Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red And Blue,Blaugranes,Mes Que Un Club!BARCELONA!

The sexiest hottest youngest manager in UEFA Champions League,Josep Guardiola.Why I always write it wrong,aigh?

When I watching football,I always covers myself in two colors-green and white.I always proud of Celtic FC.Forever and ever.My heart belongs to Celtic Park and I will singing "Let The People Sing","You'll Never Walk Alone" and "C'mon You Green And White Hoops The Bhoys" with my throat goes up.I'm kissing four-leaf clover badge written "1888-Celtic Football Club".I love this club,forever.

But tonight,Champions League night,I saw 3 out of 4 semis were English.As my solidarity to my Scottish and Irish rebels who fought against English,I prefer Barcelona to win Champions League.

I can't speak in Catalan but I can in Spanish.

¡Barcelona te amo! Guardiola, subsistencia a ser tan sexy como usted podian ser!

I love Barcelona and Guardiola,keep your sexy style on!

Red and Blue Blaugranes,FC Barcelona.Mes que un club.


Tanpa Nama said...

Macam England je ada liga..



Aril said...

Apahal semua sokong Barcelona ni?Apasal tak sokong MU nih?

Ez the Conspirator said...


dah la boring EPL tu kan?fan pulak ramai yang bandwagons..famous2 ni banyak pulak poseurs..


Sebab boring la muka tua bangka Alex tu.Dah tua tu bersara la.bagi yang muda-muda and hot-hot pulak jadi manager.

Kalau Ole jadi manager baru I sokong.I xnak Alex Fergie,dia kena makan viagra.

Koe said...

hahaha.. org kata, yg tua tu la yg bnyk pengalaman.. :p

em, for tonight game, i preferred Barca.. Their tactical games are wonderful. Eith henry, eto'o and messi in forward, they can surely attack.

but still, i prefer MU to win the Champs league.

pastu da leh jual ronaldo da. sbb dier rase dier da meng bnyk trophy kt MU, pastu nk bwk 'skills' dier tu g Real plak, n 'lead' Real to more trophies.. kot..

fahmi said...

well barca mmg best main.. tapi dh nasib 3 english club dpt pi semis.. which side wins, i don't care as long as the play beautiful.. that's the most important thing for me bout football..

nami o fish said...

Aaah,now I know you're having crush with Pep Guardiola.


Tadi banyak attack la,tapi takde peluang pulak.

Lawan kat Jambatan Stamford kena score nih!

nami o fish said...

Respond to Aril,

aku teringin nak tengok Messi mengahkan Ferdinand time final nanti..

Aku nak tengok Rooney tercungap2 terperangkap dalam sistem total football Guardiola.

Ez the Conspirator said...

MU wins the champions league?

naaahh...I still put my money to Barca although they're draw against Chelsea tonight.

Everyone in Marseille however love Didier Drogba,their ex star.

As for Ronaldo,tak kemana la mamat tu.Lepas ni jual kat Real pun tak boleh kemana sebab when he's in Man United,orang yang bagi die bola.

I think he will ending up like David Beckham or Michael Owen.


Of course if you love football,you'll definitely love Barcelona.


Guardiola is far far gorgeous compared to Alex Ferguson.Ryan Giggs maybe a right person to compete his charmness anyway,I still believe Barcelona still got a way to win in Stamford Bridge.

Yeap I would love to see Lionel Messi will bring ball to the nut of Rio Ferdinand.

The best part is to see Cristiano Ronaldo cry...cry me a river pal!

Ez the Conspirator said...

Response to Nami,

When Lionel Messi take the ball,everyone's here like chanting,


I don't know why but this Supremessi kid is ain't a kiddo anymore.And he is far far gentleman guy,not a diver like Didier Drogba.

The greatest part is when Didier Drogba shoot twice and when Victor Valdes did twice save,I hold my breath and say,OMG it's a sign that Barcelona will win Champions League!

MariaFaizal said...

Argh...he's super HOT!
Welcome Ez....

Ez the Conspirator said...

hik hik,

even sis Maria pun cair dengan Guardiola..heeee!

MariaFaizal said...

Any girl yg tak cair looking at Guardiola definitely lesbo! he he..

I actually wanted to type Welcome back Ez... (sorry typo)

Ez the Conspirator said...

eh sis,macam tu ke?hik hik!

i tak tau la,everytime i watched barcelona game,mesti lepas tu rasheed katok kepala i..hik hik!

fahmi said...

Pep Guardiola mmg macho la.. sudahla macho terror pulak tactical utk barca.. sayangnya semalam seri.. harap barca layak berbanding chelsea...

angah said...

sayer pun suka tgk barca main...
teringin gak tgk barca vs man u kat final nanti...

yg pasti ..mesti man u menang...

Muhammad Zuhaili said...

come on united!!!

*mesti kena marah dgn ezreen punya*

Ez the Conspirator said...


ala dah takde luck.Banyak attack on that night.


I've been at Old Trafford before,tapi I lagi suka masa kat Celtic Park.Crowd Celtic lagi bersemangat dari MU.Tapi game against Arsenal tu ok la MU.Arsenal takde Arshavin macam tak boleh main je.


La,kenapa nak marah pulak?Jangan kutuk Celtic dah!I katok you karang!

fahmi said...

xpe2, there's always 2nd game...
barca mest serang gile2 pasal puyol dgn marquez xbley main...
yg Ars-MU, almunia played his best, o shea was at right place at the right time.. hope Ars will bounce back eventhough Arshavin can't play...

Ez the Conspirator said...

fahmi pun jadi macam nami jugak ke?
hik hik!

fahmi said...

jd mcm dia?? xdelah, mana ade..bro nami tuh original, xboleh ditiru2 la..cuma ni apa yg kite rasa je... citer bola mmg smangt sikit.. hehehe