guys?If these 2,500 bastards can decide while others waiting to be fucked up by your Prime Minister?

Nationalist,Malay ultra,Malay supremacy,daulat tuanku.Bullshit.

Get ready Malaysians.You're ready to be fucked.

p/s:We're in Canada been fucked by Stephen Harper too.Everybody has been fucked.Ha ha ha!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour--Let's Turn ON Better Future with Turn OFF the light.

As far as I'm writing this blog right now,it's 12.30 pm in Calgary.6 hours left for Earth Hour.

I join with the rest of the world to shut my PC,TV,DVD,everything electrical in one hour by candlelight dinner with my Rasheed.

A Romantic Earth Hour aye?

By the way,what the hell happened to McLaren Mercedes?Come on Lewis you can do it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ezreen Emira's Economic Theory.

I've read one of Nami articles about steep raising price in Malaysia.And I don't know somehow he had mentioned about a theory--which I never realized when I was saying it--my Ezreen Emira Economic Theory,simply Triple E.

This Triple E Theory,for me it's just a random observation,but somehow I feel it's make sense.

The theory is:-

1.The value of money will drop at least 30 percent 10 years from now.For example,C$100 right now were just C$70 in 1999.

2.Since the money's value dropped,the price will automaticly raise to bring balance to the drop.

It was 1950s in Indonesia,according from Citra's father,they still can get things to buy with 1 rupiah.But right now it's Rp6,500 equals to C$1.Why value of money dropped significantly?What it takes to re-structure your money's value?

I'm agree with Nami that paper money that we hold right now are not valuable.It's just represents the capability to exchange.What's is the different between C$1 and C$100 notes?Or RM1 and RM50 notes.It's still the same--paper.What it takes to say this paper is more valuable than other paper?It's still the same thing--it's a paper.

If you buy an ice-cream--you'll hands up with ice-cream seller with papers.In the same time if you buy a car--you'll still hands up with papers.Is ice-cream is same value as car?Of course it's not.It's just a representation of your capability.It's not a comodity anyway.

Some says that we should return back into gold dinar system.Yes,it's inflation proof,yet,how many gold and silver you have to dig for humans to use?And how many place on Earth to be destruct for the sake of our economy?

According from CIA Factbook,it was 142,000 tonnes of gold has been mined since the beginning of civilization,which it's estimated around US$4.5 trillion dollars.Compared with huge amounts of this paper currency which values US$54.5 trillion dollars,I believe this amount of gold is just a drop in the ocean to solve this inflation and global economic crisis.Definitely you can't raise the gold price to be equal with paper money,because the price of money will be so expansive that no one could ever effort to get a penny,if we lay our money into gold standards.Because in order to balancing up the value of money with value of gold(since we pegged up with gold).

But over-printed money can causing the value of money to drop.Of course,more people to be born everyday.It was estimated 7 people per second was born in this world.More people requires more money.And the government needs to print more money for its people and to ensure the people got buying power to buy goods and services.So,when money been printed not according with capasity of population growth,value money can be dropped.

Bailouts and government backing's to some capitalist faggots is another factor the value of money will be dropped.Bailouts requires more money and if those taxpayers money been used to bailing some troubling company,then this cycle of vicious will still carry on.People still need to pay taxes and parking ticket,which government will charge,in the meanwhile the government using our money for some stupid faggots who loves to steal our money.So the governments' problem-solver?Print more money.Let the value dropped and let the people die.Because this capitalist pay more to the government,isn't it?

In my study case in Russia,the rubles value dropped significantly.In Soviet 1 ruble are equivelant to 1,000 Russian rubles right now.So,which money is valuable?Soviet 1 ruble or Russian 1,000 rubles?The answer is,the value is same.So is that Soviet rubles are more valuable than Russian rubles.Definitely,by thousand times valuable.

Why currency in Zimbabwe is hideously troubled with inflation?Because the supply of money is too much compared with the demand.The high supply happens to fund Mugabe's regime,to bail some of Mugabe's crony,but overprint papers causing the price to drop.Do you believe three eggs in Zimbabwe worth 100 billion dollars?

The best thing to solve this problem is let the people hold the money and decide how much money to be printed.If governments ever care about some capitalist faggots to be saved and need more money to be printed,then the value will drop.And the price will raise.It's automatic.So,are you waiting til the time when we buy eggs worth 100 billions?

Let us kick this stupidity out of frame.Let us know ourselves that the main culprit of economic crisis is because of capitalism lost its foundation.The world should ready for fair and square of economy.That's why I told people that Barack Obama's bailout strategy somehow will fail.Millions,billions or trillions,if you keep printing money for bailing out the trouble company from bankruptcy,then be prepared that US dollar will dropped significantly.And why peg your money to US dollar?

Economist John Maynard Keynes said that "Governments should spend money they don't have may have saved capitalism".In the same time ceteris paribus (or equality between supply and demand) keep controlling the value of money.What happen in the world right now is because capitalism greed that controls each and every penny that we have,and since they want more,the governments printed more and more,and the price drop,the price raising up,the people suffers,and they got money to burn.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Million..Billion..Trillion..These Numbers Makes Economy Goes Numb.

I start my article with tribute and respect for Jade Goody for her death because of cancer.RIP Jade Goody.

OK,I was told by a patient who stay in hospital after road accident 2 days ago,that it was glorious Canada when Pierre Tredeau was a Canadian Prime Minister.A universal healthcare system which subsidizing healthcare and one of socialism method in Western society,has now been thrashed away by Stephen Harper.

Today,Canadians debt more than US$919 billion dollars.

United States debt is US$11 trillion dollars.

Million,billion,trillions.It's just a number.But where the hell money goes?And who's we owed?We have to pay to whom?

Capitalism are screwed.If Ronald Reagan still alive today he will committing suicide.Thank God he's dead.He's the one who start this problematique,the country owes the corporate.

And now the corporate has no money and owe the people.And what is the solution for this problems?

Nationalization.Bring back universal health care.Those cripping corporate is no longer owned by themselves.They own our money,they should pay to us.

AIG bonuses being slashed by 90-100 percent to pay back to people.So,people who works in AIG didn't got their salary this year.

That's not the way President Obama.What should you do as a president is to reform back your economy.Let those corporate falling with their knees and nationalized it.Bailout is not a solution.

Last budget is US$787 billion is like drop in the ocean compared with the huge amounts of money.

Who's actually owed who?

So,in order to pay back to the people,give them free services such as healthcare or education.That's would be better.And bring this capitalist faggots away from our money.Simple as that.

You don't need to be hectic about this.This is simple.The hardest part is to save those capitalist faggots.Leave them rot and die.They don't care about people,they only think about profits.

So,if we talking about debt,millions,billions,trillions,it's worth no more.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

George W Bush's Speech In Calgary.

I'm so sorry due to my anger last evening.It's my bad habit and because of my anger,I lost my sister.Long story guys,I'm so sorry.

Yesterday my mood was ruined by former POTUS George W Bush.That's why I let all my anger to all of you guys.When I'm not in a good mood,a provocation could be disaster.In cyberworld I let my keyboard do the things.In real life,my hands do all the things.When I'm not in mood--fork,spoon,plate,ashtray,everything grabbed and I'll throw staight to the face.I still got my muay thai kick although my ankle broked last November.I can kick people straight to the face,no problem at all.

Yesterday it's St Patrick's Day,it's Irish day of celebration.It's like Chinese with Chinese New Year,or Malay's Hari Raya.My arwah mom was half Turkish half Irish,so I believe although I'm not a St Patrick worshipper,and I'm not Christian,but in Irish society it's a celebration,it's good to meet up your Irish anchestors in our Little Dublin.

But hope to celebrate this Irish Day was shattered when former POTUS George W Bush came into town.In Calgary,Conservative Party(nicked as Tories) has queue since afternoon to meet George Bush's asshole.Meanwhile,all political science students must arrive sharp on 6 o'clock.Students attandance are compulsory.Police everywhere,while the Emperor of Asshole which the one ruined our world economy,our world peace and my Irish celebration day--came with escorts and CIA's black suits.Meanwhile,at the corner of the town,my friend Christina and her socialistas rebel has demonstrated against Bush's arrival to town.I'm joining the protest earlier at the morning,but I'm managing to escape.

Well,George Bush received tough questions from Calgarians--especially about his policy towards economy and Iraq.He refuses to answer by saying,

"Barack Obama deserves my silence".

Well personally,not his political policy--Bush is a nice guy.He is gentleman person,always allows people walk through him,and he's never grumble.He telling the security "not to tighten because I've once avoided a pair of shoe.I think I can handle it alone".

To be frank,I don't listen much with his speech.As he grabbed the microphone,I started to listen my I-Pod.But as the thunderous claps when he ending up his speech,I didn't clap,but looking him walk away from hall with an open,warm smile.

There's my story with former POTUS--George W.Bush--or he dubbed himself as "Dubya".

He might been the symbol of hatred,but he deserves a warm welcome from Calgarians.

p/s:Nami,I didn't bring my camera.All pictures I took from Canadian newspaper online pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Siapa Kau Nak Tuduh Aku Bukan Islam?

Aku tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu supaya otak benak kau faham!

Ini apa yang kau kata:

Adakah saudari ANTI - Islam dan juga Agama Allah?

Maaf mungkin saya tak pasti...

Saudari bukan beragama Islam

Aku lebih suka berterus terang.Kalau aku cakap kau bodoh,kau bodoh.Aku bukannya orang seni,aku pelajar sains.Aku tak suka selindungkan fakta.Aku akan cakap apa yang betul.

Artikel semalam tentang Penagih-Penagih Politik,adalah termasuk dalam golongan kau,Lim Slim Shady.Kau adalah seorang penagih kronik yang wajar dihantar ke mana-mana rehab.Aku tak tau sama ada aku harus lempang kau atau aku harus bunuh kau.Tak tahu yang mana satu.Mulut kau yang bodoh lagi celupar tu buat aku marah tatkala aku sedang menyiapkan diri untuk mendengar lecture dari manusia paling dajal di muka bumi George W Bush.Aku ingat George Bush akalnya paling rendah,rupanya kau lagi bodoh rupanya.

Kau tuduh aku bukan Islam,kau ada nampak aku menyembah tok pekong mana-mana?Kau ada nampak aku masuk gereja?Kau ada nampak aku memijak-mijak al-Quran?

Artikel semalam adalah ketidakpuasan hati aku terhadap Hadi Awang tentang idea bodohnya tentang kerajaan campuran dengan BN.Kau apa hal nak tuduh aku bukan Islam?Kafirkah aku kalau aku kata dia bodoh nak buat kerajaan campuran?Apasal kau nak interfere Islam atau tidaknya aku.

Ingin sekali aku ludah orang-orang bodoh tapi sombong dan rendah akal tapi berlagak pandai.Sekali bercakap bajet seorang PhD,tapi hakikatnya kau ni sama seperti orang-orang yang beli PhD kat Kazakhstan.Kalau dah bodoh,bodoh la.Bila masa Parti PAS tu parti maksum?Semua orang dalam tu tak boleh dikutuk?Pada aku pergi mati la kata-kata kau tu.Orang yang dah lalok dengan politik mana sedar apa yang dia cakap.

Woi bodoh,sejak bila kalau masuk Islam kena daftar masuk PAS?Cakap dengan aku?Ada tulis kat Pintu Kaabah ke nama Hadi Awang?Ada tulis ke?

Ustaz ke,Ulamak ke,Hafiz ke,kalau salah tetap salah.Takkan benda macam tu pun kau bodoh benar nak faham?

Kau ingat kau dah cukup Islam nak mengkafirkan aku?Ada aku cakap aku anti agama Allah?Kau ingat semua ahli PAS tu perjuangkan agama ke?Hukum hudud yang dijanji tak buat-buat.Zakat pun agih macam tak betul.Kau ni sakit fanatik politik bangang!Pergi Pakistan mana ada PAS.Pergi Indonesia mana ada PAS.Kau pergi Mekah pun mana ada PAS!Kau je otak sakit.

Pergi mampus la kau!Bodoh,bangsat!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Politic Junkie.

Politics is like a drug.Use it wisely or you're a junkie.-Nami.

When first time I'm started to blog,I always trying to wrote something controversal,something provocative and something challenging people's mind.My blog reached lots of people,especially Pakatan Rakyat supporters,and especially on my coverage on Permatang Pauh by-election.

By the time Canadian Federal Election came,people starting not to viewing my blog anymore.I'm fine with that because it's my blog,I'm fine if anyone didn't leave a comment for me.Not because I'm no longer interested in Malaysian politics,but the news correspondent such as Nami and Jiman are no longer giving me news.Anyway,Malaysian politics are so lame that people here are laughing til they pee on their pants about Malaysian politics stupidity.I mean,all of them.

I never know naked in your house is wrong in Malaysia?How do you Malaysians bath?Or doing sex?Are you wearing pants while fucking or what?And just because a pervert snapped one of the MP,and you're calling them to step down?What the fuck?Princess Diana nude pictures are still around yet people still adores her.So?

And I don't know what happen to our super-moronic idiotic sarcastic Saiful.He told the whole world that Anwar fucks him.I don't know whether Anwar is gay or not,but I'm no bloody fucking idiot to let people fucking my ass as easy as eating pie.It's a shame when girl like me can defend myself with my self defence,rather than Saiful who is,I think,willingly to be fucked(if it's true).

I admit that I was a politic junkie before.But as time passes by,people are getting bored,even Michael Ignatieff Leader of House Oppossition willingly to co-oporate with Stephen Harper's government to solving economic crisis.I believe Republicans in US are also helping (well of course there will be drama on TV) Barack Obama to handle this problem.

I read Harakah,Suara Keadilan,Tukar Tiub,Utusan,everything is same.Pot calling kettle black.And that's why people like Sarah Samz hate politics so much.Because these political junkies idioticity are far far away from a moose.You know?Everything is so stupid that I decided to stop to write about Malaysian politics.Gag me with the spoon!

Hadi Awang,Anwar Ibrahim,Lim Kit Siang,Abdullah Badawi,Khairy Jamaluddin,Najis Tun Razak--all of them are puppeting people and spliting up Malaysians.I don't know if you Malaysians still not fade up with situation,but in Indonesians are already settled down with their politics thingy.Yup,it's a election year yet I saw Indonesians are far far organized than Malaysians politics.

To be frank,I don't trust Anwar since September 16th.After all of his words I really excited to be true--on September 17th deep down inside me I think he's bullshitting on me.I also being bullshitted by Liberal Party after Michael Ignatieff's not so aggressive with Harper.I decided to quit Liberal Party.This is crap.

Today,I've read Nami's article--Punk,Protest and Politics.After all these time I've been trapped by ideologies,promises and false hope.Then for me it's such a waste time to waiting in the line to vote.Such a waste.

My neighbor--United States of America,I've listened to his POTUS about his promises in election to beat John McCain the C+ grade student and the Alaskan bimbo Sarah Palin.Well,I rather to see Hillary to be POTUS,because Hillary was behind her husband Bill when dotcom companies booming like hell in 1990s.After all promises that he made,Barack Obama stunned the whole world by became the first African American to be POTUS.So what?If he's black or white or red or yellow or whatever,if he's an idiot he is an idiot.Before election he is promising to help poor people and build more schools and hospital for poor,ending up he spends so many trillion to bailout some bankrupt company.

I love to quoted Christina Riviera,a socialistas by saying,"Capitalism is dying?Let them die rotting in the burning hell!".And Obama still hoping that's this is a lifeline for those bullshit companies to comeback after this letdown.While the needy and poor still mumbling about their future,this fucking CEOs and Presidents are begging people's money to lifting up their company.

OK,my focus are landing back to Malaysia.Lately Hadi Awang mentioned about coalition government with BN.After all these time the people and the party against BN,Hadi Awang wants to establish coalition government with BN?Hey Hadi,you really want to be a Minister don't you?Seems powerhunger fueled by religion are still relevant in Malaysia?I don't see any hudud or whatever Islamic things you have done in several years.Hello,Achehnese already did hudud,why all of you PAS people didn't do as you promised to people?You won't dare don't you?Then stop talking crap.

Barisan Nasional with their developement promises,Anwar with his September 16th crap,Hadi with his mission to reign power fueled by religion,Karpal Singh is so addictive with attention after his provocation,this is what Malaysians really really wants?

Politics,whether in Malaysia,Canada or United States--are bunch of crap.Democracy supposed to be beautiful,by people,for people,to people,but ending up these culprits and bloodsucker will always be an agent to stupify people.Giving whole Malaysians the greatest drug of all--politics.

Stop talking crap.Do your fucking job!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Conversation With George W.Bush - in CALGARY???

My lecturer on March 17.What?George Bush is my lecturer?

Former POTUS George W.Bush will coming to Calgary for his lecture at Telus Convention Centre,Calgary on March 17 - and all Political Science,University of Calgary students attandance are compulsory.

It's on Tuesday.8pm.Sharp.Wear formal.

WTF?George Bush already ruined our economy with his two stupid hideous war and now he's ruining my personal life too?And he's giving me a lecture?Him??HIM??

George W.Bush to speak in Calgary.

And this is short notice.And George W.Bush?Arrggghhh!!

Christina Rivera and all socialist comrades!What are you waiting for?What better than now?

Telus Convention Center,Calgary,Canada.

At least the food is nice.Really,really nice(I bet you!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tag Of The Decade(Question of 10 Years)

Time comes and goes.10 years were in the blinking eyes.

Rules:Do answer the question based on the 10 years within 1999-2009.Simple as that. :) Give me ONE answer,not more than that.Precise,easy and simple.

*2009 is based on current situation.No future event because only God knows what happen next.


1.What is your favorite song on that year?(Doesn't mean the song should be released on that particular year)
1999:Genie In The Bottle(Christina Aguilera)
2000:The Way I Am(Eminem)
2001:A Woman's Worth(Alicia Keys)
2002:Don't Know Why(Norah Jones)
2003:Where Is The Love(Black Eyed Peas)
2004:No Surprises(Radiohead)
2005:Only One(Yellowcard)
2006:Perfect Situation(Weezer)
2008:You'll Never Walk Alone(Gerry and the Pacemakers)
2009:Bonita(Shayna Zaid)

2.What happen on your birthday on that year?(leave it blank if your birthday did not arrive yet).
1999:I celebrate my birthday at KLCC Garden,with Elly.
2000:Aril smashed me with eggs and flour mortar(damn!)
2001:Exam week,preparation for PMR(sigh!)
2002:Celebrate with my friend Lydia and it's hell of fun!She brings her hot guys around hik hik!
2003:I lost my wallet(damn!)
2004:Mouth wars between me and current bf Shahrul.(idiot!)
2005:Nami gave me paper teddy bear for my birthday.
2006:Celebrated first time in Canada,Elly baked birthday cake for me with mom.
2008:First time celebrate alone without Elly and mom. :(
2009:Current bf Rasheed gave me corn-in-the-cup as present.

3.Where did you celebrate New Year's Eve on that year?
1999:Home,Subang USJ.
2000:Home,Subang USJ.
2001:Home,Subang USJ.
2002:Home,Subang USJ.
2003:Lot 10,Kuala Lumpur.
2004:Mid Valley,Kuala Lumpur.
2005:Bukit Ampang,Kuala Lumpur.
2006:Home,Glenmore Calgary.
2007:Stephen Avenue,Calgary.
2008:Home,Glenmore Calgary.
2009:Citra's House,Glenmore Calgary.

4.What is your sweetest moment on that year?
1999:I'm the most popular girl in Form 1.
2000:I've got secret admirer.ha ha ha!
2001:Vacation at Pulau Perhentian with family.
2002:Trip to South Africa with family.
2003:I'm a rebel for "Revolusi Pengawas Menentang Cikgu Disiplin Diktator!".I've managed to bring all prefects to boycott school.
2004:Trip to Singapore first time without family.(and it's rock!)
2005:Valentine's Day.
2006:Watching Green Day live!
2007:Trip with my uncle to Manchester,Liverpool,Glasgow and London.
2008:Barisan Nasional defeat's in 5 states.
2009:Join socialist protest in streets of Calgary.

5.What is your saddest moment on that year?
1999:Not sad actually,but it's embarrasing.I've farted in the class and the sound is like "da-boom!"
2000:Current bf Fuad scolded me in front of my family.Silap besar la!
2001:I got hives,a serious hives!
2002:Fall from skate,head first.
2003:Celtic lost with Porto on UEFA Cup Final.Damn you Jose Mourinho!
2004:Mouth war with Shahrul on my birthday.
2005:Current boyfrienddumped me because of a friend backstabbing me.
2006:I dropped my course,Nuclear Engineering because I hate radiation!
2007:Elly and my mom's death.
2008:I'm hospitalized in 2 weeks of brain injury.
2009:So far so good.

6.What is your favorite movie on that year?

1999:10 Things I Hate About You
2000:Cast Away
2001:Ocean Eleven
2002:Lord Of The Ring:The Twin Towers
2003:Lord Of The Ring:Return of the King
2005:Star Wars:Revenge Of The Sith
2006:Da Vinci Code
2008:The Dark Knight

7.And I want to tag:

Sis Maria
Sarah Samz
Lady Zahra

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shayna Zaid - Great Talent From Malaysia.


p/s:i love "Just Because"."Bonita" is cool too!

I've read about Nami's entry about talent and capitalism in his latest article about Akademi Fantasia.I sincerely didn't against Akademi Fantasia or any Idols but I disagree with the concept-easy lane to be rich and famous.And somehow I agree with Nami's point-capitalism has sold these brat as "the new face of art",and I can feel his angst and disappointment.

By the way,don't simply dismiss Malaysian talents especially who those really talented.But I know Akademi Fantasia somehow didn't help us much in looking for good talent in Malaysia,and I know there's some frustration among "true artist" who fights for their lifes under the sun and high-rise.

But not all "true artist" will fight their life in a middle of sun and busking on the streets.And Shayna Zaid is one of them.A Malaysian talent,but established in Big Apple.New York City is welcoming her,a biggest and brightest star,but I'm quite disappointed why Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian dismissed her as a biggest and brightest star?

She is a phenomenon in NYC.And the way she sings-she sings with her soul.And I'm her biggest fan,and I'm claiming it right now!Shayna is the greatest Malaysian singer,like P Ramlee,Sheila Majid and Sudirman.She deserved to be on the top.

Somehow Shayna has proved that even Malaysian can be a big star in NYC.Capitalism or not,she's the biggest star.

I really hope there's one Shayna and one P Ramlee in Akademi Fantasia or Malaysian Idol.I really do.But hope will remain hope if Malaysians itself didn't educate themselves,what is talent and what is fake?

And let me tell you,Shayna Zaid is the true talent!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Top 10 My Most Favorite Love Songs(And it's a Tag!!)

Not an actual tag usually,but it's more to getting know which tunes can make you smile whole day and thinking about your love.All you have to do is do list,like I did,and describe(you don't have to write Nami's style anyway :P),and tell why you love that love songs.Heartbreak love songs can also counts.

Warning:LOVE SONG,OKAY..nami,any revolution or System of A Down songs won't count.

p/s:and count it backwards like 10,9,8...because I think it's fun to read that way.

#Number 10.

Artist:Savage Garden

I was Standard 6 at the time I'm listening to this song.A naive little girl,typical grow up songs,it's a nostalgic song to me.Everytime I listens to this song,it reminds me at my crush Giuseppe (when I was living in Milan).

#Number 9.

Tentang Seseorang

I almost forget this song once in a while,but ever since my brother married with an Indonesian girl,more and more I gaining back my memories,especially in a great Indonesian movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta.I was form 5,SPM back then.Very touched with the wordings. :)

#Number 8.

Artist:Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland

You know why I love this song?Simple!You love someone but ending up you're with someone else.You can feel between you and him,there's a chemistry but in the end,spliting at the crossroad of love.I miss this song.So damn much!

#Number 7.

Love Fool
Artist:The Cardigans

Another Giuseppe's memories.Well,sometimes you're waiting for response but still no response,and when the time at the airport,from Milan to Kuala Lumpur,then you're staring at the window,and wondering,"it's such a fool".Yes,indeed it's such a fool.

#Number 6.

True Love Waits

It was raining day.Well,in Malaysia,it's something stupid if you're singing in the middle of raining day because they called it "suara katak" which is absolutely ridiculous,while Nami play out this song with Aril's guitar,it's so marvelous,a mystic of the guitar sounds ambienced with the pouring rain.Indeed,if waiting such a pain,it's a true love.Reminds me of story of the guy waiting for her love one at train station.Just like what he told people;"Cinta yang agung ialah cinta yang menunggu."

#Number 5.

Artist:The Beatles

The song about break up,everytime I break up I will definitely listening to this song.Well,The Beatles always be the best,right?Liverpudlians,be proud of your lads.

#Number 4.

You Get Me
Artist:Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is one of the greatest pop alternative singer in her era.I can declare she is like Lisa Loeb of her own,and well,this song is about true love that holds your heart.The wordings were awesome.If you're listening to this song,you'll definitely want to fall in love again,bet me,you will.

#Number 3.


Creep is one of the most greatest love songs that I ever listened,although even Thom Yorke the singer are hating it so much that he don't want to sing this song(probably because of pain memories,perhaps?).But anyway,if you really listens what Thom's saying in this words,well,listen carefully,you can feel the frustration and angst of being rejected.Song for the rejected.Easy guitar chord.G,B,C,C minor.But it's touched.

#Number 2.

Kiss Me
Artist:Sixpence None The Richer

If I'm married one day,I want this song will be the song that lead me dancing with my husband.This is a masterpiece from Matt Slocum the guitarist and if I listen to this song,I will listen it twice and feel how much I love my boyfriend right now.And of course,this song always be a theme song of greatest love movies such as She's All That,10 Things I Hate About You and Dawson's Creek.Such a great love.I love this song!!!(scream mode)

#Number 1.


I don't know why I want to pick this song as Number 1,I know this song drives me crazy for a while,it's really frustrated me when your ex boyfriend write a song for your own sister,but after she's gone,and I'm keep listening to this song over and over again,I really felt that my sister,Sherina,which never ever had a boyfriend before him,has fall in love with him.If I were her I won't able to faking up.This song is so special for her.

Now it's time to tag!

1.Sis Maria
4.Sarah Samz

and all people who adore my blog.hik hik!

p/s:please do for me,please..please..you don't have to be detail like me.

Birthday Girl Speech.

I would like to say thank you to all my friends,in real life or cyber life,for wishing me my 23rd birthday.

I would like to thank to my dad,Sulaiman Daud for coming home for watching my Antigone and celebrate my birthday with me.He's the greatest hero I've ever had.Thanks for be the first guy who wishing my birthday.Such a love.

I would also thank you to my brother,Shahril Iman Sulaiman and wife,Citra Sasmi Hardinawati,his brother in law Cahyo Guruh Hardinawira for wishing me happy birthday.Adryan Adi Worjoyo,Citra's cousin,thanks for your lovely card and lovely cupcakes.To my boyfriend,Rasheed al-Hussin,thanks for your love and corn-in-the-cup birthday wishes,you're so sweet!To Christina Riviera and boyfriend George,my Antigone director Susan and the rest of Antigone theatre crew,thank you!I would like to say thank you to my neighbor Mr and Mrs Patterson for baking me a cake for wishing my birthday,and although Celtic lost,I would like to say thank you for Robert for wishing me a very Happy Birthday.

I'm also would like to say thank you to Sue,my best friend who create for me a video for my birthday.I would also say thanks to Kak Maria,KO_E,Nami,Ajeed,Syed Faiz,Zahra,Sarah Samz and the rest of my cyber's friend!Thank you and God bless you all.

By the way,this is my 2nd year I'm celebrating my birthday without my mom Sophia Izmit Emir and my beloved sister Sherina Ellyana.At the time where balloons and cake with a noisy sound for celebrating my birthday,deep inside me I felt lonely without both of them.I hope God will take care of them,as God take care of me.Of course I'm missing Elly's present(she always be the first who give me birthday present) and my mom's cake.Of course I still keep her charmbracelet,and her last birthday present,a lovely frame of me and her.I also keep paper teddy bear from Nami,and I hope you'll make one for Sue too!

To all my friend,thank you,gracias,merci,danke,dankon,arigato,go riabh,terima kasih to all of you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Women International Day.

"First you must respect your mother.Second you must respect your mother.Third you must respect your mother.Fourth you must respect your father."

-Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

This Sunday is Women International Day.Far and wide,all around the world,we women are victim of discrimication,and prejudice from patrymony system,who always upheld men ego(not men itself).We often being viewed as "baby-machine","sex-slave",and "slave-in-the-house".There's always be "housewife" but no such thing as "househusband".

The stigma and prejudice of men ego(not men itself) toward the movement of feminism and Girl Power is because some people can't accept changes that women right now were able to think and to lead too.Some fatwa and religious orders said that women shall not lead,let men handle the whole world.

Stupidity and idioticity nowadays are leading with their arrogant and stupid ego against our effort to liberate ourselves.We often being viewed as weak,soft,emotional and cannot lead.

Most of the domestic violence are led by men,drunked husband wacks his wife,bashing his wife and some even worst,they're beat their wives until bruising and bleeding.What went wrong here?Where is Adam promise to Eve "to love and take care of Eve"?Where is it?

Now,I'm a person who does not believe fatwa against women to be a leader.I simply don't believe because the quality is not based on gender,because in my observation,a woman can lead her children,no matter how many,but a man simply cannot follow her daughter.A woman can teach her son to do man things,but I don't think a man can teach her daughter to do woman things.

I never disgraded men.I respect my father.He is the class of his own.He always open up the door for my arwah mom,the house door,car door.He always be romantic,and he treat my mother so well that until my mother die,she's saying that she never regret marrying my dad.I believe there's a few men with that quality,but majority of men selfishly defend their ego and pride on their hegemony.

When Megawati Sukarnoputri became the President of Indonesia,some says she cannot be a President because she's a female.Some against Hillary Clinton because she's a female.And some disrespect Crown Princess of Masako of Japan because she gave birth of Princess Aiko,a female.Why against us,men?

My arwah mom always taught me,to be strong.She didn't want women to be viewed as weak and soft.My arwah sis Elly,she might look weak,but she had a strong emotion and strong attitude to survive with her disease.

I'm proud to be women.And I hope all women around the world,be proud because we giving birth to civilization.We giving birth to all mankind.

Happy Women International Day.8 March.And Happy Birthday to me on March 9th!

Girl Power!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Raja Kita,Selamat Berta-ta!(Waving Goodbye)

"God save the Queen,the facist regime,it makes you a moron,potential H bombs!"
-Sex Pistols.

I'm keen to continue my theory to be republic,especially for Malaysian people.

I laughed like fuck when a Malay friend told me that "kita perlukan raja sebab rajalah yang akan terus menaungi orang-orang Melayu di Malaysia.Kalau takde raja,republik,matilah kita bangsa Melayu,kena pijak".

And I replied,"sekarang bangsa Melayu hidup ke?Come on la,people in France throw their king and they become superpower.Hello,English tu pun,dah yang nak tubuhkan Republic of Britain tu dah sampai 30 percent dah.Some cities in Liverpool and Manchester masing-masing dah declare Republic of Scousers and Republic of Mancunia."

OK,everything started when friend of mine(BN hardcore) saying to me "ada ke patut meeting bawah pokok?Kat Canada mana ada,kan?Dorang ni gila la".

I replied back,"they all meeting kat pokok pasal police suka-suka nak tutup DUN.Ikut law based on Westminster(then I opened my Westminster law books,then I recited it),it's approved to have convenance even not inside Parliament for emergency matters.Ye la,kalau Parlimen terbakar macam mana nak meeting kat dalam?"

Then he replied "itu kalau terbakar.Masalahnya ni tiba-tiba meeting,dah Sultan tak approve,mana boleh?"

"Who need Sultan?They all wakil rakyat,bukan wakil sultan.Since rakyat nak persidangan tu,they all kena buat.Mahathir dulu jugak cakap,kalau tak sign around 14 days rule tu dah legitimate.So,benda yang sama jugak yang they all buat.If Sultan refuses to sign,then 14 days from law passed by Parliment/DUN,sah la!"

He then get emotional,"Hey,you ni orang Melayu ke?Even though you ada mixed Irish-Turkish,you still orang Melayu,okay?"

I'm replied "Hello,Ireland is a republic.Turkey is a republic.My dad anchestor is Bugis.Bugis is from Indonesia.Indonesia is a republic.None of my blood were from a monarch country okay?"

He trapped.He then replied,"tapi still orang Malaysia kan?"

"Nope,I'm Canadian.Je suis Canadienne."

Once again he getting emotional,"lupa daratan".

"You la lupa daratan.Asal orang Indonesia tapi tak nak mengaku anchestor sendiri.Siap halau-halau lagi."

He then replied,"habis,you nak Tanah Melayu jadi macam Singapore ke?"

"Yup." I replied short.

"Gila!Nak Cina conquer?"

"Cina conquer?Hello,it's an international city okay?You ingat semua Chinese yang control Singapore tu ke?American,British,French,Australian,Japanese..you name it,semua ada kat situ."

"Habis tu Lee Kuan Yew?Dia Perdana Menteri Singapore!"

"So?Kalau dia Perdana Menteri Singapore,kenapa?Tak boleh?People yang elect dia,sukati they all la."

"Nanti Melayu terpinggir,macam kat Singapore.Merempat kat bumi sendiri."

"Siapa cakap?I ada raaaaaamai kawan Singaporean.Bersepah.Pasir Ris,Pasir Panjang,Bukit Batuk,Yishun,Kalau I flight turun Changi ramai yang boleh I contact,what's a problem?They all okay je.Dapat kerja.Dapat makan.Dapat tidur.So?"

"Semua Melayu duduk kat rumah-rumah flat sempit." he replied with short idea.

"Hello,tanah Singapore tu memang la sempit.Memang semua duduk flat.Chinese pun duduk flat,what's a problem?Yang kat Malaysia,pergi la Jalan Pekeliling tu,duduk flat jugak.Ada lagi ke Jalan Pekeliling tu?hik hik!"

"Yang tu dah kat tengah bandar,nak buat macam mana?"

"Habis tu Singapore tu macam Felda Kuala Jenahak ke?"

He silent.And very-very pissed off at me.

"Alias,patutnya you cakap macam ni,takde rakyat,mati raja.Pasal raja tak dapat duit from rakyat.Kenapa la you ni,sorry to say,timid sangat?"

"Kita dah ada raja zaman-berzaman Ezreen,kenapa semua Melayu nak buang raja ni?"

"Pasal orang Melayu zaman sekarang dah buka mata Alias.Look at Russia,Czar they all,raja they all duduk kat Ipatiev Palace tu sejak Nabi Isa hidup lagi.Look at China,Emperor they all sejak zaman Mesolitik lagi.Tapi bila rakyat dah bukak mata,they don't need this rubbish anymore."

"Don't call my king rubbish Ezreen!Jangan cabar orang Melayu!"

"I cabar orang-orang so called Melayu ni Alias.Cuba jadi republik,boleh tak?"

"Nak jadi macam Indonesia?"

"Why not?They are future giants.Believe me,they will."

"Future economy giant?Sekarang pun merempat kat Malaysia."

"Merempat?20 years ago orang-orang hanyut Vietnam merempat kat Malaysia jugak.Now,more and more big companies bukak company kat Vietnam."

"Itu Vietnam,ini Indonesia."

"Vietnam ada 80 million people.Indonesia ada 230 million.Ada tanah luas lagi somemore.And Vietnam also a republic."

"Kenapa you insist sangat nak republic ni Ezreen?Gila ke nak buang raja?"

"Haha,you la gila Alias.OK,jangan ambik contoh negara republik.Ambik negara bukan republik.Spain,Juan Carlos.Britain,Queen E.Sweden,Carl Gustav.Japan,Hirohito.Thailand,Bhomibol Adulyadej.Semua satu je raja.Malaysia?Syed Putra,Sultan Halim,Sultan Azlan,Sultan Sarafuddin,Tuanku Munawir of Negeri Sembilan,Temenggong Johor Sultan Iskandar,Sultan Ahmad,Sultan Mizan,Sultan Ismail Petra,dah la negara kecik,lepas tu ada 9 raja.9 raja tu kena rakyat bayar cukai.Malaysia bukannya kaya macam Spain or Sweden,or strong economy macam Japan.You la gila nak ada raja banyak-banyak.Hello,raja-raja kat Indonesia tu,Mataram,Deli,Riau,Minangkabau,Makassar..semua dah buang.Yang tinggal pun Sri Hamangkubuwono.Itu pun just ketua adat.Takde kuasa pun nak memerintah.Sign pun tak laku.Sign Presiden yang laku."

"Kesimpulannya Alias,the world is changing.I tanya you,polis zaman sekarang tak pakai keris dan tanjak macam temenggong kat tepi Sungai Melaka.They all pakai baret dan pistol.Orang sekarang berkembang,takkan nak jadi kolot macam dulu?And let me tell you frank,Alias,I don't give a damn.I don't give a damn about Malay sultanate institution.It's bored.Rakyat lagi la bosan.So,either you change,or you boleh simpan otak you kat Muzium Negara".

Oh ya,let me sing Negaraku,new version.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat berta-ta..bye bye!

p/s:dengar Shayna Zaid lagi best!Poyo je orang gila tanjak ni..hik hik!

another p/s:The only raja I love is raja sehari.Where I can eat nasi beriyani.Free!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 9th is 5 days to go.5 more days to be older.

With a map behind me,I really feel that I'm a Zapatistas terrorist.

Well finally my brother's honeymoon's leave finally over.He with his wife a.k.a. my sis-in-law Citra,going to London(it's not in England,it's Canada).

And I'm all alone in this house,again.

Haha,I don't know.Why suddenly I become soooo rebelious,anti establishment,anarchist,socialist?HAH?Yeaahh baby rebel!Power struggle!Yeaahh!

Still counting,still counting.As from now,it's 1.57am here,

it's 4 days 22 hours and 3 minutes.
it's 424,980 seconds.
it's 7,083 minutes.
it's 118 hours.


Still dorky.Still corny.Still horny(oopss!),still the same old me.

I'm so damn bored,popcorn and coke and a good movie is ideal right now.What is my great movie right now to watch?

Lucky Number Slevin seems good?

...or something romantic like 10 Things I Hate About You?

well,I'll decide later.Meanwhile,gonna grab ice-cream from the ice-box.

Good night guys.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie Review:Slumdog Millionaire.

"This is the movie for people who love to think."

Adam Frank,columnist for movie critic.

OK,this is the only movie so far I didn't watch from cinema.Instead I'm downloaded it at BitTorrent (thanks for helping me Christina!),and if you don't like to think,and to see pretty face and handsome hunk,I suggest,don't ever watch this movie.

Based on Mumbai squatters society,living in the most dense city in the world,with 18 million souls in the small,cramped island of Salsette(Mumbai is part of Salsette archipelago),it's about survival living in slums in megacity,like Mumbai.

These slums,or 'setinggan' if in Malay,is as big as Kuala Lumpur itself.Where they're became a victim of urbanization and metropolism,who inspired to be rich and famous in the city,ending up become a humiliation,living on the streets and starving.

After watching this movie,right now I admit,I became more socialist.I want those people who ripped off other people opportunity to be responsible for these massive poverty.

By the way I love the motive of this story.Your life is based on A,B,C,D objective answer.It's shows that your life is on examination that students always nervous for,something that if we marked the wrong answer,we will leaving,empty handed.

Story of Jamal Malik and Latika is another story of love between race,class and religion.Why people loving each other because of race?Or class?Or religion?Why divide if we can love each other?

Somehow if destiny on your path,it will be written.Fortune always hiding,but you have to find it.Somewhere or somehow,when you'll find it out,you'll be happy.And meantime,there's millions of people in the dark,in the slums of Bombay or Manila,or Kuala Lumpur,waiting for fortune to find them.

Slumdog Millionaire also bringing child slave in naked truth.Street childrens been used by street gangsters to be rich.Children been bullied,been forced to suffer,and adults using their superiority to bully them.

Somehow,this story is not about to be rich in a gameshow,but the naked truth about our hideous poverty in our society.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Michelle Branch will releasing the new album!!!

"who wants to be ordinary,in this crazy mixed up world,I don't care what they saying,as long as I'm your girl.."

Michelle Branch,You Get Me-The Spirit Room(2001)

My lecturer told me I'm her clone.My voice,my face,my height,is as close as her.To be honest she's quite gorgeous and I wish I can meet her.

Michelle Branch,the rockest girl on Earth after Alanis Morrisette,is setting up to releasing her new album,soon.

A French-Irish-Javanese blood girl,will always been adored by music lover as one of greatest alternative chic ever.Especially "Everywhere" and "All You Wanted",reminds me of greatest memories when I was in Subang Jaya.I was in Form 4 when some people calling me "Ezreen Branch".I'm more to hip-hop back then,but I think sometimes it's cool to "be as close as bright star like Michelle".

She will releasing her new album,Everything Comes and Goes,and I believe this is the right way to "strike back" after long time hiatus.Her involvement with Jessica Harp in The Wreckers seems didn't go well,since her name is much much bigger than The Wrecker itself.

If I was a man(or lesbian),I will definitely love her,adore her.She's sexy of her own,in cross-breed between rock chic and soft-poetic girl.Like me and Sherina in between.

Definitely I'll be waiting for her new album,and of course,she will once again rock our world with her beautiful voice and emotionally touched by her lyrics and songs.

Go go go Michelle you're rock!