Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mahathir:Sith Lord of Malaysia.

Mahathir:The force is strong with you,Najib.

Finally the dark side has come back.Like Darth Sidious,he has waiting for a long time to reign his Sith empire.His apperentice,already follow what he had done some 11 years ago,and together,they will set the Empire.

Mahathir,The Dark Lord of Sith,has return back to politics.At 85,he is strong as ever,after a long hiatus,hiding his agenda to rule,once again.Power doesn't recognize age.His counterpart in Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe,still want to rules Zimbabwe for at least another 10 years,although he is 83 years old.

Of course he will not be a figurehead like he used to be.He will use his proxy,his famous words against Jew in year 2003.His proxy,already done something that he used to do-bailout companies,to support them,to reign their power.

Like Sidious and Vader,they must end up all of their enemies in the party first.In March,all Pak Lah's team will be head off,and after strengthen the party with their own army,they will enforce the law by deny all voices of Opposition.Pakatan Rakyat states will suffer after this.Believe me it will.People finally detested with Pakatan,and finally come back to Barisan.

Besides,people in Pakatan states,like Selangor,Perak or Penang,are not put their alliegence toward Opposition before.They just vote Pakatan because they hate Pak Lah sleeping in his office.But now,if this Sith Lords once again rule Putrajaya,Selangor,Perak or Penang,or even Kedah will no problem vote for Barisan.

You don't know the power of the dark side.

Once again,Mahathir will rule Malaysia.He already set up his think tank,and together with Najib and his son,Mahathir will be powerful,again.

Stephane Dion stepped down as Liberal Leader.

October 24, 2008

OTTAWA —The Honourable Stéphane Dion announced today that he will step down as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada once a new leader is elected at the Liberal Party of Canada’s Leadership and Biennial Convention, to be held in 2009.

Bye bye Dion,welcome Ignatieff!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Muslim recently hate Jew?

I know this is sensitive topic to talk-but,I think I need to clear all the nonsense in our head,as Muslim,and we should understand,that this hatred should be stopped.

I know,some lunatic Jews who called themselves "Zionist",has killing Palestinians,declaring war with Muslim,but why on earth we generalize as "all Jew should be damned"?

Adolf Hitler killed 5 million of Jews in Holocaust,and many more suffered,losing their home and properties,and Jews has been mocked as "scums that want to conquer the world".

When I was in Malaysia,I observed Malay like to "curse people and compared it with Jew",for example "Perangai kau jahat macam Yahudi!",or "Kau ni perangai macam Yahudi".

What's wrong with Yahudi/Jew?

I also read some of the blogs,urged people to hate Jew.Jew is the one who create this catastrophe.

Jew got their propaganda and agenda to control the world.Jew want us to be their slave.

Hey,knock it off!

Not all Jews supporting State of Israel.Not all Jew supporting Zionism.Not all Jew like Israeli army killing Palestinian people at the street of Rafah,or Gaza Strip.


And please stop this sort of thought,"Oh,Yahudi ni nak control duit kita.."


If you guys hate Jew so much,then you also hate Prophet Ishak,Yaakob,Yusuf,Ayub,Musa,Harun,Zulkifli,Daud,Sulaiman,Ilyas,Ilyasa,Yunus,Zakaria,Yahya,and Isa a.s.They all Jew!

Hate Zionist,not Jew.

We definitely don't want another Hitler roaming the Earth,don't we?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ohh Najib,my kampung MP...

I wonder why my Parlimentary Area is been represented by Prime Minister,or Incoming Prime Minister.

When I was in Milan,my MP is Silvio Berlusconi,current Italian Prime Minister.

Luckily when I was in Subang,I'm not been represented by Malaysian Prime Minister,however,my kampung,which in Pekan,Pahang,is represented by Najib,incoming Prime Minister.

When I was in Calgary,my MP is Stephen Harper,Canadian Prime Minister.

All of them are not the politicians are sucks.Berlusconi with his bribery scandal,Najib,we all well known,and Stephen Harper is neo-con freaks.

I wonder why..

Anyway,good luck Najib.You'll need it,really need it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Liberal lost in Canadian Election.

There's already a week since Canadian election,and now,as a Liberal supporters,I really want to discuss it,and it is important if we want to defeat Stephen Harper,or stop Jack Layton to move as Opposition Leader next election.

1.People simply don't trust Stephane Dion.

Since "it's not fair" incident,Canadian as thought that Stephane Dion is a wanker,and not capable to lead.

2.Bullying campaign of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper uses his massive influence as Prime Minister to bullying Liberal leaders,especially Dion.

3.Stephane Dion is not fluently in English.

Stephen Harper may not good in French,but most of Francophone in Canada is Quebecois.Most of Quebecois votes Gilles Duceppe,Bloc Quebecois leader.So,Liberal need Anglophone leader,Dion fails to deliver.

4.Green Shift Plan misunderstood by Canadians.

While I'm think it's good for our enviroment,people like my brother or my friends simply don't agrees it.They believe if Green Shift Plan be applied when Dion become Canadian Prime Minister,the oil price will be soaring high,and they don't afford to do that.Hybrid cars,not for speed junkies like my brother.

5.Not capable to challenge Conservatives.

Even Stephen Harper at the lowest of popularity in his career as Prime Minister.Especially when economy crisis soars,listeriosis outbreak and his dictatorship,but still Liberal didn't work out to beat Conservatives.I don't trust polls,but even I was in Toronto,some Torontonians said Conservatives will win.Don't mention Calgary,it's stronghold of Stephen Harper.

6.Opposition parties simply don't unite.

This is the main reason why we lost.While NDP with their socialist movement,there should be an agreement between Green Party and Liberal Party,at least.While Bloc Quebecois,Quebec won't be a country,for God's sake!So,while Green Party will never ever got prospect to win this election,the idioticity of their leader Miss Elizabeth May arrogance and greed believes they can win Canadian election.If only they unite like Pakatan Rakyat did.

I will bald my hair off if Green Party win the election and Miss Elizabeth May is Canadian PM.
Only treehuggers will vote them.

So,what we got from here now?We already lost election,the lowest since 1984,and we need to recover ourselves.We don't have much time for fooling around.

So,with my open heart,I endorsed Michael Ignatieff as Leader of Liberal Party,and thus become Opposition Leader of House of Commons.

You have failed us Dion.Step down and give Ignatieff to proof himself.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barisan Nasional vs Pakatan Rakyat,UMNO vs MCA,Pak Lah vs Najib(managed by Mahathir),Royal Rumble of Politics!

Well,after a request for Razor,I'm going back to write about Malaysian politics again.

The power struggle in Malaysian politic nowadays not just between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat,but also UMNO vs MCA,Pak Lah vs Najib,Mahathir was on the side of Najib's ring,Khairy vs Mukhriz...

I remember my younger days when I enjoyed watching WWE.It's called Royal Rumble,where all 30 wrestlers will fight in one ring,to determine who's going to be contender against WWE Champion.Well,unlike in Canada,or United States,when you already cast the vote,poll closed and the winner has been announced,and it's end of politic talks,in Malaysia,it's never ending story.It's like in WWE.When pay-per-view is over,it will be Raw or Smackdown.And waiting for the next pay-per-view.

Like my brother Shahril said,he sick to see this kind of politic.He really want to puke when hears Anwar promised to the world that he will be Malaysian PM.He also want to puke when hears Najis not guilty in Altantuya bombings.He also puked when hear that Mahathir running for PM post,again.

While Nami already removed Anwar Ibrahim blog's link,he's perhaps looking for another alternative-socialism.I still believe in Anwar,although my faith towards him are going lower day by day.PAS also acted arrogantly like they're the reason why they won election(which they don't),DAP also annoyed with PAS arrogance too.So,it's not just turbulence in Barisan Nasional(UMNO vs MCA in Khairy's statement,MCA leaders ask for No.2 BN chairman post),not only turbulence in UMNO(Najib-Mahathir-Muhyiddin vs Pak Lah,Mukhriz vs Khairy),but also Pakatan Rakyat turbulance(Kedah Premier 50% quota of Bumiputra's housing,Pas vs DAP).

Malaysia already has been viewed as "circus of politics".Vision 2020.It's funny to hear that word again.

All you need is a leader with no-nonsense leader approach,perhaps like Vladimir Putin,Lee Kuan Yew,or maybe you'll need Adolf Hitler to unite all Malaysian.

Circus of politics.Haha,even Zimbabwe already finish to talk politics.

So,this is Royal Rumble 2008 live in Malaysia!

Anwar Ibrahim vs Najib Tun Razak(PM Heavyweight Title)
Pak Lah vs Najib(managed by Mahathir)
Najib vs Tengku Razaleigh(UMNO Title)
Khairy vs Mukhriz(Youth Wing Title)
UMNO vs MCA(BN's 2nd Chairman Match)
Gerakan and SAPP vs entire BN(Royal Rumble)
Teresa Kok vs Hamid Albar(ISA match)
DAP vs Pas(Bumiputra house match)

hey,got Hell in the Cell match?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Invitation to Create Federation of Bloggers.

I understand that most of us,already write our own blog,and express opinions toward our own blog.

I have a vision,to create a blog,which all of us share,as a one.

But still we remain to write our blog.

Is like Diskopi, and Malaysia-Today,where is multiple of bloggers write in the same blog.

The name of the blog is "Federation of Bloggers",will be at shared,together among us.You can still write your own blog,but share it at this blog as well.

If you interested on this idea,with my pleasure please send your:

Nickname(which what you'll be called in this blog):
Birthdate and Birthplace:
Alma Mater(school and universities):
E-mail of your blog(so I can invite you):
Political View:
Music Genre that You Love:
Most Favorite Artist(1 only):
Most Favorite Movie(1 only):
Most Favorite Song(1 only):
Most Favorite Politician(1 only):
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Sport's Team:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Your Blog's URL:


Name:Ezreen Emira Sulaiman.
Nickname(which what you'll be called in this blog):E the Prototype Robot.
Birthdate and Birthplace:March 9th,1986 at Kuantan,Pahang.
Hometown:Glenmore South,Calgary,Alberta,Canada.
Alma Mater(school and universities):Tadika Nur Murni,Scuolo Internazionale Di Milano,SRK Subang Jaya,SMK Damansara Jaya,University of Calgary.
Hobby:Writing blogs and watching Celtic FC game.
Political View:Small government,Classic Liberalism.
Music Genre that You Love:Alternative and Indie.
Most Favorite Artist(1 only):Radiohead
Most Favorite Movie(1 only):Star Wars
Most Favorite Song(1 only):Radiohead-No Surprises
Most Favorite Politician(1 only):Hillary Rodham Clinton
Favorite Sport:Football,Formula One,Basketball.
Favorite Sport's Team:Celtic FC,McLaren Mercedes,Boston Celtics.
Favorite Color:Green,Red,White.
Favorite Food:Colcannon,Chicken Soup,Chocolate.
Your Blog's

and post it at this comment box(which I prefer),or simply email me at:

You can put any entry that you really want to share.And I as the moderator will check everything is cool.Any provocation among members are prohibited.If you want to critic,critic it with respect and friendship.

From politic,sport,art,fashion,medical,religion--you name it,you write it.

With friendship towards all bloggers,
Ezreen Emira.

Bloggers of the world unite!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

US Presidential Election Debate:The Last Debate.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. - John McCain assailed Barack Obama's character and his campaign positions on taxes, abortion and more Wednesday night, hoping to turn their final presidential debate into a launching pad for a political comeback. "You didn't tell the American people the truth," he said.

Unruffled, and ahead in the polls, Obama parried each charge, and leveled a few of his own.

"One hundred percent, John, of your ads, 100 percent of them have been negative," Obama shot back in an uncommonly personal debate less than three weeks from Election Day.

"That's not true," McCain retorted.

"It is true," said Obama, seeking the last word.

McCain is currently running all negative ads, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But he has run a number of positive ads during the campaign.

The 90-minute encounter, at a round table at Hofstra University, was their third debate, and marked the beginning of a 20-day sprint to Election Day. Obama leads in the national polls and in surveys in many battleground states, an advantage built in the weeks since the nation stumbled into the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

With few exceptions, the campaign is being waged in states that voted Republican in 2004 — Virginia, Colorado, Iowa — and in many of them, Obama holds a lead in the polls.

McCain played the aggressor from the opening moments of the debate, accusing Obama of waging class warfare by seeking tax increases that would "spread the wealth around."

The Arizona senator also demanded to know the full extent of Obama's relationship with William Ayers, a 1960s-era terrorist and the Democrat's ties with ACORN, a liberal group accused of violating federal law as it seeks to register voters. And he insisted Obama disavow last week's remarks by Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat, who accused the Republican ticket of playing racial politics along the same lines as segregationists of the past.

Struggling to escape the political drag of an unpopular Republican incumbent, McCain also said, "Sen. Obama, I am not President Bush. ... You wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago."

Obama returned each volley, and brushed aside McCain's claim to full political independence.

"If I've occasionally mistaken your policies for George Bush's policies, it's because on the core economic issues that matter to the American people — on tax policy, on energy policy, on spending priorities — you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush," he said.

McCain's allegation that Obama had not leveled with the public involved the Illinois senator's decision to forgo public financing for his campaign in favor of raising his own funds. As a result, he has far outraised McCain, although the difference has been somewhat neutralized by an advantage the Republican National Committee holds over the Democratic Party.

"He signed a piece of paper" earlier in the campaign pledging to accept federal financing, McCain said. He added that Obama's campaign has spent more money than any since Watergate, a reference to President Nixon's re-election, a campaign that later became synonymous with scandal.

Obama made no immediate response to McCain's assertion about having signed a pledge to accept federal campaign funds.

Obama:focuses on jobs,eliminate tax break for big companies.Providing middle class tax cuts.

McCain:focuses on small businesses,tax break for small businesses.

Obama:US$200 billion for tax cut if McCain as President,mostly goes to Exxon Mobil,Shell,big companies.Distribution of wealth equally if Obama wins.

McCain:"Why want to increase small business taxes in this tough time?"

Obama:Increase taxes for people who earns US$250k.

McCain:Against distribution of wealth,supports enterpreneurship instead.

**both of them is lefthanded.It's rock when the next powerful person on Earth is a southpaw,Southpaws of the world,unite!**

McCain:US$700 billion is a key for saving American economy.Oppose subsidized economy for economy sustainbility.

Obama:Target to lower deficit budgets,from US$10 trillion in Bush administration to US$0.5 trillion in 2016.

McCain:"I have the record to reform situation in America."

McCain:"Building 45 nuclear plants for against foreign dependencies of oil."

Obama:Target in 10 years to eliminate foreign dependencies of oil,by developing renewable resources,and ethanol as alternative to oil.

Obama:Dialogs with Iran,Venezuela,Cuba for free trades,regardless of international political agenda.

Obama:Lower costs for healthcare,provide options for those who don't have healthcare insurance,and manage to handle cronic diseases such as diabetis etc for medical healthcare for lower cost.

McCain:US$5k tax credit for buying insurance.

McCain:Against abortion of all cost,except rape.

Our True North Strong And Free.

Well,I'm proud to be here.I'm stand and proud to my Great Maple Flag as it raises on.

Today,I offer my alligience to my new government,lead by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

We already been splited up as Conservatives,Liberal,New Democratic,Green,or even Marijuana Party.Now I urge all of us,Canadian,to stand unite support our new government.

Like our motto "Our True North Strong And Free",as Liberal supporter,now as a Canadian.

Congratulation,My Prime Minister,Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper is Canadian Prime Minister,re-elected.

Result in House of Commons:

Bloc Quebecois:50

in my parlimentary area:

Calgary Southwest

Stephen Harper(Con) 38,545
Marlene Lamontagne(Lib) 4918
Kelly Christie(Green) 4732
Dennis Young(LTN) 304
Larry Heather(Christian Heritage) 256

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


106 seats and hate Stephen Harper har har har!

active reader from canada, Canada writes: TEACH CANADA AND THE POLLSTERS A LESSON! Flaherty and Harpo both HATE ontario...with every fibre of their beings....we WILL NOT allow them power...we will STOP their assault of our province....VOTE STRATEGICALLY the pollsters are saying: "Conservative fortunes in the province are going to depend in large measure on how the opposition vote splits — especially since the three closest races in the province in the last vote were all ones in which Conservatives squeaked through. If the New Democrats and Greens siphon off enough votes from the Liberals, the Tories could win some seats with as little as one-third of the popular vote, something they couldn't do in the last election."

Posted 14/10/08 at 2:11 PM EDT

active reader from canada, Canada writes: Ontario does not like being lied to. We do not like being treated arrogantly and decietfully. We love the planet and know we are borrowing it from our children. We are a moral and ethical province. we have all kinds of different cultures, religions and ethnicities and we KNOW how to get along with each other. we are going to stun th pundits....almost everyone i know is voting liberal or is checking to VOTE STRATEGICALLY.....WE HAVE THE POWER TO BANISH HARPER....HE SAID HE WILL RESIGN IF HE LOSES. And WE are NOT going to relinquish this wonderful opportunity. I hope the rest of the nation does the same....and that BC voters will be the icing on the cake at the end of the evening! GO CANADA GO! GOODBYE HARPER!
Posted 14/10/08 at 2:22 PM EDT

1 2 from Canada writes: For the sake of your children's future, vote strategically.

Harper never gave a damn about Ontario before the election and why would that change now?
Dion will not be stupid about his carbon tax -- unlike Harper, he cares about ordinary Canadians and do what is best for all of us.

Vote strategically.
Posted 14/10/08 at 6:54 PM EDT

1 2 from Canada writes: May clearly demonstrated during the debates that she is unable to shut up when it is someone else's time to speak. That is the epitome of arrogance, and Canada does not need someone like this in the House of Commons.

And buddy Harper had NOTHING useful to say. He just sat there in a daze trying desperately to keep his temper under control. Now that's a real leader.

Vote strategically tonight. ABC
Posted 14/10/08 at 6:56 PM EDT


Stephen Harper vote at Calgary-Southwest

Stephane Dion vote at Saint Laurent-Cartier

Polls closed.

Counting votes begin!


Stephen Harper visited Glenmore Lake residents at 4.30pm.YUCK!

Bay Street Index in Toronto booms 891 points,while Loonies(Canadian dollars) are stronger than US.

Nickel Belt,Ontario:Wind cut power forcing voters cast their votes at lantern light.


I'm voting today!

I'll vote at Glenmore High School today.

Situation in Calgary Southwest right now is calm.

Stephen Harper arrived from Vancouver last night and thousands of Conservatives supporters welcomes Harper.

My car has been threw by eggs because of my Liberal bumper sticker last Saturday.

I'll walk to Glenmore High for not taking risk to be throw by eggs,again.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't trust Opinion Polls.

Lately the Tories supporters already cheer up and act like they already win the election.Based on polls,yup,it's Tories who lead,but if you trust opinion polls,then you don't have to vote.

I still remember election in Malaysia.The polls was said that Opposition Alliance(Pakatan Rakyat) will win at Kelantan,Terengganu and maybe Kedah.BN will still hold 2/3 of majority.

Who haven't thought Samy Vellu lost at his stronghold at Perak?Who haven't thought Penang,the state of Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister lost almost 70 percent of BN votes?Who haven't thought Selangor,which Khir Toyo the ex Selangor Premier always said "zero opposition",and now "opposition" became "the government"?

Who haven't thought Shahrizat Jalil will lost at her stronghold in Bangsar?I mean guys,polls is polls but is that really what Canadian voters think?

How about polls in 2004 Presidential Election in US shows John Kerry win 54%?Did Kerry won?Nope.He lost.

Polls sucks.And Stephen Harper is keep in denial on his failure to govern Canada.

And one thing Miss Elizabeth May,if you think you're better than Dion to govern greener Canada by acting Green Party alone,try convince Central Nova first.You won't win alone Green Party.Call some of your hippies up at the tree and go vote.You suck Elizabeth May.You really suck.

And for Jack Layton,your socialist movement seems ideal on paper,you can convince people like Nami but not me.Socialist won't work,retard!

And for Gilles Duceppe,Quebec won't be a nation if you keep your party around Quebec.You won't achieve your "Quebec nation" dream.Wake up,dreamer.

Stephane Dion may not good in English because he is Francophone.But he has a vision for Canada.Where economy and enviroment meets.Not with self centered money freaks like Harper or tree hugger like May.And not seperatist mind that keep distance between Francophone and Anglophone,Quebecois and the rest of Canada Monsieur Duceppe.And definitely not a people who idealize "Soviet Union of Canada" like Jack Layton.

Can't all of you agree on one thing,Canadians?Oh yeah,I do repeat,POLLS SUCK!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Race of Deputy President of UMNO begins!

Back to Malaysian politics again.

Well,the whole world already knew that Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will resign March 2009.And if Anwar didn't achieve his Pakatan Rakyat team to be Malaysian government,well,the new Prime Minister Najis Tun Razak will sworn.

The thing is,unlike situation in 2003,where Abdullah unanimously voted by UMNO division as Prime Minister,so that Najis as his Deputy,things ain't be same on this year.

Najis,well,will facing Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah,while the Deputy President is wide open.

So far,Muhyidin Yassin is one of the famous name who will compete as Deputy President.Rais Yatim will be there,Muhammad2 Taib also there(Kelana Jaya won't forget your ignorance),Ali Ketam(I like the way Nami mention his name) also there,and who-the-fuck-he-is "not so fucking popular" Nur Jazlan Muhammad.Ahmad Zahid Hamidi already withdraw from this fight.

To all my friends,please vote,either Muhyidin Yassin from Johor,Rais Yatim from Jelebu,Muhammad2 Taib,the guy dictates Kelana Jaya,Ali Ketam of Malacca,and who-the-fuck-is Nur Jazlan Muhammad.Or,you can also vote Sang Kambing if you don't like all of them.


Alberta:28 seats(2006:Con:28,Lib:0,NDP:0,Gre:0)
British Columbia:36 seats(2006:Con:17,Lib:8,NDP:10,Gre:1)
Manitoba:14 seats(2006:Con:8,Lib:3,NDP:3)
New Brunswick:10 seats(2006:Con:3,Lib:6,NDP:1)
Newfoundland and Labrador:7 seats(2006:Lib 4,Con:3)
Northwest Territories:1 seat(2006:NDP)
Nova Scotia:11 seats(2006:Lib 6,Con 3,NDP 2)
Nunavut:1 seat(2006:Liberal)
Ontario:106 seats(2006:Lib 54,Con 40,NDP 12)
Prince Edward Island:4 seats(2006:Lib:4)
Quebec:75 seats(2006:Lib 13,Con 10,Bloc Quebecois 51,Ind 1)
Saskatchewan:14 seats(2006:Con 12,Lib 2)
Yukon:1 seat(2006:Liberal)

Riding to watch:

Calgary Southwest(i'm voting here)

Stephen Harper(Con)
Marlene Lamontagne(Lib)
Holly Heffernan(NDP)
Larry Heather(Christian Heritage)
Kelly Christie(Green)

Saint Laurent-Cartier

Stephane Dion(Lib)
Jacques Lachaine(Bloc Quebecois)
Dennis Galiasatos(Con)
Jerome Rodrigues(NDP)

Laurier-St Marie

Gilles Duceppe(Bloc Quebecois)
Sébastien Caron(Lib)
Charles K. Langford(Con)
François Grégoire(NDP)
Dylan Perceval-Maxwell(Green)
Serge Lachapelle(Marxist)
François Yo Gourd(
Daniel "F4J" Laforest(Ind)


Jack Layton(NDP)
Andrew Lang(Lib)
Christina Perreault(Con)
Sharon Howarth(Green)
Marcell Rodden(Marxist)
Marie Crawford(Animal Alliance)
Bahman Yazdanfar(Canadian Action)
John Richardson(Ind)

Central Nova

Peter MacKay(Con)
Louise Lorifice(NDP)
Elizabeth May(Green)
Paul Kemp(Canadian Action)
Michael Harris MacKay(Christian Heritage)

Dion leads Harper--FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Bloc Quebecois-9%

We need to kick out this Harper off!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apakah itu Wang?/What is Money?

Atas permintaan ramai,saya hari ini menulis blog dengan dua bahasa,Melayu dan Inggeris.

Nampaknya Nami terlalu kental ideologi socialismnya.Tak salah,dan tak betul.Sebelum ingin berkata tentang "sistem ekonomi yang mana satu",eloklah saya memberitahu fundemental(asas) ekonomi itu--wang.

Apa itu wang?Wang itu ialah sesuatu yang kita gunakan untuk menukar dengan barang yang kita nak.Zaman dahulu,mereka mengamalkan sistem barter,iaitu sistem tukar barang.Jika saudara Nami nak ayam,tetapi ada sayur,saudara Nami perlu cari orang yang nak sayur,tapi ada ayam.Tapi ekonomi dulu tak sekomplikated sekarang.Oleh itu,kita perlukan wang untuk membeli dan menjual.

Pada zaman dahulu,masyarakat menggunakan kulit kerang,daun dan batu sebagai alat pertukaran menggantikan sistem barter.Tapi semua itu tidak ada nilai.Jadi,mereka gunakan emas dan perak.Kerana nilainya yang berharga,jadi nilainya akan sentiasa kukuh.

Ekonomi Islam berkembang dengan Dinar Emas.Sehingga tahun 1924 apabila Kerajaan Uthmaniyyah digulingkan oleh Mustafa Kemal Attartuk,maka ekonomi berdasarkan Dinar Emas telahpun musnah.

Pada tahun 1944,negara-negara Eropah mengalami hutang yang sangat tinggi akibat krisis Perang Dunia Kedua.Oleh itu,Amerika telah mengeluarkan satu usul,iaitu sistem ekonomi Bretton Woods.Oleh kerana semua emas yang dirizabkan di negara-negara Eropah telahpun habis akibat perang,nilai matawang franc(Perancis),mark(Jerman),lira(Itali),dan sebagainya telah jatuh merudum.Bagi menyelamatkan Eropah,Amerika telah meletakkan perjanjian Bretton Woods,dimana semua negara-negara haruslah meletakkan matawang mereka bersandarkan dolar Amerika,dan dolar Amerika akan disandarkan dengan emas iaitu 1 auns=USD30.

Tetapi apabila Perang Vietnam semakin meningkat belanjanya,maka Presiden Nixon mengemukakan usul untuk mengeluarkan wang untuk belanja perang.Belanja keseluruhan ialah USD100 billion,tetapi rizab emas Amerika cuma mempunyai USD30 billion.Jadi,Presiden Nixon mengarahkan Federal Reserve Bank untuk mencetak wang lagi.Ini ialah wang fiat.Jadi,secara tak langsung,wang kita ini semua tidak ada nilai lagi.Kenapa?Kerana semua matawang di dunia bersandarkan dolar AS.

Jadi,kita semua telah lihat kegagalan socialism dalam era lewat 80an,dan kita semua tahu yang socialism hanya membawa padah.Akan mewujudkan diktator-diktator seperti Hitler,Stalin,Jozep Tito,Mao Zedong,Pol Pot dan lain-lain lagi.

Kita juga sudah melihat kegagalan capitalism.

Jadi,kenapa nak sandarkan sesuatu yang telah gagal,Nami?Terima kenyataan,socialism sudah gagal.

Wang kertas ialah wang fiat.Anda semua sebenarnya gagal untuk memahami apa fungsi wang kertas.Ia hanya "surat bukti" menunjukkan kita mempunyai harta,bukan harta itu sendiri.Jadi,jika saya tunjuk not C$10 saya,saya mempunyai emas yang berharga C$10 di dalam bank.Seharusnya begitu.Takkan sekeping kertas mempunyai nilai setinggi C$10 itu,atau C$100?Kertas tetap sama nilainya,bukan?

Jadi ekonomi kita seharusnya bersandarkan kepada Dinar Emas.Itulah syariat Islam yang sebenarnya.Ia kalis inflasi,sentiasa bernilai,tidak akan jatuh harganya.Nilai ringgit Malaysia yang ada sekarang mungkin sudah turun 30 peratus berbanding 10 tahun yang lalu.Maknanya,setiap RM1 yang ada hari ini,berharga 70sen pada 10 tahun yang lalu.Sebab itu harga barangan sentiasa meningkat.

Allah pun dah berfirman "tidak sekali-kali Aku ubahkan nasib sesuatu kaum itu,melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang mengubahnya".So,kenapa nak masih kekal dengan socialism yang dah memang terbukti gagal?Capitalism pun gagal,gunakan cara Islam.


It's seems Nami is a staunch supporter of socialist economy system.It's not wrong,and it's not right.Before answering his question on his blog "Which Economy System Shall We Follow",perhaps I should tell him about fundemental of economy system--money.

Money is a tool,for us to buy goods.Long before monetary system was found,we used barter system--which trade goods for goods.If Nami want chicken and only got vegetables,you need to find someone who want vegetable and got chicken.However,those days aren't so complicated compared as for today economic situation.We need money to buy,it's practical.

Those days,we used sea shells,leaves,or rocks for our currency.But it's not valuable.Then people used gold and silver as their currency.Because it is precious metal,so the price won't falling down.

Islamic economy rised with Gold Dinar.Until 1924 when Mustafa Kemal Attartuk launched coup d'etat against Uthmaniyyah Empire in Turkey,and economy based on Gold Dinar demolished.

In 1944,there's an agreement signed by Europeans after handling a huge debts of World War II.Bretton Woods agreement,which let franc,mark,lira and European currencies pegged by US Dollar,while US Dollar pegged by gold.1 ounce of gold is USD35.

Until 1971 when President Nixon signed the decree for Federal Reserve Bank to print more US Dollar for war in Vietnam.In that time,United States only have USD30 billion worth of gold,but need USD100 billion for war.Then this is what really happens--fiat currency.Our money that been pegged with US Dollar is not worth anymore.

We all see the failure of socialism in late 80s,and we all know,socialist will only create dictators like Hitler,Stalin,Jozep Tito,Mao Zedong and Pol Pot.

And we already see the failure of capitalism,too.

Why still want to rely for something that already failed?

Paper money is fiat money.It's not really worth what it's worth.It's like I hold this 10 loonies(10 Canadian Dollar),is that really worth 10 loonies?How about 100 loonies?

So,I support our economy return back to Gold Dinar,an ideal Islamic system.It's inflation proof,always precious and the price won't fall down.Today's Ringgit Malaysia is less than 30 percent of it's value compared 10 years back.Your RM1 is actually 70sen in 1998.That's why the price is climbing up.

Allah won't change mankind's fate unless mankind themselves change it with their own hands.Socialism already dead,capitalism already failed,Islamic economy is way to go!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Hafiz,You Really Want to know about Islamic Economy Mechanism,Aren't You?

Well,since I do blog,there's a lot of comments and thoughts that been shared together among bloggers,especially about politics,economy and "What I do Believe in".I'm glad to share my knowledge,my ideas and thoughts to be shared,or to be criticized.

And one of my blogger's friend,Hafiz or simply known as "Mata Rakyat",is a staunch supporters of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.Unlike his friend,Nami,which not clear the party he really supports,but clearly supports the socialist ideas,Hafiz clear out and say,"I support Islamic economy",but according to his article(link),he didn't have a clear idea "what is Islamic economy" anyway.What he just telling me,he just want to look for the Merciness and Berkat of Allah to the country that implement Islamic economy system.

What is Islamic Economy?

Good news for Hafiz.Today,at Memorial Park Branch Library(pic) I found a book about Islamic economy.The writer,Muhammad Umar Chapra,is a Senior Research Advisor at the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia.The book,"Money and Banking in Islamic Economy",is actually answered Hafiz questions that lingering his mind,and I'm glad to help him.

Islamic economy,basicly "a capitalist system backed by government interference[Bayt-al-Mal/Baitul-Mal] funded by zakat,jizya,and nisab.The taxation in Islam requires wealth people to help poorer people,causing Robin Hood effect,to against economic inequality.So the social welfare will be together with merchant businesses will get along within Islamic economy system.

Some might say it's Third Way system,"Mixed Economy System"(based on Malaysian Basic Economy text book),or some might say it's market socialism.No,all of them were wrong.

According to this book,the real Islamic Economy System is "merchant capitalism with generosity".

So,if you ask people like Nami,he will definitely supports socialism,and blatantly agrees that the government is the one providing everything from head to toe and you'll follow the government like an idiot because you'll afraid your life may at risk if you don't follow the government.

I hate socialism.And communism as well.

Anyway,merchantilism in Islam is drives Islam from Mecca to as far as Malacca to East,as far as Cordoba to West,and opens Silk Road to China,and this concept is already done by Prophet Mohammad s.a.w himself when he helps his wife Khadijah,as a merchant.And this is a strong proof that "Islam support merchant capitalism,Islam supports businesses",even Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. once said,"Merchant and businesses is 9/10 of entire income in this world".Even the first establishment of Islamic state of Madinah,Prophet Mohammad established Masjidil Nabawi,and a market besides the mosque.Now you see,how important merchant capitalism in Islam,Nami?Not SOCIALISM!

So,is socialism helps a lot Nami?No,it didn't.It will create "lazy bum society" who begging to knee of governments to helping them.Government will act like God.I told you this before you're going far away,Nami.

OK,this article is for Hafiz anyway,so I hope Hafiz can change Nami's opinion back about merchant capitalism.I bet Hafiz will.

Islamic monetary is related with monetary economy based on Dinar,or gold coin.So,NO FIAT MONEY IN ISLAMIC MERCHANT CAPITALISM,NAMI!Because of stability of gold price,it's always be precious,the price won't going low.It is a measurement of wealth.Dinar gold coins is to pay,and to accepted for goods.So,it's so stable that Islam empire so strong for few hundred years until corruption and idioticity of some Islamic countries leader using Baitul-Mal money for sex and fun.

So,the fundemental of Islamic economy will be determined by dinar(now you clear,Hafiz?),and the supply and demand basicly by buyers and sellers.And the merchant,won't be easily filthy rich,just like that.Islam put a compulsory of zakat,to give compulsory donation to poorer people,in order for these poorer people to starts their own business.And it goes on until no longer poor people in that country.

So,Baitul Mal will determine how much Dinar at the treasury,and it measures by "how many people paying for zakat".And there's no fiat money,because fiat money is somehow like "empty promises",saying that there's gold in the bank,but it's not there.

So,Hafiz,I haven't read it completely yet,but are you so far clear about Islamic Economy System?Comment me okay?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Canadian Election:THE DEBATE!

Forget Joe Biden-Sarah Palin debate,we already debate for our election!

Part 1(Stephen Harper plays "The Game of Blame" and support polluters!)
Quote:Gilles Duceppe:Stephen Harper don't take economy seriously,it's like George Bush "don't worry be happy".

Elizabeth supports idea of Carbon tax of Dion.

"Either you're don't care,or you're incompetance"-Jack Dayton to Stephen Harper.

Part 2

Harper:C$200 million tax cuts at small businesses,families.
Dion:"The lowest economy of G8,75,000 jobs are loss in 9 month in the row.."
May:"Your tax cuts the wrong taxes!"
Layton:"Take some responsiblity,Prime Minister!"
Duceppe:"You have to stop giving fiscal to the rich companies."

Part 3

Dion:"We need to cut taxes for productive activities".
Layton:"You don't have plan for green plan,and it's recipe of disaster".
Harper:"We lose some jobs,but we gain more.."[???]
May:Your[Harper] government rather built our coastguard vessel at South Korea,rather than build it at our home[Canada].
Layton:"Let's remember where your[Harper] tax cuts goes..C$50 billion are going to oil and gas companies..they're the one who ripping our Canadian off.."

Part 4

Dion:Invest in save energy R&D.Green energy way to go!
Harper:Green taxes double the tax.We need to figure out balance economy growth.We need to balance enviroment and economy.
Layton:Harper's government reluctant to act[enviromental care].
Duceppe:Those who pollute need to pay!
May:We need to swift.Enviroment polluters need to pay,and clean enviroment is free!

Part 5

Dion:The cost of energy is a big challenge.I concern and Green Liberal Plan works.
May:It's a shame that we ignore Kyoto Agreement which we already ratifies it.
Dion:We will cut taxes for wealth(saving,pensions,life savings),but we will develope for green energy for greener,fairer Canada.

Part 6

Layton:What Mr Harper's choice?The huge corparate tax cut and provinces handle health care.
Duceppe:Aboriginal healthcare are aweful.
May:Mr Harper destroys healthcare system in Canada.We need to see full protection of public healthcare system[while Harper don't see it as neccasary].

Part 7

Harper:National Cancer Center,National Mental Center on fund.
Duceppe:8 percent of GNP are from art.
May:Art is a part of democracy,in a form of freedom of speech.
Dion:We need more beautiful novels,beautiful arts and it's a big industry.
Layton:What's an ironic about Mr Harper?He's going to give tax credit.Most of artist won't afford to going to piano lessons.We need to copyright tax,free!
Dion:Mr Harper thinks art is enemies.
Duceppe:Mr Harper already minus C$27 million for culture and arts.

Part 8

Layton:You try to censor freedom of speech,Mr Harper.Foreign promotion and independent film maker,why you do the cut?
Dion:It's ideological tax cut,and we will support freedom of speech through art,more movies,more novels,more theatre,more arts.
May:Ban handguns on streets.
Dion:We need to take care to poverty,mental illness,and we need to equip police to enforce the law.
Harper:Additional funding to against crime.

Part 9

May:Invest to the kids when they're young.
Dion:I trust judges to judge.
Layton:Four families jammed into one house.No schools to come to.Water not to drink,food so expansive.That's a national disgrace.

Part 10

Layton:No extension of Afghanistan mission.Withdraw!
Duceppe:We need to spend more with humanitarian mission rather than military spendings.
Dion:We will provide our responsible until 2011 for peace in Afghanistan.
Harper:If we leave,we never get this job done.
Duceppe:You[Harper] make a huge error by supporting Bush.

Part 11

Dion:Harper is as close as George Bush.
Layton:Remove reckless C$50 billion tax cuts for big companies,and helping for middle class in Canada.
May:Fix electoral system.Top priority of carbon emission tax.
Dion:Deal of economic crisis of United States,to save the savings and pensions,and protect Canada from this crisis.
Harper:We will keep this country surplus,we will not increase taxes.Reduce tax of small business.
Layton:C$50 billion tax cuts for Exxon won't help middle class,Harper.

Part 12

Dion:The Liberal plan will never raise taxes.But will encourage for green technology.

Part 13

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin is a bimbo :D

This is my first attack toward my neighbor governor,Sarah Palin.Sarah Palin is Alaskan Governor,uh well,I don't know when actually her political career starts.I was encouraged to support her due to absence of Hillary Clinton after lost with Barack Obama,even though she's Conservative(I hate Conservative),but Margaret Thatcher was Conservative,but her "Iron Lady" symbolized how "girl power" she was,and if I was British at her time,although I'm liberal,and never ever be a conservative,I will put my mark on Thatcher box to vote her.I will.
Well,Thatcher is a legend for those who support "Girl Power",and of course,Hillary Clinton is "the living legend of Girl Power".But there's some Conservative chicks,even here in Canada,has lifting Sarah Palin as "the new symbol of Girl Power".But who is Sarah Palin?
Sarah Palin is the one who proposed "Bridge to Nowhere",the Gravina Island Bridge.She proposed US$398 million for that bridge,which Gravina Island only have 50 residents!Bridge worth of US$398 million for 50 people who lives at Gravina Island and you want to call her "Girl Power new symbol"?
And when US economy on turmoil,while AIG and Merrill Lynch and the rest of economic regime of United States need US$700 billion stimulus bailout,people are questioning,what is Sarah Palin's stand of this Gravina Bridge Island?
And she said,"No,I didn't support that bridge[construction and budget]''.
Hello conservativians!THIS BIMBO IS A HYPOCRETE!And perhaps I wonder,what went wrong to Condoleeza Rice?If these Neo-Cons need a woman to voicing up against Liberals,then why don't you pick Condoleeza Rice?Why Sarah Palin?Racist?Yes,you Republican Conservatives always be racist.Condoleeza Rice are far far smarter than this Sarah Palin.
And I think this would be easy for Barack Obama to win this election.I hope this can influence Canadians out there to vote Stephane Dion. :D
..and yes,Hillary Clinton still "THE LIVING LEGEND OF GIRL POWER!"