Saturday, May 2, 2009

Airport Is My Hotel.

Marseille Provençe Airport,Marseille,France.

Manises International Airport,Valencia,Spain.

Barajas International Airport,Madrid,Spain.

Pearson International Airport,Toronto,Canada.

Calgary International Airport,Calgary,Canada.

I don't want to releasing my pictures because I've noticed that some religion fascist rascals are viewing my blog,and I'm so damn tired to read fascist comments.Please,por favor.I'm jet lag,I'm tired in quarantine area,being questioned like a criminal inside,about swine flu just because I'm a Canadian.My dad didn't speak Spanish so I have to translate for him.

But there's always a silver lining in the clouds.Although it's sold out to watch Real Madrid-Barcelona,I still available to buy some merchandise,but I bought the Barcelona one.Santiago Bernebeu is awesome,it's huge and there's a lot people coming there just to see Real Madrid being humiliated by my dream boyfriend sexy hunky favorite football manager Josep Guardiola.Go go Barcelona,but Celtic will always come first.

I'm glad that Celtic won the match against Alex Ferguson's previous club Aberdeen.And the best part is Scott MacDonald scores his 50th goal in Celtic green and white hoops shirt.

Celtic win,yaay!
Barcelona win,yaay!
Man United win,boo..

By the way merci beaucoup to all beautiful people in Marseille,muchas gracias to people in Valencia and Madrid,and say hello with tonnes of work when I return back to Election Canada Calgary Office this Tuesday.And the jet lag headache,it's was cracking up!

So please,I don't need any fascist comments here.Por favor,gracias.


nyzm said...

celtic win, boooooo
man utd win! YEAH!

Ez the Conspirator said...

Man United won treble with only 3 local players on that game(UCL 1999).Beckham,Gary Neville and Teddy Sherringham.

Celtic won quardriple in all Scottish player.Radius 10 miles from Celtic Park.

takat main import-import nak menang treble,tak payah la bangga.

We all lagi power.

nami o fish said...

Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid oh yeahhh!

MariaFaizal said...

Get some good rest!
Beautiful pics of the airports.
Soothe me just looking at the pics.

fahmi said...

saya pun jetlag nih.. baru balik dr kuching... bedengung lagi telinga ni.. dahla sebelah kipas enjin.. kaw2 lagi la efek tuh. hehehe

Ez the Conspirator said...


Barcelona La Campeon!


Long journey,sight-seeings looking for airport's chocolate.hik hik!


kuching ke KLIA pun jet-lag ke?huh?

fahmi said...

ala saje2 guna term tuh.. bukan hari2 naik flight... hehehe bestla jalan2 pusing europe kan?