Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Allahyarhamah Sophia Izmit Emir.

I would like to dedicate my late mom Sophia Izmit Emir,happy Mother's Day.

Even though you're gone,but you're always in our heart.

Take care of our sister Elly and Arul with love and care up there.

We will always miss you.

Happy Mother's Day.

From deepest of our hearts.

Sulaiman bin Daud(your husband)
Shahril Iman bin Sulaiman(your son)
Ezreen Emira bt Sulaiman(your daughter)
Citra Sasmi Hardina(your daughter-in-law)


nami o fish said...

Happy Mother's Day and Al-Fatihah to her.


Lady Z said...

Hye E,
Hepy mothers day..
i hope u strong E..
even mak u dh xde..
but she still in you're heart..

p/s : i believe u can fly, E
u tau lagu "R.Kelly-i believe i can fly"?
that song i dedicate to u..ehe..;]

MariaFaizal said...

Al-Fatihah to your lovely late mom.She's so beautiful & you look like her dear....

You're so loved by your families & friends & if your mom is still around,she will be the proudest mom in the world to have brought the most beautiful & wise young lady here - that is YOU.

Take care girl!

ezrin said...

sentiasa berdoa terhadapnya
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat
abang ezrin
your new bog members

Ez the Conspirator said...


Thanks for everything.


thanks for that song. :)


Muchos gracias!Merci beaucoup!


Nama abang I Shahril la.hik hik!
kinda weird ada nama ezrin untuk guys.

fahmi said...

semoga Allah memberkati semua ibu di seluruh dunia sebagaimana mereka menyayangi putera-puteri mereka.. tanpa mereka, siapalah kita...
al fatihah to ur mom, may Allah blessed her