Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Mr English Grammar Checker,I Don't Give A F!

First of all,I am a student of political science,and I'm studying in University Of Calgary.But some people,they're questioning about my English standards because of some "grammar error" and for them,I tell you this:


OK,I'm not strong in English.I admit it,since I'm living in Milan since kids and we didn't speak English much at home.I don't need to speak like Queen Elizabeth to telling that I'm that damn good in English.

Plus,you can see others blog,who writing in lousy English.Some of them are from UK.Go to Liverpool and they didn't speak like Queen Elizabeth.

As long as others understands,it doesn't matter.Plus,I don't need to write an essay and someone looking for my grammar error.Hello,we have Arab students who didn't know how to speak one word in English,yet he still success in his course.

So,Malaysians,blimey,I don't give a shit.This is my blog.You can get lost if you hate my blog,and I don't need an English teacher to tell me about grammar.

I using "Street English" in my blog.Don't need grammar at all.

Woi,kau nak gi mana tu?Jom la jalan-jalan! - Most Malaysians use this kind of language in streets.Does they care about Dewan Bahasa style of Bahasa Malaysia?NO,DUMBFUCK!

I can speak 8 languages and all you can say is my grammar sucks.Well you're suck too,dumbo.

You can't knocked me like that with such cheapshot.So if you're Mr English Perfect,go and chat with Wayne Rooney.He'll telling you in Scouse.You'll definitely will be dumbfuck in a middle of Wirral,Liverpool.

And I'm a Celtic fan,and it's an Irish club in Scotland.And let me tell you dumbfuck,Scotland and Ireland is Celtic nation,alongside Wales and Brittany.England is not Celtic nation.

I don't give a fuck whether you're from Oxford Grammar Police or what,this is my blog and I will write whatever I want to write.If you so dumbfuck and you're even didn't understand mine,I don't care.


fahmi said...

salam... penguasaan bahasa bukanlah begitu penting, selagi ia difahami pendengar sudah memadai... brapa ramai manusia hebat tp penguasaan bahasa mereka sedikit tercalar.... apa yg penting, ilmu & nasihat yg ingin kita kongsi bersama... dun worry miss Ez, as long as ur blog keep writing great stuff, i'll read it even with or without grammar mistakes...

tomato said...

there's always a protagonist and antagonist

why give a shit? cheers

MariaFaizal said...

I'm in together with Fahmi & Tomato.Just keep writing the great stuff.

Sarah Samz said...

darling, dont give a damn bout that. Perhaps they are jealous of you, or maybe they think they are better, but in what term? i dont even know. keep on writing ez. :)

nami o fish said...

Saudara,saya hendak ke kedai untuk membeli barang.Mari,ikut saya bersama-sama untuk menemani saya.Saya akan membelanja saudara makan nanti.

Ini gaya KBSM.Ini tak cool.

Weh,aku nak gi kedai ni john,ada seketul dua barang nak beli.Jom,ikut aku,nanti aku payung la nko.

Ini bahasa rempit a.k.a. tatabahasa Aril.Ini baru cool.

Kepada Oxford University punya English checker,aku pun tulis gak bab-bab politik ke apa,tatabahasa tunggang langgang rilek je.

Apa kes nko nak tegur bahasa dia?Apa nko ni pencipta bahasa Inggeris ke?Nko orang Inggeris ke?Nko rasa teroffended ke dengan gaya bahasa dia.Eh,sukati dia la john,nko kalau English sampai ke tahap Oxford pun,sampai kat England pun dorang tak guna bahasa standard tu sengal.Orang gila je yang bercakap bahasa standard.

Nko rasa nko pandai tapi nko ni samalah macam geng-geng Waubebas yang bajet cool pakai necktie dan bajet peguam pandai dengan berbahasa Inggeris berabuk-rabuk padahal tak reti cakap Melayu.

Weh,pergi tanya Jean Jacques Rosseau kat kubur dia la.Dia pengkaji politik dan salah sorang tokoh liberalisme,pergi tanya dia,

"Can you speak in English please?"

Hahaha nko ni dah sah produk professor kangkung.

Ez the Conspirator said...

Hik hik,cheers to all of you!Thanks a lot!

And Nami,bahasa Aril memang cool,kan?

banyak vocab baru,"pecahcepat" means breakfast."pecah atas" means break up.ni semua lepas dia tengok perkataan "muat turun",which means download.Terus dia cipta perkataan bukan-bukan.

rajawali said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ez,

Just ignore the motherfuckers...keep writing good stuff k babe

- gOTh -

Koe said...

pecahcepat n pecah atas? nice~ hahaha...
eh, i noticed u asik kena 'fire' ngan org je kan..

ala, dun give a damn bout those kind of guys.. macamlah dia yang cipta bahasa tu..

we do what we like, the way we like..

nyzm said...

weh lu apehal? hahaha

Anonymous said...

the fact that u conjured up a whole post shows that you actually care. *peace*

sue said...

comeon la bestie
"prof" tu jealous dengan you la

smile ok?