Monday, June 30, 2008

St Petersburg.

I'm leaving this Russian city this morning(0900 Moscow time).Thanks to Annichova for guidance.And to dad,thanks for wonderful trip here.I'm off to Calgary now!Yaay!

I thought I'm going to see Russian marching on to Euro 2008 finals but,nevermind,viva Espana..(at least they beat my favorite team Italy.)

Liar Liar Liar!

The news has spreading throughout website around the world,that Anwar Ibrahim,PKR de facto leader,has been accused sodomized his assistant,Saiful Bukhari Azlan.This news has spread wide after there's a resistance from People Pact(Malay:Pakatan Rakyat) about rise of oil price in Malaysia.This news is for cover up what government mistakes,government mishaps and government irresponsible act against people.

The people has been urged to listen to authoritive media,which led them to propaganda.The facts were actually lie.

They all know eventually BN will crumble down,sooner or later.The voice has been turn up.I'm not saying Pakatan Rakyat is a perfect government,there will be problems after this but,so far,they are better than BN.

Malaysians,when you're going to open up your eyes?


Sunday, June 22, 2008

NEP/Dasar Ekonomi Baru:This is why Malay never wake up from dreams..

Last night,I have a chat with one of my friend back in Malaysia.He is from Selangor,where PKR had won the state election.His name is Elyas,although he never afflicate to ruling Barisan Nasional(BN),but yet,he supported BN,and he believes Abdullah Badawi is a leader who binding all races in Malaysia.

He had cried(I don’t know through YM,I can’t see him cry but through his sigh,probably he is) about some he called "the stupid Malays" who voting for Democratic Action Party or DAP who determined to buried New Economic Policy(or in Malay-Dasar Ekonomi Baru) alive.He keep mentioning "bodoh la Melayu yang undi DAP tu.."(literally in English:those Malay who vote for DAP are stupid!)

I told Elyas,first,it’s a democratic system.Either you vote BN,or who against it.Since there’s no one you can vote,so vote DAP.He then says,"without NEP,Malay will go to drain..."

Elyas,you’re damn wrong.

NEP,or DEB,was an affirmative action taken by ruling government of Tun Abdul Razak through MAGERAN(Majlis Gerakan Negara,in English National Moving Council),since 1969 due to 13th May racial riot.Yes,I agree,it was helping lots of Malay,including my dad who going to University of Liverpool in 1979.It helps a lot of Malay,which that time,only reached just 3% of economy equities.It was saying 30 years later,Malay will reach 30% of economy equities.30 years later,Malay only reached 12%,but dropped to 7% due 1997 economic crisis.What went wrong here?

The great vision of Tun Razak has been tarnished with so called "Malay corporates",especially circulation of UMNO big corruptors.The vision were great,but the application,execution are absolutely corrupted with UMNO big man.In the end,it’s not Malay(or Bumiputra) who gaining it,it’s only UMNO who reach this benefits.

I remember one country in the world who has similar pattern with our situation here.South Africa.Where apartheid rules until 1994.It was saying,only white company will get highway,railways etc. contract from the government.Black company?They don’t even get a single company.They only work,in factory,or building roads and railways.
The different between South Africa and Malaysia is the supremacy of the race has not the same.Here in Malaysia,only what we call elite(UMNO) who can reaching the contract.Where the other else?My dad got a contract from government because he’s UMNO member.How about non-UMNO members?

I see NEP like a baby bottle for me.When you was a baby,you were helpless,need someone to put baby bottle for you to drink.When you’re growing older,you need to eat yourself.Stand up,and go find your own food.When NEP applied,it goes without saying that Malay will say "Takpa la,ada quota untuk saya..",and eventually,the psychology goes weaker and weaker.We would never able to challenge and compete.I wonder if whole Malay,which around 70% of Malaysian had this thought,how can they compete with competitive countries such as Vietnam,Thailand etc.China?India?They have 50 times people more than Malaysians.How do you Malaysians going to compete them all?If you had this thought?

So,am I ungrateful bastard if I ignore my baby bottle?

In Japan,there’s no such thing as quota.In Singapore,there’s no such thing as quota.Even right here in Canada,there’s no such thing as quota.Everyone is equal,and strife for their own sucsess.No backing from government.I ask you all Malays,how long you’re going to lend government’s shoulder?And the arrogant BN will act like God,and telling everyone "we cater all of you".Bull shit.

The NEP are actually ruining the Malays.First,the main reason of corruption.Second,psychological impact of Malay itself going to be lazy.Third,the arrogant BN will keep proud to themselves,saying that they protect the people(actually they suck people’s blood),fourth,we don’t have any ability to compete with other countries.

I have more respect for "mat-mat burger" out there who selling burgers at night,comparing with those people which waiting for government contracts,and in the time to complete the work,it’s still not done(no wonder there’s so many projek rumah terbengkalai).

Malays,aren’t you ashamed?You got affirmative action from government,racial quota,and still,graduate from university but no job?Compared to my friend Cindy Leoh,only SPM ma,but still I have saloon shop,or Lim Ah Loy,my classmate who always skipped class and got bad result on SPM,but own cybercafe,without any assist from government?

Stop blaming DAP guys,blame corrupt UMNO and yourself.

Stop being anak manja(pampered child).

Radiohead Live In Calgary!

It is Monday,in Pengrowth Saddledome,I have witnessed the greatest band of all time since the Beatles,Radiohead.With my friend Mary Shane,and my brother Shahril,the night was cracking mad!Thom and co. has performed electrifiying the crowd with absolutely great performance.It's been 6 months I've been wait for this concert.

15 STEPS (*****)The first song they had performed that night is 15 Steps.Phil Selway the drummer,has done the great impact to the music itself.Sound like "techno beat" song,I felt like I'm in alien spaceship with great guitar riff of Jonny Greenwood.What a great opening act.

SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK ALIEN(****)One of the great song of OK Computer,this is what I called it the masterpiece of Thom.With under influence of Jonny's overdrive,the song is fully screamed.

BODYSNATCHERS(*****)When I heard the riffs,intro of this song,I was screamed like hell.Mary was uncontrolled,asking me to lift him to stage,but been pulled by security guard on the stage.Pushing and screaming in pogo,it was cracking mad!No wonder the security didn't want us to bring our camera here.The band then go to rest,but still fans don't cool down since Bodysnatchers rocking Calgary that night.

FAKE PLASTIC TREE(****)The band came back and,they want to slowdown the fans by singing a melodic slow song from album The Bends.From here I've seen Thom singing without even think that he was there.It was so emotional to see him sing like that.

I MIGHT BE WRONG(****)He then asked crowd to start clapping while Jonny do his work,with guitar riffs like that,he start to react with emotion and crowd start to chanting along him.It was great moment as Shahril,the newbie of Radiohead fans saying,"what the hell he was doing?"

DOWN IS A NEW UP(*****)This song is interesting.Thom bring his keyboard,and at first,he start the song with "Draculla" Movie Theme,before starting this song.Well,this is B-side song,not even lot people knows it.I knew it,Mary knew it,leaving Aril blurred.The band then rest for second time,while Aril go buying some refreshment,I realized some of troublemaker had fought each other beside us.It was so chaotic until security came and arrest both of them.Fuhhhhh!!!Radiohead suddenly play some riffs,a song without lyric,just for let the crowd cool.Thom then says thanks who all to come to this concert,saying Canada is awesome and rock!

JUST(*****)I screamed like hell!This is so wonderful,especially when Jonny riffs his guitar like that,the dome seems so rock and I don't realized actually it was Aril who go to the crowd and slam.OMG!

ELECTIONEERING(****)2008 is election year.Almost the whole world done or still having a process of election.However,Thom has cynical views on US Presidential Election,by saying "it's like the Americans vote for a President who controls the world".I'm saying in my heart,Hillary will do it the better world.However,I don't want to mention much about politics,it's Radiohead!So,the performance was awesome except for one thing,Thom slips his voice once.Well,he just a human being.

NO SURPRISE(*****)This is the way Radiohead end tonight's performance,how cruel...This is my favorite song and yet,he play this song.I was thought Nice Dream will be the last,nah...No Surprises...The glockenspiel played by Jonny,with simple acoustic guitar of Thom,it's was majestic."Bring down the government,they don't speak for us..." and I shout it out loud.Some of the crowds shouting "Fuck Bush,Fuck Harper" and I joined the crowd,as my protest against conservatism.Oh yeah,I adding "Fuck Pak Lah" as well haha!In the end we're going home,and Aril,he said,"I love Radiohead".The great performance.

What do I learn from Champions League Final?

What do I learn from Champions League Finals?
It was midday summer day in Calgary,me and my friend Mary,a big supporter of Red Scousers,Republic of Liverpudlian are going to restaurant,it was walking distance from my home.A staunch Liverpool fans,based on her strong Merseyside connection,there's no surprises why she hate Manchester United.It's 11pm in Moscow,1pm in Calgary.At the restaurant,90 percent were red,and Mary,which always wear Carlsberg Red,got no choice except for support Samsung Blue.26 minutes later,Ronaldo scores!The crowd shout like hell.Only few "footballers newbie" has silent and being dumb.But when half time almost over,Lampard scores,and tribute that goal to his mother.I respect his attitude,believe me,I knew what he felt.I see a true color,character of people on this game.In my opinion,it was Lampard who led Chelsea,not Terry.He didn't show his professionalism through the game,spitting Tevez after Drogba sent off.Drogba,in my opinion,has pull his temper much,and what an asshole,slapping Vidic like a drag queen,like a cunt.What I can see here,it's not Ronaldo as United hero in this game.Yes,he did scores goal,but on penalty shootout,he's too,hesitate to kick.Nani has confident more than him,even Anderson,he kicked middle of the goal.Terry has being disappointing.His leadership,and oh yeah,he is too cocky when he walked to penalty spot.The result was devastating,not only he lost a penalty kick,he lost a Champions League.In the end,all i found out is,Ronaldo ain't hero for United,Giggs is,van der Sar is,and Terry ain't leader breed,I have my respect to Lampard for respecting her mom,but Drogba,I believe I can slap people better than yours.Man United has history,Chelsea didn't.It's not money who ruled football anyway.