Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Blog Is Moving..

"Thoughts Of Mass Destruction" is something like..uhmm,politics.Since I'm recovered from my addiction towards politics (and I'm sick at it),I decided to close this blog and move to my next blog.

Plus,there's so many sick people attacking me and before I get sick,I better move on.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Mr English Grammar Checker,I Don't Give A F!

First of all,I am a student of political science,and I'm studying in University Of Calgary.But some people,they're questioning about my English standards because of some "grammar error" and for them,I tell you this:


OK,I'm not strong in English.I admit it,since I'm living in Milan since kids and we didn't speak English much at home.I don't need to speak like Queen Elizabeth to telling that I'm that damn good in English.

Plus,you can see others blog,who writing in lousy English.Some of them are from UK.Go to Liverpool and they didn't speak like Queen Elizabeth.

As long as others understands,it doesn't matter.Plus,I don't need to write an essay and someone looking for my grammar error.Hello,we have Arab students who didn't know how to speak one word in English,yet he still success in his course.

So,Malaysians,blimey,I don't give a shit.This is my blog.You can get lost if you hate my blog,and I don't need an English teacher to tell me about grammar.

I using "Street English" in my blog.Don't need grammar at all.

Woi,kau nak gi mana tu?Jom la jalan-jalan! - Most Malaysians use this kind of language in streets.Does they care about Dewan Bahasa style of Bahasa Malaysia?NO,DUMBFUCK!

I can speak 8 languages and all you can say is my grammar sucks.Well you're suck too,dumbo.

You can't knocked me like that with such cheapshot.So if you're Mr English Perfect,go and chat with Wayne Rooney.He'll telling you in Scouse.You'll definitely will be dumbfuck in a middle of Wirral,Liverpool.

And I'm a Celtic fan,and it's an Irish club in Scotland.And let me tell you dumbfuck,Scotland and Ireland is Celtic nation,alongside Wales and Brittany.England is not Celtic nation.

I don't give a fuck whether you're from Oxford Grammar Police or what,this is my blog and I will write whatever I want to write.If you so dumbfuck and you're even didn't understand mine,I don't care.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I will go to Green Day Concert on June 7th!


Courtesy of Rasheed and Christina Rivera. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Allahyarhamah Sophia Izmit Emir.

I would like to dedicate my late mom Sophia Izmit Emir,happy Mother's Day.

Even though you're gone,but you're always in our heart.

Take care of our sister Elly and Arul with love and care up there.

We will always miss you.

Happy Mother's Day.

From deepest of our hearts.

Sulaiman bin Daud(your husband)
Shahril Iman bin Sulaiman(your son)
Ezreen Emira bt Sulaiman(your daughter)
Citra Sasmi Hardina(your daughter-in-law)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Som La Gent Blau-grana.Viva Barcelona!

Tot el camp
és un clam
som la gent blau-grana
tant se val d'on venim,
si del sud o del nord,
ara estem d'acord, estem d'acord
una bandera ens agermana:
blau-grana al vent,
un crit valent,
tenim un nom,
el sap tothom:

Barça! Barça! Baaarça!

tots units fem força:
són molts anys piens d'afanys,
són molts gols que hem cridat,
i s'ha demostrat, s'ha demostrat,
que mai ningú no ens podrà tórcer:
Blau-grana al vent,
un crit valent,
tenim un nom,
el sap tothom:

Barça! Barça! Baaarça


The whole Stadium
Is chanting
We are the "Blaugrana" people
It doesn't matter where we come from
From the South or from the North
Now we all agree, we all agree
A flag joins us Brotherhood
"Blaugrana" in the wind
A valient scream
We have a name
The whole world knows it

All united we have the strength
So many years full of hard work
So many goals we have cheered for
and we have shown, we have shown
that nobody will be able to break us
"Blaugrana" in the wind
A valient scream
We have a name
The whole world knows it


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tudung vs Non-Tudung.

Warning:18 or 21 years old or above only.

I only provide links,I didn't show the videos.The visual is disturbing.Please prepare to see the truth,and this is MY STATEMENT TOWARDS THOSE RELIGION FASCIST RASCALS that want to kicking women who didn't wear veil to hell.

Get ready for the truth.

Gadis Bertudung Yang "Dijamin" Syurga Oleh Fasis Agama?

Gadis Tidak Bertudung Yang Mahu Ditendang Ke Neraka Oleh Fasis Agama.

Gag me with spoon,fascist!

p/s:I didn't hate people who wear tudung.It's their own right to wear it.It's up to them whether they want to wear it or not.If you're wearing tudung and put your religion name(Islam) in good name,I respect and salute to you.But if you're wasted your tudung with your lack of knowledge about Islam,then forget about hell-kicking.

You don't need to wear tudung just to proof that you're a good decent woman. :)

So,stop pre-judge non-tudung woman.This is my answer towards Annoyed Anonymous that always bugging my blog.Satisfy with my answer?I hope you are.

Say no for women discrimication!Say no to religion fascist!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Airport Is My Hotel.

Marseille Provençe Airport,Marseille,France.

Manises International Airport,Valencia,Spain.

Barajas International Airport,Madrid,Spain.

Pearson International Airport,Toronto,Canada.

Calgary International Airport,Calgary,Canada.

I don't want to releasing my pictures because I've noticed that some religion fascist rascals are viewing my blog,and I'm so damn tired to read fascist comments.Please,por favor.I'm jet lag,I'm tired in quarantine area,being questioned like a criminal inside,about swine flu just because I'm a Canadian.My dad didn't speak Spanish so I have to translate for him.

But there's always a silver lining in the clouds.Although it's sold out to watch Real Madrid-Barcelona,I still available to buy some merchandise,but I bought the Barcelona one.Santiago Bernebeu is awesome,it's huge and there's a lot people coming there just to see Real Madrid being humiliated by my dream boyfriend sexy hunky favorite football manager Josep Guardiola.Go go Barcelona,but Celtic will always come first.

I'm glad that Celtic won the match against Alex Ferguson's previous club Aberdeen.And the best part is Scott MacDonald scores his 50th goal in Celtic green and white hoops shirt.

Celtic win,yaay!
Barcelona win,yaay!
Man United win,boo..

By the way merci beaucoup to all beautiful people in Marseille,muchas gracias to people in Valencia and Madrid,and say hello with tonnes of work when I return back to Election Canada Calgary Office this Tuesday.And the jet lag headache,it's was cracking up!

So please,I don't need any fascist comments here.Por favor,gracias.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red And Blue,Blaugranes,Mes Que Un Club!BARCELONA!

The sexiest hottest youngest manager in UEFA Champions League,Josep Guardiola.Why I always write it wrong,aigh?

When I watching football,I always covers myself in two colors-green and white.I always proud of Celtic FC.Forever and ever.My heart belongs to Celtic Park and I will singing "Let The People Sing","You'll Never Walk Alone" and "C'mon You Green And White Hoops The Bhoys" with my throat goes up.I'm kissing four-leaf clover badge written "1888-Celtic Football Club".I love this club,forever.

But tonight,Champions League night,I saw 3 out of 4 semis were English.As my solidarity to my Scottish and Irish rebels who fought against English,I prefer Barcelona to win Champions League.

I can't speak in Catalan but I can in Spanish.

¡Barcelona te amo! Guardiola, subsistencia a ser tan sexy como usted podian ser!

I love Barcelona and Guardiola,keep your sexy style on!

Red and Blue Blaugranes,FC Barcelona.Mes que un club.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Hiatus-Go to Marseille,France.

Au revoir moi amie!

Je suis mes vacances a Marseille.

Un semain,Dimanche(26 Avril)-Samedi(Mai 2)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat,You're So Suck!

When Malaysian GE vote countings was over on the night of my birthday last year,I thought it was "a new hope"-to see the new way of administration in Malaysia.5 states are on opposition hands.The best part,three largest economy in Malaysia;Penang,Selangor and Perak is in opposition hands.That's means they have more authority to control economy and gain more resources to develope the state,according with what they had promised in election.

Then on August 2008,Wan Azizah stepped down to Anwar Ibrahim for Permatang Pauh MP seat.OK,I still fine on this move.Maybe it's a time to replace the true leader after Wan Azizah led the coalition,Pakatan Rakyat for a while.

The election goes Anwar Ibrahim won with huge majority.Everybody cheered.He was jubilantly declared that "this is one more step to people's victory".Fine.

Then it was Kuala Terengganu election.It's okay because the MP was death,on heart attack.Then PAS clinched the victory,defeating incumbent BN.Another winning moment.

Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai - fine.Natural course,death.It's okay then.BN won in Batang Ai while Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS won in Perak.Then in Bukit Silambau it was another stepdown.Once again it's PKR.The MP told the media that some people wants to kill him if he didn't join the coalition government party,Barisan Nasional.Then another election goes.15 candidates,which is the most idiotic election I've ever heard,because most candidate wasn't serious about their candidancy.

Then here we go again.Penanti by-election.

Ladies and gentleman,election is not a joke.It's a process for building a nation.If you cannot be a candidate,do not be so stupid to candidate yourself.

In my point of view as Studentvote School Election Officer,I'm seeing this as a major issue.Candidancies are not seriously taken by it's own candidate.In Canada,we taught in school,"if you're not a responsible person don't be a candidate".As simple as that.

This is such a waste of time,money,and energy.There's more posters to be printed,more campaign and more "political candy" be required.And if this is what Pakatan Rakyat strategy to be new government,I don't believe they will be a good government soon.Most Pakatan Rakyat supporters were "pakcik-pakcik yang suka pakai kopiah cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah",a bunch of fanatic,religion-fascist people call PAS.They believes that they're the only true Islamic party in Malaysia,and they believes that they're represents Islam.

Once again I tell you guys,religion is a sacred thing.In politics,especially in Malaysia,where it's totally not professional,obscene words is everywhere.Pot calling kettle black,retarded people calling idiot to another,guys,you're tarnishing the name of Islam.

People like this love to mixing up politics and religion,and this rascal fascist group are always believe that they're the only side who is right,joining another group is "sinful".What the fuck?

Religion-fascism is a dangerous thing.Look at Irgun,Al-Qaeda or evangelist,they're mocking others religion while saying that they're right.They killing other people that not belong to them.This is fascist.I believe that everyone has its own right to decide which religion he wants to join.I am a Muslim not because my father or my mom,but I take the Prophet words "humans are all same in God's creation".There's no such thing as Pope in Islam.I love this concept,egalitarian and equality among others.But when you judging people based on his religion but not his attitude,that's wrong.There's so many Arabs who beat his wife in front of the public and he is a Muslim.This is wrong.And so does this rascal religion-fascist in Malaysia,or "pakcik suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah".

Meanwhile,DAP told the world that they're representing Malaysian Malaysia.I love the concept,but why on Earth they're always fought for minority Chinese?If you really want the egality and equality then ask Malay to join DAP,like PAP.

PKR loves to step down and do another election.They're not serious about people's mandates.

One thing for sure,most Malaysians doesn't take it seriously about democracy.And some people,especially "pakcik suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah" groupies,they believes that this is "a new drug for political junkies like them".

I don't know how many years you guys Malaysians can take this kind of stupidity.Both Barisan and Pakatan,you're suck!