Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat,You're So Suck!

When Malaysian GE vote countings was over on the night of my birthday last year,I thought it was "a new hope"-to see the new way of administration in Malaysia.5 states are on opposition hands.The best part,three largest economy in Malaysia;Penang,Selangor and Perak is in opposition hands.That's means they have more authority to control economy and gain more resources to develope the state,according with what they had promised in election.

Then on August 2008,Wan Azizah stepped down to Anwar Ibrahim for Permatang Pauh MP seat.OK,I still fine on this move.Maybe it's a time to replace the true leader after Wan Azizah led the coalition,Pakatan Rakyat for a while.

The election goes Anwar Ibrahim won with huge majority.Everybody cheered.He was jubilantly declared that "this is one more step to people's victory".Fine.

Then it was Kuala Terengganu election.It's okay because the MP was death,on heart attack.Then PAS clinched the victory,defeating incumbent BN.Another winning moment.

Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai - fine.Natural course,death.It's okay then.BN won in Batang Ai while Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS won in Perak.Then in Bukit Silambau it was another stepdown.Once again it's PKR.The MP told the media that some people wants to kill him if he didn't join the coalition government party,Barisan Nasional.Then another election goes.15 candidates,which is the most idiotic election I've ever heard,because most candidate wasn't serious about their candidancy.

Then here we go again.Penanti by-election.

Ladies and gentleman,election is not a joke.It's a process for building a nation.If you cannot be a candidate,do not be so stupid to candidate yourself.

In my point of view as Studentvote School Election Officer,I'm seeing this as a major issue.Candidancies are not seriously taken by it's own candidate.In Canada,we taught in school,"if you're not a responsible person don't be a candidate".As simple as that.

This is such a waste of time,money,and energy.There's more posters to be printed,more campaign and more "political candy" be required.And if this is what Pakatan Rakyat strategy to be new government,I don't believe they will be a good government soon.Most Pakatan Rakyat supporters were "pakcik-pakcik yang suka pakai kopiah cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah",a bunch of fanatic,religion-fascist people call PAS.They believes that they're the only true Islamic party in Malaysia,and they believes that they're represents Islam.

Once again I tell you guys,religion is a sacred thing.In politics,especially in Malaysia,where it's totally not professional,obscene words is everywhere.Pot calling kettle black,retarded people calling idiot to another,guys,you're tarnishing the name of Islam.

People like this love to mixing up politics and religion,and this rascal fascist group are always believe that they're the only side who is right,joining another group is "sinful".What the fuck?

Religion-fascism is a dangerous thing.Look at Irgun,Al-Qaeda or evangelist,they're mocking others religion while saying that they're right.They killing other people that not belong to them.This is fascist.I believe that everyone has its own right to decide which religion he wants to join.I am a Muslim not because my father or my mom,but I take the Prophet words "humans are all same in God's creation".There's no such thing as Pope in Islam.I love this concept,egalitarian and equality among others.But when you judging people based on his religion but not his attitude,that's wrong.There's so many Arabs who beat his wife in front of the public and he is a Muslim.This is wrong.And so does this rascal religion-fascist in Malaysia,or "pakcik suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah".

Meanwhile,DAP told the world that they're representing Malaysian Malaysia.I love the concept,but why on Earth they're always fought for minority Chinese?If you really want the egality and equality then ask Malay to join DAP,like PAP.

PKR loves to step down and do another election.They're not serious about people's mandates.

One thing for sure,most Malaysians doesn't take it seriously about democracy.And some people,especially "pakcik suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah" groupies,they believes that this is "a new drug for political junkies like them".

I don't know how many years you guys Malaysians can take this kind of stupidity.Both Barisan and Pakatan,you're suck!


MariaFaizal said...

I'd still prefer Pakatan/PAS than BN/UMNO.

I'll give Left wings my benefit of the doubt to rule the country as opposed to Federal government now (UMNO is seriously irrelevant choice anyone can make!).

fahmi said...

assalamualaikum Ez.. wow, such a strong message to Pakatan eh.. 'pakcik suka cakap kuat'.. hilarious when you called them that way.. well for me, they r becoming much more like BN day by day.. oh they teach about it in schools in Canada? wow really great compared in Msia, none.. anyway, i salute u for ur honesty & this brave post..

Anonymous said...

Kadang² kesian gak aku tgk ko ni...semua org ko nak hentam mcm ko sorang je betul.

Compare apple to apple k..jgn la nak compare PR yg baru skali memerintah negeri dgn BN yg da 50 thn memerintah negara. Give chance la...nobody is perfect.

Semua org buat salah...kritik la dgn bernas. Jgn la nak mencarut x tentu pasal...nak kata org lain ko cermin la diri sendiri dulu...apa lu Islam sgt ker ?

Aku bukan penyokong PR...aku bukan penyokong BN. Cume bagi aku, nak bagi feedback or critics, cakap molek² la...jgn la sesuka hati nak kata org ni sucks, org tu sucks. Camne ni ke ajaran Islam...kata sayang Allah & lu pakai tudung pun tak...mcm mana ni sis ?


LeeSlimShady said...

apa maksud ezreen tu pun saya tak tahu...

tapi apa yang penting BN kini dilanda Electionlose Phobia....

satu sindrom baru.....

Ez the Conspirator said...


Pakatan has now turn into Barisan.They are ATAN.

Always Talking Action Nothing.


Honest is the best policy,aigh?

Annoyed Anonymous,

First of all,I tak kata I sorang aje yang betul.

Compare apple to apple,I believe the difference between Pakatan and Barisan is between Baldwin apple and Cortland apple.Both tastes the same,both with the same color,the only difference is only the name.

In Islam,as far as I know,tiada siapa yang "true Islam" among another.You tak boleh compare macam tu.Besides,PAS is not Islam and Islam is not PAS.PAS is only a political party,and Islam is a religion.You have to recognize the differences.

I tak pakai tudung sebab in my country,it's a secular country.If I wear tudung,I will be arrested.Pernah ambik tau pasal tu ke?Moron!Ingat I duduk mana?


I'm sick with Malaysian all suka pilihanraya banyak-banyak,tapi buat kerja tak pun.

Janganlah jadi ATAN.Always Talking Action Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Thoughts Of Ass Destruction,

Kat akhirat kelak Tuhan tanye kenape x tutup aurat ? Ko nak jawab coz u duduk kat Canada ker...kah kah kah apala moron ko ni ! Ape ko x pikir tu ker ? Pernah amik tau pasal tu ker ?

Ade ke nabi ajar kaumnya tutup aurat dinegera Islam jer ? ko ni bagi alasan je pandai...taubatla sblm keluar statement jahiliah ko mcm nih...

Faridz said...

Well this is my first time I'm posting a comment into your blog..I dah lama follow blog u and posting u kali ini yang buat i terpanggil untuk comment...

well Fairus sebenarnya memang YB yang bermasalah. He representing old UMNO attitude in PKR or PR. That's why several PKR supreme leader push him to step down including those peeps in his constituency. Tambahan pula UMNO memang cuba memancing Fairus dan PKR berpandangan Fairus bakal mengikut jejak langkah 3 org pengkhianat di Perak. Jadi sebelum hal itu terjadi DSAI mengambil langkah awal membuang beliau..well that's politic...I do believe we are actually moving toward mo mature in politics..and if you compare Malaysian politics with Canada,Europe or even Indonesia, I think it was not fair...we need to give Malaysian people to develop their thoughts, rule of law and rule of institution...However we are still better than datuk nenek kita yang dah ditipu oleh BN. Well seronok baca you punya posting...and I luve to read your anti monarch posting..hope you can post it more..coz here in Malaysia I'm already formed a group againts the blue blood clan....

Ez the Conspirator said...

Dear Idiot,

Islam itu bukan sekadar pakai tudung je.

Ada orang pakai tudung labuh suck cock lelaki.

And ada perempuan tak pakai tudung yang tolong anak yatim mengajar.

Now I tell you,yang mana kena terajang masuk neraka dulu?

Orang kalau otak sempit,fikir kewajipan pakai tudung tu macamlah massive gila sedangkan kewajipan tolong orang tu lebih penting.

Pakcik suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah selalu anggap diri dia je baik dan confirm masuk syurga.

We all are not sin-proof.We all are going to hell kalau semua nak fikir tu dosa,ni dosa.

Kita masuk syurga bukan kerana amalan kita,tapi kerana belas kasihan Allah.Macam mana Allah nak belas kasihan kalau sesetengah orang yang bajet cool and pakai agama ni suka berceramah tentang tudung sedangkan otaknya sempit dihimpit fahaman fasis tak bertempat.

You're not belong on this blog la.Blog ni untuk orang yang bukan fasis,yang reti berfikir dan orang yang bukan 'holier than thou',orang holier than thou ni adalah orang yang bajet diri dia baik,tapi sebenarnya dia nak berlagak dengan kebaikan.

Cakap I jahil,you tell me,how many Kitab Allah you dah baca?Don't question about my faith because 'dosa pahala di tangan Tuhan,bukan ditangan orang macam you'.

There's an Irish verb,

Amrain Dia litriu breith me.

Only God can judge me,you don't be God to judge me.

You pun akan masuk hell jugak,ingat you takde dosa ke?Come on la,you bukan nabi.


So far I tak nampak ada apa-apa perancangan with Pakatan Rakyat.That's why you all people dah kena tipu.It's already 1 year yet takde pun perancangan konkrit.All I ever read/heard is only rhetoric words from ceramah from pakcik pakai kopiah cakap kuat-kuat.ATAN type of person.Always Talking Action Nothing.

Uncle Man(Ez father) said...

If Allah told people that wearing veil is the highest priority on Allah's rule,Hawa could be in hell right now.

Ya la,masa zaman Hawa mana ada orang cipta tudung.

Kenapa wajib pakai tudung.Sebab nak cegah maksiat.In Arab,lelaki kat sana sangat buas dan sebab itu diwajibkan pakai tudung.

Kalau dah kat sini,pakai tudung nanti dianggap sebagai fundementalist(because Calgary is the center of Christian neo conservatives),they all akan tangkap kita and buat tuduhan bukan-bukan.

Now pakcik bukan tak nak anak pakcik pakai tudung,tapi pakcik rasa lebih baik dia fokus mengajar kat sekolah,sebab dalam undang-undang kerajaan di Canada,dilarang memakai pakaian yang berkaitan dengan agama.It's the same thing in Turkey or in France,or in Italy.

Kalau Encik Pas ni tak pernah pergi sana,cubalah pakai jubah dan kopiah,sia-sia kena tangkap dengan polis.

Bukan ke Allah tu Maha Mengasihani.Kita kat tempat orang,buat ikut peraturan orang.Fikir tu sikit.Jangan jadi radical macam al-Qaeda.

Lagi satu awak kata anak pakcik bakal masuk neraka,yang awak tu bakal masuk syurga?Awak dah pegang kunci syurga?Awak dah tengok,survey rumah kat syurga awak tu ke?Dah confirm sangat.

Janganlah nak condemn orang gunakan agama.Hina orang yang macam ni.Tunjuk pandai guna agama.

Uncle Man said...

Bila agama Islam ni nak diCatholickan,sini salah,sana salah,ramailah yang keluar agama,murtad.

Punca golongan atheist ramai di Eropah sebab Catholic ni banyak undang-undang yang menakut-nakutkan orang,dan menakut-nakutkan orang dengan api neraka.

Ingat satu je,Allah Maha Mengasihani.Takkan sikit-sikit masuk api neraka.Allah tak cipta manusia semata-mata jadi bahan bakar api neraka je.

Dah berapa tahun join PAS ni?Pergi usrah ke?Jangan la percaya dik.Dorang tu semua gunakan agama demi politik jugak.UMNO gunakan bangsa untuk politik.PKR gunakan keadilan,DAP gunakan non-Malay.

Jangan jadi alat kepada ahli politik ni.Nak bercakap tentang agama Islam,tak semestinya kena ahli PAS.Dengan orang yang tak masuk PAS pun boleh.Dengan sesiapa pun boleh.

Pakcik dah puas dah tengok politik di Malaysia.Pindah sini pun sebab kerja.Bukan pakcik melancong suka hati.

nami o fish said...

Kepada Encik Fasis Agama,

Macam ni la...pernah baca buku Mein Kempf tak?Dalam buku Mein Kempf,Adolf Hitler ada tulis yang seluruh Bumi ni hanya untuk kaum Aryan je.

Tapi rupa2nya nko lagi ganas dari Hitler.Nko main suka-suka campak orang dalam neraka.Main suka hati nak judge orang masuk syurga neraka.

Pergi bukak website blue sikit,tengok berapa ramai yang pakai tudung tapi masih beromen lagi.

Buat pengetahuan nko,cikgu tadika aku tak pakai tudung.Tapi sampai sekarang aku praktikkan ilmu yang dia ajar aku.Membaca,mengeja,menulis.Rasul pernah bersabda,bila nko dah mati,semua amalan nko dah terputus kecuali doa dari anak-anak dengan ilmu yang diajar kepada kepada orang lain digunakan terus menerus.

Aku rasa ramai cikgu aku yang tak bertudung,tapi aku masih kenang jasa mereka.Aku rasa kan,nko hanya meletakkan pakaian untuk masuk syurga.Nko ingat masuk syurga macam masuk sekolah ke?Kena pakai seluar warna hijau,pakai tie,pakai lencana sekolah,kasut kena kapur,ingat macam tu ke?

Lagi satu,kat sana banyak golongan radikal Kristian.Pernah dengar geng Skinhead Romper Stomper tak?Dorang main rogol,main belasah je mana-mana yang berciri2 agama ni.Kalau anak pak Man ni kena sape nak tanggung?

Toksah la fasiskan agama ni.Agama ni fahaman.Tapi bila kau campuradukkan dengan fahaman Ketuanan Melayu KBSM nko,susah la nak explain.

Allah tu bukan menghukum je.Fikir la sikit john.Sampai bila nak jadi fasis macam ni?

Kat sana pakai tudung lagi mengancam nyawa dari tak pakai.

Kang kalau cakap bodoh karang marah.Kang kalau cakap tak belajar Pendidikan Moral,memang pun.

Otak kau sempit la.Kasi jalur lebar sikit otak kau.

Muhammad Zuhaili said...

*Zuhaili senyum tengok comments by Ez's father!


By the way, may i share my experience last night?

Semalam ketika makan di restaurant KFC somewhere near my place. There's a woman, who took my order - and its supposed to be her job to do that.

Suddenly, I asked her to changed my chicken from 2 pieces of Original to 3 pieces of Original recipe, while she's picking up those pieces from the kitchen.

U know what happened? Dia angkat the pieces of chicken tu and campak secara kasar on the plate.

I gave RM50 for the bill. She returned the balances of my money secara kasar, sampai syiling syiling tu jatuh.

She didnt even apologize or help me to pick up those coins.

And guess what?
No words of Terima Kasih in addition.

And, she's wearing tudung.

Kemana hilang budi bahasa?

Does that counts to be the highest priority to enters heaven?
Do you think God's that cruel by judging the cover instead of the contains of the book itself?

Maybe Marina Mahathir's right in one of her quotes, we usually judged a good Muslim, cukup setakat apabila dia berjaya menyuruh anak dan isterinya memakai tudung - itulah kejayaan bagi mereka!

Let me ask you something, do you think, A Muslim that prays 5 times a day, whom never skips her Ramadhan obligations, zakat and other rukun islam and iman, but, he's not having a peace state of mind. By everytime dia passes by infront melakukan maksiat. examples: those people yang tidak menutup aurat,bermain muzik,penyanyi kelab malam, prostitutes, instead of berdoa agar orang tersebut pada suatu ketika nanti akan diberikan hidayah dan berubah menjadi Muslim yang terbaik , dia hanya memaki hamun mengatakan "celaka","kafir","bodoh","b*bi","firaun" dan lain lain.

Does that shows a good Muslim?

Bukankah sepatutnya seseorang Muslim itu setelah dia mendalami makna Islam,dia akan menjadi lebih tenang? Tapi sekarang ni kita boleh lihat instead of having a peaceful state of mind, mereka ni jadi the opposite of it, hati penuh benci dendam marah dll. Bunuh membunuh, benci membenci, maki memaki & lebih teruk lagi sesama Muslim.

Islam is Love. Islam is Peace.

Hmm, entahlah.

Ezreen, just continue being yourself. I truly believe Tuhan itu kan Maha Bijaksana, Maha Mengetahui, Maha.Im not HIM to say that you're going to heaven or hell or whether this or that is ok or not.Tapi I truly believe that He is whom he is as being stated behind His 99 names. Just be yourself ok! :)

I respect other's opinions. Semua ada hak untuk ada berpendirian sendiri kan? And this is my thought on this issue - whether it is betul/salah pun hanya God can judge us :)

Faridz said...

well actually PR have they own concrete plan. But if we expect that all the concrete policies implement within one or two year, I do think it was impossible for PR. Bcoz..the state institutions already mess and also the PR states now has been discriminated by the federal institutions..PR need to restructure the institutions and also all the people inside the institution itself...I'm not backing PR but trying to be objective...Well mandate has been given for 5 we just look at the result...and if PR fail to deliver what we expect within 5 years..are we going back to BN?

Faridz said...

dan satu lagi kepada sapa yang nak debat pakai tudung ke..apa ke I think you should read...kitab Masl wa Faql dan kitab Tahafut al Tahafut...tulisan Ibnu Rusyd..dan kamu akan dapati apa yang Ez buat itu adalah betul....not wear a tudung or purdah in Calgary...

Koe said...

political junkies in da house eh?

sape ko yg nk 'menerakakan' org lain? hanya Tuhan sahaja yang layak menentukan nasib HAMBANYA di akhirat kelak.

Sedar x bahawa kita ni hanya Hamba yang hina?

Kita SEMUA manusia di muka bumi ni adalah hamba Allah. Ko pn manusia jugak kn? So, KO pn HAMBA Allah.

Bila ko 'menerakakn' orang lain, yang mana itu hanya di bawah jurisdiction Tuhan, ko rase ape silap yg ko buat?

Ko ingat ko Tuhan ke nk wat camtu? Ilmu agama ko da cukup tinggi ke nak cakap macam tu. Kalau dah tinggi langit pun ilmu agama ko tu, ko masih belum layak lagi nak tentukan nasib orang lain kat akhirat nanti.

Ko sndiri patut bertaubat sblm keluar statement jahiliyah ko tu. Cermin diri sendiri sebelum nak kata kt otang lain.

fahmi said...

assalamualaikum.. x bernama, jgnlah terus jump to conclusion.. nk tegur boleh je, tp jgn smpai ko judge people by it's appearance.. bukan semua yg x bertudung tu jahat, & bukan semua bertudung itu baik.. Islam itu mudah.. jgn disusahkan perkara yg mudah.. anyway miss Ez, ur dad rocks!! rasa2nya u boleh je handle org2 yg komen gitu kan..
anyway, bout ATAN, give them this full term, cant compare 50 years of BN with baby-stepping ATAN.. in the next PRU, if things still the same, u & bro Nami run as candidate lah.. i sokong.. hahaha

MariaFaizal said...

I'm here without veil too :(
I guess some guys are really radical in what they believe.

So, what i believe? When it comes to religion,it is vital to be diplomatic & well-mannered as a muslim ,one is always obligated to show best example.One cannot be quick to judge.

Islam itu lemah-lembut & tiada paksaan. My understanding, a fascist is someone who thinks he's the only one who's right & no one else except whoever follows his way.Pretty alright for me as long as he's not rude to others. One is no more being Islamic once he hurts others even non-muslim, let alone among us brothers & sisters.

Have a great weekend everyone!

tak faham sosialis said...

hi ez,
I just have a question, is it that bad in Calgary that u can get arrested for wearing hijab/tudung?So far I never see such thing in Ottawa. I'm not against women not wearing tudung though, and I also don't agree with people who judge others based on their outside.I'm just surprised about the 'getting arrested' thingy.Thanks

nyzm said...


azhar said...

"hikmah" dalam memberi pandangan atau ingatan berkaitan sesuatu perkara itu kadang kala kurang diberi perhatian..

mungkin ini punca terjadinya pergeseran atau perselisihan pendapat..

Tiada manusia 100% benar dan tiada manusia yang tidak pernah berdosa..manusia yang bernama nabi/rasul sahaja yang dijamin maksum..

mungkin aku yang memberi pendapat juga tidak seratus-peratus benar..

jadi ber"hikmah"lah..

Izwan said...


May god bless..

Ez the Conspirator said...

tak faham sosialis,

if you noticed we're living in the "Ultra-Conservative" part in Canada.You simply cannot compare Calgary with Ottawa.

Ottawa selalu Liberal Party yang menang.

I punya MP pun stephen imagine how much prejudice can be created by wearing veil.

faham tak?

Ez the Conspirator said...

to the rest,

thanks for support!

to annoyed anonymous,

takkan takde neraka lagi you nak promisekan lagi?

Anonymous said...

Apala korang tegur utk kebaikan. Korang ni aku tengok semua satu spesis la. Nak tembak org pandai, tp xleh terima teguran. Org cakap pasal agama sikit, korang da label fasis la, pas la, kena attack dgn org kuat agama la...cube la bukak mata tu sikit.

Aku bukan nak menyebelahi sesape dlm hal ni tapi kite kan sesame muslim takkan xleh terima teguran kalo ianya benda yg baik. Emo la ko ni Ez, cool la babe. Jgn la defensive sgt k.

Peace :)

- from Malaysia -

tak faham sosialis said...

thanks for the explaination ez,
i never knew that part of canada is 'ultra conservative' before..sorry for my betul apa yg u ckp,ottawa mmg liberal je menang..even ontario pun mmg liberal gak pegang=)

Ez the Conspirator said...


You tak faham-faham lagi ke?Fascist people will always think they're better than anyone.Here,we don't accept people like you la.I tak dengar satu apa pun your teguran because why,I simply tak dengar tegur punya orang.Sebab I tak kenal you and siapa you nak tegur I?Even my dad pun tak cakap banyak macam you.

Jangan baru hafal 2-3 kerat al-Quran nak show off.Please.

Yes,I memang kepala batu and yes,you are religion fascist boy.Pull stop.

tak faham sosialis,

When you come to Alberta next time,there's some part,Asian people simply don't belong.

I've been the victim of racism before.Read my entry about racism.

angah said...


utk menunjukkan kita ISLAM kita mesti mengamalkan 5 rukun ISLAM..
1 mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah
2solat 5 kali sehari
3.puasa di bln ramadhan
5.menunaikan haji (bagi yg berkemampuan)

buat tak ada nama..
tak semesti nya tak bertudung itu tak ISLAM..kerana rukun ISLAM dah menunjukkan 5 rukun ISLAM..kadang2 yg bertudung tue pun tak sembahyang..
kadang2 yg tak bertudung lagi menjaga sembahyang..
tapi tak bermakna saya mengatakan tudung tue tak berdosa..tue defend kepada keadaaan...jika utk melaksanakannya nyawa kita terancam..buat aper...dosa gak...

buat saudari ez... tak perlu lah berkasar(mencarut)
betul..saya juga tak setuju dengan perletakan jawatan dgn sengaja.. tapi jika PKR merasakan Fairus ada masalah dan gagal utk menjadi wakil rakyat..perletakkan jawatan adalah tepat...kerana PKr tidak mahu menyimpan org yg tak boleh berkerja di dlm PKR..bukan seperti BN..walaupun wakil mereka menpunyai banyak masalah tetapi takut kembali kepada rakyat(pilihanraya)..kerana pilihanraya ini ada lah hak rakyat untuk memilih siapa peminpin mereka..
mengenai tiada perancangan dlm 1 tahun pemerintahan PR...sebenarnya bagi saya..banyak perubahan yg dah di buat..(mungkin saudari tak nampak) tetapi dengan pelbagai skim dan program menbantu rakyat..
tapi kalau nak buat perbandingan kena lah adil..
durian sama durian..
jgn bandingkan
durian dengan kiwi...

Ez the Conspirator said...


I'm at oversea right now.The last time I was in Malaysia it was 2005.

But based on my observation,your country's future is gloomy.

angah said...


saya tahu awk kat oversea..
saya juga setuhu politik malaysia sekarang berceramuk..kelam kabut...
tapi saya masih yakin.. PR lebih baik daripada BN..
utk melihat kebaikkan atau perubahan secara total pada pendapat saya PR perlu menjadi kerajaan pusat..baru kita dapat tengok perubahan ..setakat jadi kerajaan negeri tak memadai kerana kuasa kerajaan pusat banyak yg mengawal..
contoh isu air percuma..
hudud di kelantan..
nak melaksanakan perlu perpindaan perlembagaan..


Ez the Conspirator said...

what makes a difference between bn and pr?dua2 cakap je lebih.

i tak tau la kalau you kata pr ada superpower mutant macam x-men yang boleh mengubah ekonomi negara lebih baik.

and about hudud,jangan la asyik cakap pasal tu nak ke orang judge islam ni agama menghukum semata-mata je?

education,education,education guys!

angah said...

salam saudari...

saya tak kata PR ada super power.. tetapi saya yakin dengan agihan yg lebih adil, insyaALLAH..ekonomi kita akan lebih baik..
malaysia adalah sebuah negara yg kaya dengan pelbagai sumber..tapi hasil kekayaan ini hanya di kaut oleh sesetengah puak sahaja..tak di rasai oleh semua rakyat..sebab itu ekonomi kita masih ditahap yg mengecewakan berbanding negara2 asia yg lain...tak salah kita mencuba kan...

berbalik kepada hudud..awak kata takut org kata ISLAM yg tahu menhukum sahaja...HUDUD...
maksud HUDUD bererti HAD ataupun batas, perenggan hingga dan setakat..
takrif yg di berikan IBN Manzur r.h kitab lisan al-arab..jilid 3 m/s 140..
HAD adalah pemisah antara 2 perkara agar kedua=duanya tidak bercampur aduk atau bertembung antara satu sama lain..
bagi saya HUDUD bukan nak menghukum semata-mata tetapi lebih kepada pencengahan...lagi pun hukum itu datang dari ALLAH bukan dari kita..masakan kita nak mengatakan ALLAH tidak ADIL?
maaf kalau tersalah..
yg buruk datang dari saya
yg baik nya dari ALLAH SWT...
salam saudari...

Ez the Conspirator said...

before you say any words about hudud,let me tell you this.

It is important to educate people first,the punishment came last.

I hope you'll understand that.

angah said...


betul tue..
mendidik dahulu baru menhukum..
tapi jika tiada hukuman kita sentiasa akan lalai dan melanggar peraturan..
masa kita kecil2 dahulu mengapa kita takut buat salah..
nanti kita akan di hukum oleh ibu bapa kita..
hukuman mesti ada utk mendidik...
ok lah...kita stop bab hudud..
sebab sayer pun cam awk gak dulu..
tak setuju dengan hudud nie..
tapi bila dah tahu aper itu hudud..
sayer boleh terima....
salam ....

Anonymous said...


just a few words,,

masa zaman nabi adam, syariat wajib memakai tudung mana ada itu tak jadi masalah..macam minum khamar. arak, sebelum turun ayat yg mengharamkan, sapa2 minum arak , no problem, but lepas ayat mengharamkan khamar diturunkan, so arak memang haram.

so sameje cam hijab/ tudung.

tapi bagi saya, i dont agree la kalau kita dok caci orang yg tak pakai tudung. n i dont agree too kalau yg tak pakai tudung nak tegakkan benda yg memang salah dalam quran. yg penting semua kena ikhlas dengan dosa masing2 dan akur dan terus berdoa untuk di beri kekuatan supaya satu hari nanti diri akan mempunyai kekuatan untuk menjadi seorang muslim yg baik di sisi Allah dan rasul.

saya ada kawan baik dan dia seorang budak perempuan yg tinggal di negara di mana hijab dijadikan benda ejekan. malah apa2 yg pakai tudung dihina dan dipandang semacam..nak dapat kerja memang susah..mulanya dia tidak pakai tudung.tapi bila dibuka hidayah untuk pakai tudung, dia sanggup kehilangan kerja semata2 nak berhijab dan mempertahankan maruah dirinya sebagai muslimah yg berhijab.tapi sebab kerana keikhlasan dia mempertahankan hukum Allah ke atas muslimah, alhamdulillah sekarang ni dia gembira malah dapat pekerjaan yg baik sekali walaupun bukan dengan government dia yg memang anti orang berhijab.